What I learned in the first 3 months of creating my blog. AMA!

Nikolee Ardoin
Apr 15, 2018

Lots of people think that creating a blog is just writing on different prompts you come up with and that's it. They are very wrong. I have learned a great deal in just 3 short months of my blogging experience. I've learned things about managing my blog, social media, consistency, and so much more. Much of which I wish I would've known before I started, and much of which I am still learning about. So ask me anything! I'm happy to help.


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Have you ever thought of moving your blog into a new medium, such as video blogging?
Apr 16, 1:19PM EDT0
What do you think will help you grow your blog the most over the years?
Apr 16, 11:54AM EDT0
Have you ever had lapses in your blog consistency? How important is consistency to blogging?
Apr 16, 11:20AM EDT0
What is the one blog metric you focus on the most to measure your blog’s success?
Apr 16, 4:03AM EDT0
Besides blogging, what other job/work do you do to keep yourself financially stable?
Apr 16, 3:25AM EDT0
What type of visual aesthetic do you strive for with your blog?
Apr 15, 8:46PM EDT0
What role does social media play into the blogging experience? How much energy do you spend on social networking?
Apr 15, 8:29PM EDT0
How quickly does your blog grow and what goals do you have in terms of subscriptions in the future?
Apr 15, 11:40AM EDT0

Slow and steady! That's where it's at right now. I hope that it will grow and reach more people, but right now I am just enjoying creating content.

Apr 15, 1:37PM EDT0
Did you start this blog with an initial understanding of how blogs work or did ou start from the beginning?
Apr 14, 10:04PM EDT0

Not really, I didn't know about all that went into starting and maintaining a blog, but I enjoyed writing so I just did it.

Apr 15, 1:35PM EDT0
Have you finished reading, "100 Days to Brave" by Annie F. Downs? What's it all about and do you think you can do a post about your understanding of the devotional aspect of your life in an upcoming blog?
Apr 14, 6:06PM EDT0

No, I haven't finished reading it, but I am enjoying it a lot! It's about going into every day with faith and a spark in your heart knowing that God is on your side. I recommend reading it, especially if you are a spiritual person. I will definitely be doing a follow-up post!

Apr 15, 1:40PM EDT0
What was the last DIY project or art you had worked on?
Apr 14, 5:58PM EDT0

My nails! I just did some nail art yesterday. I'm getting back into doing that, and its been a lot of fun. I'll be posting more about it on my Instagram

Apr 15, 1:41PM EDT0
How do you decide which picture goes with the post? Who clicks the picture for you? What camera do you use?
Apr 14, 12:26PM EDT0

I try to get shots that will best showcase the topic I'm writing on. If it is a hair post, I want shots that showcase that. Or if it's a specific product I try to get a clean/engaging shot of it. I take all of my shots on my own unless I have a friend or something with me when I'm out. I just use my phone camera! Im on a budget lol I currently have a Samsung S7

Apr 15, 1:44PM EDT0
What does faith means to you? How does it help you in day to day life? What do you do to keep it balanced?
Apr 14, 5:56AM EDT0

It means everything to me. I go into every day with it on my mind and heart, because I know I can face anything with a strong faith base. How do I keep it balanced on my blog? I dont think I do? It is apart of my so it's laced in just about everything I do. I do want to start a series though where I post about faith on specific days though.

Apr 15, 1:46PM EDT0
How often do you have to change up your blog and what is one of the biggest changes you have made?
Apr 13, 9:37PM EDT0

I haven't changed my blog yet. I did have this blog when I was in high school though before I shut it down. The design was very different and it was more fashion based than it is now.

Apr 15, 1:48PM EDT0
What type of music do you like? Do you also like to sing and compose music? Who's your biggest inspiration?
Apr 13, 2:42PM EDT0

I listen to a bit of everything really. I can always count on some Corinne Bailey Rae or Paramore to get me into a good mood though. I sing in the shower, does that count?? And I don't compose music but I can read it. I played the violin for about 8 years.

Apr 15, 1:51PM EDT0
What service does your blog provide people and how do you feel that it is important in their lives?
Apr 13, 5:01AM EDT0

I hope it is a source of inspiration for people. Especially young adults trying to navigate the transition into full adulthood. It can be tough, but you're not alone. Take your time, have faith, and have FUN!

Apr 15, 1:52PM EDT0
How much time should one devote to regular content generation and why?
Apr 11, 8:10AM EDT0

I like to give myself a good week before I post anything. The beginning of the month I try to brainstorm for the month and then write, get shots, whatever I need for the post during the week of. If I don't keep a schedule of what I need to do I won't do it lol. It just helps with consistancy, which I still struggle with.

Apr 15, 1:55PM EDT0
What have been some of the favourite topics you have discussed on your blog?
Apr 11, 6:41AM EDT0

I've mostly focused on life and faith, but I love talking about style. 

Apr 15, 1:56PM EDT0
What were some of the more technical aspects of running a website that you initially found to be difficult and how did you rectify the situation?
Apr 11, 1:55AM EDT0

SEO's and analytics. I had no idea what those were or how to use them! I'm still learning as I go, but just reading up on the subjects and also just playing around with stuff. Trial and error has been my most used tactic.

Apr 15, 1:58PM EDT0
How would you describe the niche into which your blog falls and how did you determine that this niche was the right choice for you?
Apr 10, 12:55PM EDT0
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