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Jul 19, 2018

AMA About How to Cure an Unhappy Marriage. What's your specific situation?

I'm Mackenzi Lee, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue. AMA.

Jun 27, 2018

AMA presents: How one mom faced the impossible, wrote a blog and a memoir and lived to tell about it.

My name is Kristan Bauer. With over 10 years of corporate and consulting SEO experience, I help companies, bloggers and entrepreneurs attract more people to their website and maximize their SEO. Ask Me Anything.

Hi! I'm an Amazon best selling independent author. I've written and published three full-length fiction novels, with a fourth scheduled for release this summer. Also, I make a mean martini. Go on, ask me anything.

Susan Sheehan: Coaches Coach. Best Selling Author, international Speaker and an Authority on Brain Training, Wellness and Holistic Business Practices, AMA

Kylie Howe, Co-Founder & Web Consultant at SEO Web First. Website Creators & Marketing - Everything We Do Is SEO Friendly! AMA About SEO, Websites, Blogging, Social Media, and PPC Advertising on Google & Facebook.

The journey to becoming a Master Athlete. Have you started? I certainly have! Join me in this amazing new phase of my life. Ask me Anything!

Jun 22, 2018

Ta'aruf, which written by A student & his Professor... AMA!

Novelist Grea Alexander (specializing in Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Horror, Supernatural Horror & Paranormal Fiction) seeks ardent fan boys and fan girls of all ages (that happen to be greater than 18) for a passionate but short-lived and very public verbal orgy AKA an Ask Me Anything session.

I'm Gianluca Fiore, co-author and founder of Paper Sounds, travel/music/food blogger and SEO expert. AMA

Jul 19, 2018

From Employee to Creative Entrepreneur in a country where PayPal is not supported. I’m Sawyer Cloud, an author, illustrator, fashion designer, comic artist and filmmaker from Madagascar. Ask me anything!

Ask me anything about my writing, horror and my new anthology Little Creepers!

Comedian with my 3rd album out July 20th! I'm also an author, political-humor book out now. Born in Russia, live in NYC. I performed for the troops this year. I love pit bulls. ASK ME ANYTHING.

Love stories, epic romance, 'I Give You My Heart' itself - AMA!

ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT the ever-changing road to becoming a published Author, my Independent work, and Motherhood.

AMA EXCLUSIVE - WARDROBE STRATEGIST UPDATES WARDROBES AND CHANGES WOMENS LIVES Aisha Jones, Wardrobe Strategist, author and speaker inspires women to be more confident by enhancing their wardrobe, while giving back at the same time

Jul 23, 2018

After fifteen years of learning to be awesome, I have finally published my first webcomic! Ask Me Anything!

Jul 23, 2018

New Monkey-Guy on the block...comic book creator/writer/artist wants to ask you what would you AMA folks want to ask me..?

AMA with Utsav Singh on Do You Know how a Happy Bunny Rabbit Binky looks like?

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