Mérida a town that creates a lifestyle for the university students #AMA #blogging

Sep 20, 2017

Mérida its a little town, at the east of Venezuela that have wonderfull climate between the mountains emerge a town with an university that have more than 200 years with amazing histories, the university of Los Andes have 232 years since it was founded and have many carreers to pick as an option, the students lifestyle it is in what have become the city, about all those young promises in diferents forms of knowledge 

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Are you aware of any student exchange programs?

Sep 21, 4:09AM EDT0

How easy / difficult is it to travel around Venezuela?

Sep 21, 2:15AM EDT0

How much conflict does Merida experience compared with other parts of Venezuala?

Sep 20, 11:53PM EDT0

How little is Merida and it's population?

Sep 20, 1:17PM EDT0

Is English a popular language in Merida? Also, what kind of infrastructure is there to support the advancement of youth?

Sep 19, 1:26PM EDT0

What traditional food should I enjoy in Merida?

Sep 19, 1:13PM EDT0

What is the most popular subject being studied by the students in Merida?

Sep 19, 11:55AM EDT0

Does Merida have many cultural sites?

Sep 19, 11:09AM EDT0

Do you have a favourite place/restaurant to eat there? 

Sep 19, 9:52AM EDT0

Do you see yourself always living in Merida?

Sep 19, 7:11AM EDT0

How important is it to be able to speak Spanish in Merida?

Sep 19, 5:25AM EDT0

What is your favourite thing to do in Merida?

Sep 19, 2:11AM EDT0

What universities are in Merida and what would I need to study there as an overseas student?

Sep 18, 6:36PM EDT0

Do you think the situation in Venezuela will stabilize again soon?

Sep 18, 4:01PM EDT0

How far is the Laguna de Mucubaji from Merida and are there buses or tours that go there?

Sep 18, 10:54AM EDT0

What are the best souvenirs to buy in Merida or Venezuela in general?

Sep 18, 7:31AM EDT0

Are you from Venezuela yourself?

Sep 18, 7:03AM EDT0

Venezuela is a lot in the news these days, how safe is it to travel to Merida right now?

Sep 17, 11:43PM EDT0

What is the cost of living in Merida?

Sep 17, 9:18PM EDT0

How much would it be to rent a house and share it with students?

Sep 17, 8:56PM EDT0
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