My name is Audrey and I'm a twenty something blogger and social media influencer. Ask me anything!

Dec 3, 2017

Hi, I'm hosting an #AMA about social media/blogging and would love to answer any of your questions whether it's advice on how to gain a following or how to get your blog up and running.

I started my own blog a year ago and have learned many tips and tricks along the way. Would love to share my knowledge on the many aspects to social media. Any questions welcomed.

You can read more on theblondetrip.com 

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Which topic you chose to write something special ?

Dec 7, 10:27AM EST0

Have you ever considered doing Vlogs for youtube to go with your blogs? 

Dec 5, 12:35AM EST0

What mostly is the content of your blog site?

Dec 3, 9:09PM EST0

Travel, food fashion and beauty!

Dec 4, 10:39AM EST0

What are your 3 favorite tools for blogging?

Dec 3, 8:48PM EST0

Insta Tracker app, Focal mark app and Snapseed app.

Dec 4, 10:40AM EST0

Did you solicit someone's help to build your site?

Dec 3, 6:43PM EST0

No I built my site on Squarespace, on my own. Squarespace is very straight forward and easy to use!

Dec 4, 10:40AM EST0

What are the disadvantages of running a blog?

Dec 3, 6:02PM EST0

Time! There's never enough time in the day...it always feels like there's a million things I could be doing for my blog so I try to take time away from blogging/social media on the weekends.

Dec 4, 10:41AM EST0

What would you do differently if you were just starting out in this industry?

Dec 3, 2:01PM EST0

That's a great question....it took me awhile to find my "blog identity" and I'm still working on polishing this today. You can't be a pro at everything so I'm still working on getting more specific on my posts and learning to say no to people. If I post about eveyrthing under the sun people will start to get uninterested so it's always about staying true and authentic to who you are.

Dec 4, 10:44AM EST0

How did you learn about maximizing social media for exposure and connection?

Dec 3, 2:01PM EST0

When I joined a blogger group of amazing women on Facebook, I learned so many tips and tricks on how to utilize social media to promote your blog and how important it is!

Dec 4, 10:42AM EST0

Talk about the biggest failure you've had. What did you learn from it?

Dec 3, 12:31PM EST0

My biggest failure was taking on a job that I wasn't prepared for. I didn't research the company thoroughly and it's still my biggest regret today. I was miserable every day and told myself I had to make a change. I had to walk away from this job and it was SO hard to do. In leaving, I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in life. I took these mistakes and learned from them. You only live once!

Dec 3, 12:47PM EST0

Where do you get your influence on elegance and beauty?

Dec 3, 12:22PM EST0

My Mom! I've always looked up to her as my role model and she's an amazing woman. 

Dec 3, 12:43PM EST0

How does social media help your blog site gain business?

Dec 3, 11:42AM EST0

Instagram is the main social media platform that's helped me gain business because it's a hugely popular platform for people to see a picture portfolio of your work. It easily leads companies and brands straight to your blog. 

Dec 3, 12:42PM EST0

What has been the most positive effect of blogging on you?

Dec 3, 11:38AM EST0

Blogging has kept me VERY busy as well as utilizing my creative side, which I love!

Dec 3, 12:34PM EST0

How do you earn from your blog site?

Dec 3, 10:46AM EST0

It ranges from writing about a hotel stay to sharing my opinion on various beauty products. I'm usually compensated through instagram posts and my reviews on my blog. They'll reach out to me and see if I'm interested and if it fits my audience and I like the product I'll share it on my blog in return for payment. 

Dec 3, 12:33PM EST0

What's your main subject on your blogs?

Dec 3, 6:04AM EST0

My blog covers various travels, fashion, food, beauty products and lifestyle tips..so it's very broad!

Dec 3, 12:31PM EST0

What's the best advice can you give to those who are just starting to blog?

Dec 3, 6:03AM EST0

Make time for quality content and don't compare yourself to others!

Dec 3, 12:30PM EST0

Do you have a team who maintains the site when you are on a journey?

Dec 3, 4:50AM EST0

Not yet, I'm still only a year into my blog and too controling to have someone else in charge of it! I definitly would love to have a team down the road.

Dec 3, 12:29PM EST0

How can a blog gain traction?

Dec 2, 11:36PM EST0

Quality content, easy to access blog, timely posts, being re-tweeted, re-posted, shared by others on social media, etc. Getting your blog out there for as many eyes as you possinly can!

Dec 3, 12:28PM EST0

Any tips and tricks on how to win popularity?

Dec 2, 6:11PM EST0

Most important tip....be original! Don't try and copy other bloggers because people can see straight through it.

Dec 3, 12:27PM EST0

What was the initiator for you to venture on traveling and blogging?

Dec 2, 2:09PM EST0

I've always had a passion for traveling and grew up living around the world. The blogging came organically when I decided to pursue more traveling and writing along the way.

Dec 3, 12:26PM EST0

How often do you add contents to your blog?

Dec 2, 1:00PM EST0

I try to post on my blog once every week but sometimes it's every other week.

Dec 3, 12:25PM EST0
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