Need someone to talk to? about love, about depression anything (oops disregard sex, it's not on my list :-) ) I'm here to listen. Do you need a cheerful chat buddy? Serious and Jolly companion here. Ask Me Anything.

Nov 13, 2017

Hi, There.

Need a reliable friend? I am a good listener, I love communicating and a true friend that can keep secrets. I have tons of that :-). 

I am from the Philippines, we are known to be a hospitable and friendly, So am I. A genuine person who has the heart to extend help, but limited to financial help. lol, I don't have that, but I have a treasure that I can brag about and that is I am someone who is willing to be your shock absorber! I can listen. 

Talk to you. SOON? :-) 

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How do you stop spam comments?

Nov 13, 9:13AM EST0

if it is your personal post you can simply delete the comment that you believe a spam so it won't be read and contain other readers. if the posts are not yours, awareness of the blogger might help to stop the spam comments

the best way to stop spam comments. one should best determine what is a spam or not. 

Nov 14, 6:55AM EST0

How do you estimate time for researching & writing an article?

Nov 13, 9:00AM EST0

depending on the topic; if the topic interests you, it won't take long but if it doesn't you will need a longer time :-).

first, ask your researchers interests, if the topic you want for your writer to write an article includes her interest you can give a couple of hours if not, a day or two would be fine.

Nov 14, 6:46AM EST0

What would be your dream job?

Nov 13, 5:21AM EST0

a computer engineer, and a psychologist at the same time :-)

Nov 14, 6:42AM EST0

Could you share some stories or blog posts that were particularly popular with your readers?

Nov 12, 9:53PM EST0

 a newbie personal blogger here :-) 

Nov 14, 6:41AM EST0

What topics seem to get the most engagement?

Nov 12, 8:45AM EST0

politics, business, love? :-) movie reviews, sports, those that most may seem to be familiar with. like a worldwide knowledge.

Nov 14, 6:40AM EST0

How long have you been blogging?

Nov 12, 4:59AM EST0

for myself I am new. doing blogs for others as part of my job about 6 months :-)

Nov 12, 5:37AM EST0

For newer bloggers, or those wanting to turn their niche blog into a business, what would you suggest focusing on first?

Nov 12, 4:54AM EST0

I would suggest focussing on the "catch" of your product, search for traffic or keyword that would take the customers to your blogs. 

Nov 12, 5:37AM EST0

What type of networking do you do in order to enhance your traffic to the blog?

Nov 12, 3:43AM EST0

I am new to blogging for my personal purpose but I do it for others as part of my job. SEO works.

Nov 12, 5:33AM EST0

Have you published any articles?

Nov 12, 1:05AM EST0

I have done lots of articles but, I do it for other people, not of my own name to publish :-)

Nov 12, 1:42AM EST0

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about blogging (or about online business in general?)

Nov 11, 8:12PM EST0

well, there is one, choose simple and catchy words, a little of intriguing words but it should never be "too good to be true"

Nov 12, 12:33AM EST0

What is the best way for someone to market their blog?

Nov 11, 4:28PM EST0

enticing words will do, but never too good to be true because you might fall into something unwanted. :-) 

Nov 12, 12:31AM EST0

What is the difference between a regular blogger & a niche blogger?

Nov 11, 12:16PM EST0

regular blogger is a blog intended to raise own concerns and opinions. while niche blogging has some kind of marketing purposes

Nov 12, 12:30AM EST0

Which platform do you use for blogging? (Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, etc)

Nov 11, 12:11PM EST0

This is the first time I blogged only here in AMA :-) as I can see lots of experts are here. I wanted to offer a different side of me that everyone need may need someone to listen to, and that could be me. :-)

Nov 12, 12:26AM EST0

Do you use Wordpress for you blog?

Nov 11, 10:10AM EST0

this is the first time I blogged only here in AMA :-) as I can see lots of experts are here. I wanted to offer a different side of everyone need. someone to listen to, and that could be me. 

Nov 12, 12:25AM EST0

Have you ever met anyone famous through your blogging?

Nov 11, 9:38AM EST0

 that I know :-) I have my own personal friend. But not from my blogging. I am a newbie to blogs spots

Nov 12, 12:22AM EST0

where are you from?

Nov 11, 1:01AM EST0

I am from the Philippines :-)

Nov 11, 1:03AM EST0
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