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Nadim Safieddine
Mar 6, 2018

I'm the Founder and Head Writer of Nad's Reviews - Lebanon's first ever TV review site. I write reviews about hundreds of series, not to mention the odd movie review. Sometimes, I even write about death and loss (I lost both parents to cancer before turning 24). 

I'm also an advertising copywriter and Group Fitness Instructor (ever heard of BodyPump or BodyCombat?) Don't know how I juggle it all but I try!

Ask me anything!


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What's next for you? Where are you going with your site Nad's reviews?
Mar 9, 3:46AM EST0
What's next for you? Where are you going with your site Nad's reviews?
Mar 9, 3:46AM EST0
What if you could review an old tv series through the history? Which one would it be?
Mar 8, 4:25PM EST0
Are there any films you believe are worthy of more recognition than they have received?
Mar 8, 3:24AM EST0

Happens all the time. But Hollywood is all about hype and being at the right place at the right time (or releasing the right movie at the right time). One severely underrated movie is actually my favorite of all time: Children of Men. It deserved so much more recognition than it got. If you've never seen it! That's a must!

Mar 8, 6:14AM EST0
What recommendations would you have for somebody starting a tv/film blog?
Mar 8, 3:15AM EST0

Be super passionate about it. You're not gonna make money off it immediately (six years later and I still haven't monetized it), but since I'm so passionate about analyzing TV, that's the greatest reward of all (so cheesy I know!)

Also, be consistent. Review an episode or movie soon after watching so they don't stack up and you find yourself overwhelmed having to write 10 reviews in a day!

Mar 8, 5:56AM EST0
How many reviews do you accomplish in a week’s time?
Mar 7, 5:11AM EST0

Currently 2-3 reviews. But at my peak I could do up to 5-6. (They are all pretty long). Lately I've had less time to write about TV with all my fitness responsibilities and freelance copywriting.  I sure would love to write a ton more !

Mar 7, 10:18AM EST0
Do you work for an advertising company as a copywriter?
Mar 6, 10:34PM EST0

I did for five years but the corporate life was killing my soul so I finally made the decision to leave. I'm much MUCH happier as a freelancer. I have more time to doing other things I love while picking and choosing what to work on. Of course you need to structure yourself, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. 

Mar 7, 4:32AM EST0
What type of fitness classes do you instruct? How often do you do this?
Mar 6, 5:27PM EST0

I teach BodyPump and BodyCombat which I discussed in detail below. They are franchises you can find all over the world in most gyms.

But recently, I designed my own class called FITNESS JUNKIES which is a mix of abs, weights and cardio. I'm really proud of it and can't wait to see it continue to grow and evolve :D 

As for how often, I teach 4 days a week (many of those days I teach 2 hours.). So I have three complete rest days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays. After many years of doing this, I finally found the right amount of rest days I need! Listen to your body people!

Mar 7, 4:34AM EST0
What do you find is a great method to staying organized with all your tasks?
Mar 6, 3:52PM EST0

I have the most awesome app on my phone called Swipes. It's so intuitive and easy to use. Highly recommended (And trust me I've tried every to-do list app in the world).  It has completely organized my life! 

Last edited @ Mar 6, 4:10PM EST.
Mar 6, 4:09PM EST1

What are the reactions you get to personal stories published on your blog? From strangers but also from your family and friends? I would imagine as with any close relations you have different view points, how do you do not to offend anyone by telling your story the way you see it?

Mar 6, 2:05PM EST0

All the reactions to my personal stories concerning loss were very positive. In fact, I reached a lot of strangers who thanked me for sharing my story which resembled theirs. They felt less alone, and felt less alone. That's the beauty of such a public platform. 

And I don't think I can offend anyone with a personal story, since I'm the only one who's experienced it. In terms of family, they were all supportive across the board. Now if my TV and movie reviews offended anyone, that's another story but I try to be as respectful and fair as possible. I hope I never cross the line into rude!

Mar 6, 2:50PM EST0

Can you bring back your segment on mtv?? it was the best!!!

Mar 6, 12:50PM EST0

Haha it was on LBC and I really loved it. Unfortunately the program got completely revamped and they removed the TV segment. I'm willing to host my own show though if you want to offer me one....

