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Akara David
May 21, 2018

Focus on how to use SEO to acquire digital estates and tell your brand story.

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your company’s online visibility to drive traffic to your website and people to your doorstep to satisfy broader marketing objectives. It’s a powerful long-term investment that will greatly benefit your business by increasing your company’s brand awareness, enhancing consumer perceptions about the brand, as well as increasing business leads and sales.


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How many internal and external content pieces do you create per month?
May 26, 1:30PM EDT0
What metrics are included in your standard reports?
May 26, 12:05PM EDT0
Do you have a Google Partner Badge? Why or why not?
May 26, 2:54AM EDT0
How do you as a writer familiarize yourself with a business and industry in order to generate the best content for them?
May 26, 1:53AM EDT0
Will your clients be able to see the actual spend of their marketing campaign within AdWords?
May 21, 10:42PM EDT0

Yes sir :) Transparency is key

May 23, 10:54AM EDT0
What would you do to help a site recover from a penalty?
May 21, 7:04PM EDT0
What is your process for community management across platforms?
May 21, 6:56PM EDT0
Do you follow Google Webmaster Guidelines? Why or why not?
May 21, 6:15PM EDT0

Google webmaster guidelines are very necessary for SEO experts and staying up to date is very key as google webmaster guidelines are regularly updated to ensure quality search engine rankings.

So yes i very much follow Google Webmaster Guidelines

May 21, 6:19PM EDT0
What’s your process for earning high-quality links?
May 21, 8:17AM EDT0

There are different ways to earn high-quality links and some are hidden in plain sight. Example i share posts on platforms like Flipboard, Zest and StumbleUpon. These sites don't just create backlinks that are recognized by google but also drive high-quality traffic to your site.

Also writing articles that focus on educating users tend to be picked up by high ranking sites and are backlinked to related articles.

May 21, 1:01PM EDT0
What are the steps to developing a content marketing strategy?
May 18, 10:10AM EDT0

There is no hard or fast rule. Content strategy could vary from a blogger to a small setup of 5 to a big brand boasting of large content team. For my team and i we choose topics that we are experts at and combine with a few other subjects that exposes us to learn more. This way we stay challenged and curious. This ensures we always have our muse. Once you have clarity on subject and how to begin every other thing you can adopt to your skillset and pace

May 21, 1:04PM EDT0
What is your process with regards to your approach to digital marketing and working with clients?
May 18, 3:42AM EDT0

I like to take a friendly approach. I am a big fan of storytelling and telling the story of the client right in a manner that their target audience understands and relates to. Also our first engagement with a client is spent trying to understand why the client started the business and why they are staying in the business.

With this information, we are armed with enough ammo to start acquiring digital estates for the client

May 21, 1:06PM EDT0
What is your process for communication with clients?
May 17, 5:23PM EDT0

I use various forms of communication depending on what works best in terms of communicating with the client. I use formal and informal means of communicating. 

Recently had a client who only wanted to get on the phone and talk and not do emails. That didn't end well for both parties as it wasn't easy to document 

May 21, 6:24PM EDT0
How do you go about defining and measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns?
May 17, 1:08PM EDT0

Our ultimate goal is to align digital marketing goals to the clients business goal. In other to achieve that we start creating awareness about the brand focusing on impressions and reach. After pushing out info for a while people begin to follow the brand

May 21, 5:08PM EDT0
How should a company go about determining as to whether their digital strategy is aligned with their overall marketing strategy?
May 17, 5:29AM EDT0

Firstly companies need to make sure the digital team and the PR/Comms team are aligned and meet often. Both teams need to align strategies to the overall business goal and subsequently collaborate to bridge gaps and areas that are out of scope 

May 21, 5:11PM EDT0
What type of link strategy do you implement during search engine optimization?
May 17, 2:56AM EDT0

I usually start with getting backlinks from social media, in terms of search especially for new websites a social media backlink can help you rank high.

Next, I go for business directories. Focusing on quality business directories is a good way to get quality backlinks and site traffic.

May 21, 5:26PM EDT0
What is included in your fee, and what are some of the extra costs involved in your campaigns?
May 16, 4:20PM EDT0

Free includes SEO and Social Media analytics for potential clients. Asides the usual retainer fees, extra costs are incurred during social media marketing campaigns or google ads campaigns.

May 21, 5:35PM EDT0
What marketing technology do you use and what are the reasons for your choice?
May 16, 11:17AM EDT0
What is your specific skill set concerning SEO and do you have a team with which you work, why or why not?
May 16, 5:00AM EDT0

My specific skill set will include on page optimization and backlink generating. I also work with a team who have their unique SEO skills.

May 21, 5:37PM EDT0
What digital marketing strategies did you implement for your own brand and how successful were the strategies?
May 16, 2:36AM EDT0

For my brand, I went all growth hacking. When we first started off, our website was key and we wanted to drive traffic and build page/domain authority and increase our alexa rating. With that in mind we had to setup a blog and we started sharing our blog posts on social sharing sites like StumbleUpon and Flipboard.

For our social media platforms, I had to search for social media tools that helps in growth hacking and aiding the growth of social media handles.

May 21, 5:51PM EDT0
What methods do you use to consistently create quality content?
May 15, 7:37PM EDT0