My name is Shikha and I am Health Blogger. AMA!

Aditi Thakur
Feb 8, 2018


My name is Shikha.

I am a health blogger. I write articles about height increase, weight loss, yoga, meditation, healthy food etc.

I believe in reseaching in depth so that I can provide useful information about the above mentioned topicvs to my users.

Here is my blog:

You can ask me anything about these topics.

Thank you!

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What is your favorite yoga position and why?

Feb 13, 5:04PM EST0

My favorite yoga is Savasana.

Just because of the fact that it offers me deep relaxation whenever I need it.

Feb 15, 1:17PM EST0

Have you ever collaborated with other health bloggers in your community? If not, do you have plans to do so?

Feb 8, 4:51PM EST0

I have just started work on this blog.

I have not collaborated with other health bloggers yet. But, I am definitely looking forward to it.

Feb 15, 1:17PM EST0

Before you got into blogging what did you do, could you please share your journey in brief?

Feb 8, 4:29PM EST0

I used to be a full time blogger in an IT company and used to freelance too.

I just took an inspiration from there and started my own blog.

Feb 15, 1:18PM EST0

There are so many health-related blogs on the internet. What makes "healthifyingworld" different and why should one follow you?

Feb 8, 2:46PM EST0

When you open, you will see that all the articles follow a great structure and all of them contains all the information that user might need in the intent of his query.

My main objective is to provide user all the information about a particular topic at one site.

Feb 15, 1:20PM EST0

According to you, what are the important things every nutrition or health blogger should know?

Feb 8, 9:54AM EST0

Never give false hopes and never make fake promises. It can break hearts.

Feb 15, 1:20PM EST0

What are some of the health constraints that may prohibit a person from taking yoga lessons apart from physical disability?

Feb 6, 12:44AM EST0

The mindset - only that.

Time you can make.

Efforts you can make.

Mind should be made first

Feb 15, 1:21PM EST0

What are some of the most dangerous food types that can cause extreme weight gain?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

Processed foods and SUGAR!

They are a big NO as far as weight is concerned

Feb 15, 1:22PM EST0

Can you recommend some effective diets for people who want to gain weight?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

Eat healthy fat and a lot of protein

Feb 15, 1:22PM EST0

What are your favorite exercises that you would recommend to everyone?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

Suryanamaskar - It's a complete workout in itself

Feb 15, 1:23PM EST0

How did you come up with the idea to start a healthy blog? What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

I used to write about health topics as a freelancer. Just got inspiration from there. And it is the niche I am confortable and expert in.

Feb 15, 1:23PM EST0

What are the benefits of meditation in daily life?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

There are plenty!

1. Stress relief

2. Increased productivity

3. Better mental health

4. Better physical health

5. Better lifestyle

And there are many more

Feb 15, 1:25PM EST0

What are the common mistakes people do when trying to lose weight?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

They stop eating.

Remember, it's not about NOT EATING, it's about HEALTHY EATING

Feb 15, 1:25PM EST0

What does healthy eating mean? Is fat-free diet healthy?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

Not necessarity, you just need to make sure that you are efficiently fulfilling your body's daily nutrition requirments. You should eat good fat.

Feb 15, 1:26PM EST0

Is it really possible to lose 10 kg. in one month only? What are the side effects of losing weight too fast?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

It's not possible in healthy way

Feb 15, 1:34PM EST0

Is meditation a proven way to increase height?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

Honestly, I have seen people being benefited significantly from Pituitary Gland Meditation and I have seen people who have not benefitted at all. Therefore, I can suggest bit can't assure.

Feb 15, 1:33PM EST0

What diet plan would you recommend for an ultimate weight loss?

Feb 5, 8:32PM EST0

Diet rich in protein and low in fats.

Avoid sugar and carbs

Feb 15, 1:34PM EST0

What exercises would you recommend to increase height?

Feb 5, 8:31PM EST0


Pituitary Gland Meditation


Feb 15, 1:35PM EST0

Do you believe that the ketogenic diet is safe and effective?

Feb 5, 8:31PM EST0

I have not conducted research on that yet. I will definitely look it up.

Feb 15, 1:35PM EST0

Is intermittent fasting a safe and effective way to lose weight?

Feb 5, 8:31PM EST0

It's safe until you are getting enough nutrition through fruits. Yes, it can help you lose weight too.

Feb 15, 1:36PM EST0

Have you personally tried to go on a diet before? What diet was it and how was it like?

Feb 5, 8:31PM EST0

Nope. Fortunately, I have always been in a great shape.

Feb 15, 1:32PM EST0
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