I'm Katie, a frugal personal style blogger, ask me anything about shopping small, sustainable and slow!

Katie @ Katie Like Me
Apr 15, 2018

Hiya, I'm Katie, a personal style blogger with a focus on affordable shopping at www.katielikeme.com

I started blogging in 2011 in college after a girl asked for my blog and I didn't have one to tell her. Since then, I have been evolving my personal style and curating the perfect closet for work and play.

My style is a mix of 70s inspired modern with Southwest influences. I love bandana neck ties, wide brim hats, bell sleeves and ankle boots, along with midi skirts, lace and jewel tones.

I believe that the better you feel, the better you look, and I mean that in both the comfort aspect but also the morality aspect of clothing. I shop second hand and sustainable, as well as local and small, to support the community! My closet is around 75% secondhand.

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What is the fashion style that you think will last forever?
Apr 21, 10:49AM EDT0

Modest fashion. Midi skirts, button down collared shirts, ballet flats, etc. I think that modest fashion leans more classic and therefore is timeless. 

Apr 21, 12:44PM EDT0
Have you ever thought about becoming a personal stylist?
Apr 20, 8:42PM EDT0

I have! It’s something I’ve done for friends and it’s definitely something I can see doing in the future if I wanted to. 

Apr 21, 12:44PM EDT0
Have you explored the world of men's fashion? How different is from the women's?
Apr 20, 12:21PM EDT0

Women’s fashion is about shape and manipulating it and men’s is all about dressing the body you have. I haven’t really explored men’s fashion besides helping my fiancé choose outfits. 

Apr 21, 12:43PM EDT0
Who are some of the fashion icons that you admire?
Apr 20, 11:59AM EDT0

Tracee Ellis Ross by far. 

Apr 21, 12:42PM EDT0
Do you think fashion has become more friendly to women of different sizes and shapes or are they still stuck on the size zero mentality?
Apr 19, 12:53AM EDT0

It’s definitely gotten more accepting with popular bloggers like Nicolette Mason and Gabi Fresh, and models like Ashley Graham, but there is still a stigma. 

Apr 19, 7:27PM EDT0
Do you ever get ideas for your own designs? Why haven't you started working on them?
Apr 18, 10:14PM EDT0

I don’t design, so not really! I don’t think it’s in my wheelhouse! 

Apr 19, 7:24PM EDT0
What do you think was the best decade for fashion?
Apr 18, 5:01PM EDT0

I really love the 70s colors, 60s collars, and 90s confidence. I don’t have a decade that I think is the best for fashion. 

Apr 18, 5:25PM EDT0
It's obvious you love fashion. Have you thought about studying design? Why?
Apr 18, 1:07PM EDT0

I’ve never thought about studying fashion design, mostly because I get inspiration from other brands and I wouldn’t want my inspiration to be eveident in my own designs, I’d want them to be 100% original. 

Apr 18, 3:07PM EDT0
What are some of your professional aspirations?
Apr 18, 5:48AM EDT0

I currently have a career in the IT industry and I think it’s a generally safe industry to have career in this industry in this day and age, so I’d love to see myself rise to the top. 

Apr 18, 3:05PM EDT0
Do you have a favorite brand of clothing? If so, what is it, if not, why?
Apr 16, 2:29PM EDT0

I don't have a favorite brand to wear since I focus on style more than brand, but I admire the kitschy cuteness of Kate Spade, Charlotte Olympia and Samantha Pleet! 

Apr 16, 4:24PM EDT0
Where is your favorite place to shop and why?
Apr 16, 12:54PM EDT0

I love shopping secondhand online on sites like Poshmark, Depop, thredUp because it’s easier and more fun than going to a physical thrift store. 

Thanks for the question! 

Apr 16, 1:13PM EDT0
What sparked your interest in the fashion industry?
Apr 16, 8:48AM EDT0

Interestingly enough, sci-fi and Barbies. My mom loves Star Trek and I grew up with that and Stargate, and I used to sketch outfits based on that futuristic look. I really believe that started my initial interest in fashion. 

And, Barbies because she has a huge wardrobe. 

Thanks for the question!

Apr 16, 10:10AM EDT0
Who takes all of your photos for you?
Apr 15, 10:36PM EDT0

My fiancé takes the ones when I’m outside, I take the ones where I’m inside. 

Apr 15, 10:38PM EDT0
How often do you post on your blog?
Apr 15, 6:14PM EDT0

I aim for once a week, or 4-8 posts a month. I used to post 2-3 times a week, but I have a full-time career, so I mostly post on the weekends.

Thank you for the question!

Apr 15, 9:55PM EDT0
Have you ever received any criticism relating to your blog? If so, how do you deal with criticism?
Apr 15, 1:58PM EDT0

When I first started blogging, some of my friends raised an eyebrow and were critical of my ability to create content, but nowadays, I don't hear anything from them about my blog! I sometimes get criticism from random people online, especially on Tumblr, but I don't get bothered by it because criticism is a part of life.

Thank you for the question!

Apr 15, 9:54PM EDT0
What is your favorite style clothing currently?
Apr 15, 12:46PM EDT0

My favorite style at the moment is the 70s revival that keeps popping up. The sepia tones of clothing, the hats, the silhouettes, it's my favorite.

Apr 15, 9:48PM EDT0
You stated that you always have a hard time falling asleep at night. What are some tips or methods that you find help?
Apr 15, 7:41AM EDT0

Hi Tanya, I avoid caffeine at night, sleep with a fan on for comforting ambient noise, and I try to only lay in bed when I'm tired, to convince my brain that the bed=sleep, and not anything else. 

Thanks for the question!

Apr 15, 9:46PM EDT0
You stated you focus on affordable shopping; do you often use coupons when you shop?
Apr 15, 3:44AM EDT0

Almost always, but it depends on where I'm shopping.

If I'm shopping fast fashion, which I try to avoid now, I tend to use the store's coupons on their app, or take advantage of sales and/or clearance. 

My focus with affordable fashion is primarily shopping secondhand to reduce the carbon footprint and to be more sustainable, and I like to shop on discount days, or use the coupons provided by the store. 

Thanks for the question!

Apr 15, 9:43PM EDT0
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Apr 15, 3:05AM EDT0

Hi Branko!I have so many scenarios, but the most realistic is having an executive position at an IT company with a killer wardrobe. 

Thanks for the question!

Apr 15, 9:38PM EDT0
Where does your fashion inspiration come from?
Apr 15, 2:06AM EDT0

Other bloggers and my environment, mostly! I love and identify with more feminine silhouettes, so bloggers like Noelle Downing inspire me, and I love the 70s aesthetic, so Tasha Leelyn and Gaby Gomez really fuel my creativity. 

Thank you for the question!

Apr 15, 9:34PM EDT0
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