I'm Karishma Donde -- An Indian Fashion Blogger born in the states, design thinker leading digital transformations & coming out with a fashion line in Fall 2018 (mix of Indian & Western Wear) AMA!

Karishma Donde
May 14, 2018

My name is Karishma Donde & I have been a fashion blogger since 2012. I was first inspired to start my fashion blog during the time I was working at BCBG and at the same time was starting to fall in love with my heritage. I am born in the states but my parents are immigrants from India. Fashion was the perfect avenue to be able to share my appreciation for my Indian background and my love for western clothes.

Ask me anything about starting a fashion blog, running a website, working in fashion, LA Fashion District, challenges/successes & fashion technology trends. 

My interest falls under the harmony of fashion and technology therefore I blog about how technology can affect the fashion industry as well. My continual inspiration is two fold. One being that I will be launching a line soon and I have a mission to integrate technology to improve the fashion industry and standardized sizing as it stands today, making women feel more confident in what they wear. Second the fact that I can mix my Indian heritage into everyday wear and share with the world the beauty of Indian Jewelry and prints is something that excites me. 

Karishma has been featured on the LA Fashion District Blog recommending her tips & tricks as a guide to help people. 

Find more about Karishma Donde:Website: www.karishmadonde.com Instagram: @adairestarrFacebook: www.facebook.com/karishmadonde


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What if you run out of new things to write about? What would you do?
May 18, 11:37PM EDT0

It's very common. I look for outfits on different sites and see what inspires me. It's also very difficult to coordinate pictures! So having different topics that you love to talk about are essential! 

I am also trying to branch into different subjects that interest me like design thinking and fashion technology and just now starting to write about that as well. 

May 19, 5:38PM EDT0
What’s a good college course to take for one who wants to pursue a career in the fashion industry?
May 18, 4:30AM EDT0

My biz manager has an online class series which is pretty phenomenal and I would recommend for anyone that wants to create a fashion line.  www.apluspatterns.com/

Also there are great colleges like FIDM that have a whole course cirriculum around fashion. 

But there are different things you can pursue i.e. becoming a stylist 

May 19, 5:40PM EDT0
Do you do a lot of online shopping too? What’s your favorite go-to site?
May 17, 5:18PM EDT0

I do! It's actually much more convenient for me to do so. 

Depends what syle I am looking for but for work I love New York & Co website they have so many great deals. 

Also fashionnova.com for jeans -- literally the best most comfortable jeans in life! They also have comfy sweatshirts and jumpsuits

May 19, 5:42PM EDT0
How did you decide to start your own clothing line without having any entrepreneurship knowledge?
May 16, 11:27AM EDT0

I think in entrepruenership you learn as you go. This is a field that I am extremely fascinated with and mostly, I try to incorporate evolving trends into the business-- design thinking & lean UX plays a HEAVY role into this line; where it started from and where it has now evolved to.

May 19, 5:45PM EDT0
How would you benchmark Indian fashion industry globally?
May 16, 5:30AM EDT0

Indian Fashion to me has always had a global presence through it's movies and I think that there is a lot of European influence in everyday wear. 

May 19, 5:48PM EDT0
What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer?
May 16, 5:03AM EDT0

I love that it's a creative outlet and also that I  can incorporate my heritage into everything that I design!

Last edited @ May 19, 5:43PM EDT.
May 19, 5:43PM EDT0
Does your approach differ when designing the menswear compared to womenswear?
May 15, 11:51PM EDT0

Currently trying to nail down womenswear, but men's is a little easier because they have less measurements I have to worry about!

May 19, 5:34PM EDT0
If one is interested in learning more about design thinking, can you recommend where to start? Are there any resources online to learn about it?
May 15, 6:10PM EDT0

Yesssss there are so many things you can do. 

If you have time; Ideo Offers a free 6 week class online called "Intro to Human Centered Design" 

Also Stanford's d.school offers a mini workshop that you can do from your house

In person, there is a really cool event that happens every year called "Global Service Jam" and it's worldwide... pretty phenomenal! 

All Links Below:




May 16, 1:03PM EDT0
In your opinion, how is technology affecting the fashion industry? What are the benefits?
May 15, 3:55PM EDT0

Technology has the ability to revolutionze the fashion industry! And a lot of people are trying to do different things. We have found a way to 3D print objects (like shoes etc.) but not clothes.. so there are people like Danit Paleg who are exploring this.