Mar 6, 2:47PM EST0

Have you ever watched a movie more than once before you reviewed it or do you believe it should always be a first impression review? 

Mar 6, 12:48PM EST0

First impression definitely. But I strike a middle ground in that I don't review it immediately the next day. I wait a few days so it can really marinate (for lack of a better metaphor) and then I write my review! But usually, the moment I'm done with a film or series, the "Nad Rating" just comes to me instantly! :D  

Mar 6, 2:47PM EST0

Do you ever get influenced by other critics and change your review? 

Mar 6, 12:47PM EST0

Never! But it's a bit shocking sometimes when I review something (be it positive or negative), and I later discover that the general consensus afterwards is the completey opposite! But hey, it's fun to be different sometimes, and I can't tell you how annoying it is to read glowing reviews about THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR only to discover it's a total bore!

Mar 6, 2:46PM EST0

Who’s (are) your biggest support system?

Mar 6, 9:15AM EST1

My family... and my super duper brilliant kickass awesome girlfriend. But you knew that already ;) 

Mar 6, 10:05AM EST0

Who is your favorite showrunner and why?

Mar 6, 7:57AM EST0

Hmmmm... I think I would have to say Joss Whedon just because he was pretty much consistent across Buffy and Angel. He never REALLY lost sight of his shows. They both had weak seasons, but they ended on a high note. Whereas JJ Abrams with Lost and Alias messed up both finales,  and Shonda Rhimes ruined Scandal (although she's managed to let Grey's go from strength to strength.)

So yeah I guess Joss although he ruined the Avengers with that terrible sequel.

Mar 6, 8:41AM EST1
How do you review the shows? Do you have a set criteria?
Mar 6, 7:56AM EST0

I've been following the same template for years: (here's an example: a review of The Good Fight's second season premiere)

  1. I start with my general thoughts discussing the narrative, the acting, the technical aspects etc... Usually this part section is a few paragraphs long.
  2. Then I move on to Bits & Pieces (which are thoughts that don't fit anywhere else). These are pretty fun observations that don't really need to be elaborated on.
  3. My favorite and most memorable quotes from the hour.
  4. A one-line conclusion.
  5. My Nad Rating (A+, B- etc...)

This template always helps me organize my thoughts and it's never failed me :) 

Last edited @ Mar 6, 8:42AM EST.
Mar 6, 8:37AM EST0

How long will a session of exercise tutorial take?

Mar 6, 2:17AM EST0

When I take on a new client, we sit down for an assessment in which I ask them a list of questions concerning their goals, their habits, etc... We then go through a short fitness test just to see where they're at and to have something to compare to in the future. All in all, it takes 45 minutes to an hour! 

Mar 6, 7:19AM EST0
How popular is your site? How many viewers do you get daily?
Mar 5, 5:33PM EST0

Not as much I'd like. But hopefully, with more focus on social media and SEO in the coming months... that will change! Fingers crossed!

Last edited @ Mar 6, 2:51PM EST.
Mar 6, 7:19AM EST0
How many writers do you have on your team? Who are they?
Mar 5, 5:13PM EST0

I've had over two dozen guest-writers over the years but only one writer has remained, Chris Chedrawi! He covers a bunch of shows on a weekly basis and he's pretty insightful! Check out his reviews here!

Last edited @ Mar 6, 2:52PM EST.
Mar 6, 7:20AM EST1
How did you cope with the loss of your parents?
Mar 5, 4:35PM EST1

I wrote two articles about loss which I'd love for you to read: Blogging Saved My Life and 5 Tips For Coping With Loss. 

But off the top of my head? Keeping busy (work and a fun social life), exercising, and bingewatching series. Also... it's a cliche I know, but time DOES heal. I heard that line a lot after my mom passed away, but it is true, and the only way you believe it is if you experience it. The pain does get easier, and you get fewer "end of the world" moments.

For me the hardest part was accepting the very harsh truth that life is unfair. How and why did BOTH my parents get cancer? It took me a long time to accept it and sometimes I still don't, but time sure helps that horrifying fact sink in. 

Last edited @ Mar 6, 2:53PM EST.
Mar 5, 4:42PM EST1
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