Also the ability to do made-to-measure sizing should be fairly easy now using an app to take a customers picture and store sizes -- if enough data is collected there is a opp to revolution standard sizes as they stand today 

Another really amazing thing that has come out are the magic mirrors which have AI technology embedded in them! The mirror acts as a platform where you can see how clothes look on you (without ever leaving the house) & take your measurements. Really revolutionary stuff happening in this space. 

Also, if you are interested in more, I have written a few entries about it earlier this year here: www.karishmadonde.com/blog/would-you-use-magic-mirrors

May 16, 1:00PM EDT0
When you go shopping at the Fashion District, how do you know what to buy, where are the goodies? How do you recognize quality and a good deal?
May 15, 7:32AM EDT0

The fashion disctrict is kind of a large scale Ross so you have to be fully prepared to spend at least 5-6 hours there. We call it the alley becuase it's in an alley way but some of the alleys are connected together and if you can get to the back they have AMAZING deals! But the reason you spend so much time there is that you look in all the stores and compare and contrast becuase most of stores carry similar styles. Lots of patience. 

May 16, 12:49PM EDT0
You seem to like wearing a lot of gold accessories - is it necessary for you to have genuine gold accessories or is it okay to wear fancy ones?
May 15, 2:15AM EDT0

Almost all my gold accessories are fake gold-- I'm always looking for the best deals and what goes best with my outfits. A few years ago, I was obsessed with silver and before that fake pearls... 

May 15, 1:08PM EDT0
Do your friends come up to you for assistance when they have to dress up extra special for an occasion?
May 14, 10:54PM EDT0

Yessssss I'm the resident stylist that gets a new wardrobe for my friends and family too during xmas or bdays

May 15, 12:20AM EDT0
Do you like wearing a lot of makeup too?
May 14, 7:53PM EDT0

Make up is hard becuase I have really dry skin so liquid makeup is off limits unless I am going to an event or something. I have a core set of make-up I use..

I wrote all about my makeup routine here: www.instagram.com/p/BiClmAmhzEq/?taken-by=adairestarr

May 14, 8:19PM EDT0
What would you normally wear when you’re a guest in a wedding?
May 14, 7:32PM EDT0

Versions 1 of the 3 below (all colors except white becuase it represents death and black)

Last edited @ May 14, 8:19PM EDT.
May 14, 8:15PM EDT0
What according to you is the future of fashion blogging in India?
May 14, 6:08PM EDT0

The beautiful thing about blogging is that globally there is a core set of values and way to monetize -- I believe that we are all moving in the same direction.

I have heard podcasts are the new blogs; I haven't tested that theory .. however wouldn't be surprised if other countries around the world are much more adopted to that. 

May 14, 8:23PM EDT0
Do you ever get stuck when writing an entry? What do you do then?
May 13, 10:56PM EDT0

Of course! It's very common. I look for outfits on different sites and see what inspires me. It's also very difficult to coordinate pictures! So having different topics that you love to talk about are essential! 

I am also trying to branch into different subjects that interest me like design thinking and fashion technology and just now starting to write about that as well. 

Last edited @ May 14, 1:59AM EDT.
May 14, 1:34AM EDT0
What kind of accessories do you like to wear? Do you also do Indian wear posts on your blog?
May 13, 3:32PM EDT0

I am actually very simplistic when it comes to jewerly, I have eczema so it's hard for me to wear it for long periods of times. 

I would except I rarely wear it & when I do I don't have any good pictures of it! (regarding indian wear posts)

May 14, 1:33AM EDT0
What freshness in designs do you find and like in the new fashion designers coming up in the fashion scene?
May 13, 3:12PM EDT0

I think we are in a weird time right now when designers are struggling to stay fresh becuase everything is in style! Every decade every garment you name it! Seems like currently the trend is all about neutrality, softness, comfort and light colors 

Last edited @ May 14, 1:46AM EDT.
May 14, 1:36AM EDT0
How did you learn how to blog? Did you have to take up lessons or can this be self-studied?
May 13, 12:34PM EDT0

I am self-taught.. I tried a lot of different hosting sites before I chose one that I liked (weebly) but in 2012 blogging sites were a dime a dozen starting with ones like blogspot.com, wordpress etc. I think they are more sophisticated now and bloggers are realizing they can expand their blogs into businesses so they are looking more for website hosting and e-commerce plug ins. 

May 14, 1:17AM EDT0
What styling suggestions would you give to people of different sizes and profiles?
May 13, 11:55AM EDT0

Good question, but that really depends-- I would have to know more details to reccommend really good options. 

But I will say that stretchy fabric is a god send! They started making real life pants out of this fabric that doesn't look like spandex but looks like a work pant and its amazing! 

May 14, 1:40AM EDT0