I'm a total geek blogger AMA

Ajay Chander R.
Nov 9, 2017

I would like to introduce myself as Ajay from India , i am into IT software project consultant and does analysis [ freelancer ] and i do tech /geek blogging as my passion right now , writes about technology , app reviews , artificial intelligence news , movie reviews and about tv shows in my blog and i also does the financial investment stuff as an investor by regular and trade occasionally in indian NSE markets 


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I am a blogger who write poetry and essyas on social issues.. Can you guide me about how can I market them in YouTube by making audio visual type of things usinng the poetrys? Is there any video making app availabe there to help me out of this?

Nov 14, 9:32AM EST0

Hai , i got what you meant, what i woud like to tell you is you can market your videos on poetries through social reference via many blog promotional groups in fb and also on Google plus communities and twitter tweets till you get some sustainable traffic , you need to do proper seo work for your blog to get organic traffic to your blog directly. For youtube , you directly upload the mp4 video that will be compressed optimally in youtube server and then only it will be getting published. 

For video making apps, please take a list of these apps which will be helpful to you to optimize your video before uploading it to youtube

The best apps that I would recommend you for Youtube videos are-

For recording the phone screen-

  1. AZ screen recorder(best)
  2. Mobizen
  3. Gamescreen recorder

For editing videos, making your intro and outro-

  1. Kinemaster
  2. FilmoraGo
  3. Quik
  4. Legend(especially for Intro/Outro)
  5. Viva video

For making channel art & logo

  1. Logo maker (For making logos for your channel/channel art/editing photos,thumbnail etc. )
  2. PixelLab.

For getting more traffic to your blog organically in future , you need to grow with social traffic , guest posting , proper optimizing via. seo , article sharing , forum posting and website linking , directory linking and many stuffs for your blog. which i will send you the list of websites , if you can pm me.. thank you in advance

Nov 15, 3:52AM EST1

Why blog, why not vlog?

Nov 12, 11:28AM EST0

Well , right now i have no plans to vlog it , may be in future i may consider it as an second option. I love to tell more stuffs via written way more that could be practically one of the reason , why i am sticking to blog but not the vlog as i have no idea of vlogging it now. Thank you for your suggestion , i will see into it.

Nov 12, 11:35AM EST1

What do you consider as negative effects in blogging?

Nov 9, 9:00PM EST0

As being a blogger , you must strike out with balance which tells you something of which leads a loss of taste

  • Sometimes you have to be careful with the contents and daily posts, it will lead to haste 
  • some more posts will lead to quality less content 
  • absout subscribers sometimes 
  • Pressure and doesn't guarantee success , because of over exposure or over informative or non - eloborative 
Nov 10, 10:14AM EST0

That helps Ajay. Thank you! Do you have a twitter account I can follow?

Nov 15, 6:43AM EST0

Could you share some stories or blog posts that were particularly popular with your readers?

Nov 9, 9:06AM EST0

How old are you ?

Nov 9, 6:11AM EST0

I'm 34 from India

Nov 10, 8:22AM EST0

What kind of blogger do you handle?

Nov 9, 3:40AM EST1

i do handle technology , general , earn money via online , tv series , movie reviews , ai , science and info.s related

Nov 9, 4:10AM EST0

Do you also Vlog?

Nov 8, 3:24AM EST0

No i dont do vlogs presently, May be in future i will think of that

Nov 8, 3:29AM EST0

Why don’t we use GIFS anymore? Is that a thing of angsty teens and Tumblr?

Nov 8, 3:19AM EST1

I don't think that we cannot use gifs to our blog , as long as it is relevant to the topic you hover over, then it will not be a problem at all , in few of my posts , i used gifs only.. i am not very certain of tumblr regulations, but i could see many persons using tumblr does most with the gif stuffs directly imported from giphy and other source. sometimes , when we look , it is just annoying , but apart from that i dont think it is angsty teens and so so.. 

Nov 8, 3:38AM EST0

Do you have to drink wine to be a good blogger?

Nov 7, 8:25PM EST0

Hahaha ! i am a complete teetotler , i dont consume alcohol never in my life so far, to become a good blogger , you need to be interested in blogging or you should enrich yourself to make sure that you offer value to public. Because public is the reason for any blogger to become good blogger to become successful . 

Nov 7, 11:03PM EST0

Doesn’t blogging exhaust you sometimes?

Nov 7, 6:00PM EST1

Hahaha! good question , well as i stated that its my passion or interest in blogging , so i maintain proper time to do that and that doesn't make exhausted so far. May be in future , i will answer your question once again after some years time :)

Nov 7, 11:00PM EST0

Do you use Wordpress for you blog?

Nov 7, 3:34PM EST0

I also have wordpress account , but right now i do blog with blogger

Nov 7, 10:59PM EST0

How long have you been blogging?

Nov 7, 3:10PM EST0

I just touched two months yesterday !

Nov 7, 11:01PM EST0

How do you stop spam comments?

Nov 7, 12:57PM EST0

I didnt receive spam comments so far , but there is an option avail for moderator to check out the comments before approving it or in disqus , there is a moderation panel to mark the spam comments automatically , if both is not effective, i will do it manually or install an additional tracker to watch that out , it will alerts me if there is any spammers out !

Nov 7, 1:03PM EST0

What do you think of people who blog about their pets?

Nov 7, 11:34AM EST0

nothing , i have no comments on this , if they are blogging about pets then it means they love to share about pets , sounds like pet personal blogger. nothing offensive. own choice to creat any work for blog is always good for others to pay attention

Nov 7, 11:37AM EST0

What is the difference between a regular blogger & a niche blogger?

Nov 7, 9:27AM EST0

Nice blogging is nothing but blog is actually meant to be utilized only for group of people with specific interest. Say for example , if i talk of science then i have to post accordingly focussed only on science likers or researchers in larger scale to get attention , quality content and content narrowed articles . But regular blogger is something similar but you see regular blogger is fully blogger by profession focusing on long term goals . Both has similarties but only thin line difference is whether you just blogging for occasion or as a passion or profession , all depends on the seriousness towards it. Always its good to be professionaly niche to be a regular than to be a casual blogger just have got some aim to personalize short term goals.

Nov 7, 10:41AM EST0

What do you think are the essentials any blog should have in order to be successful?

Nov 7, 8:42AM EST0

For any blogger to be successful , what we need is passion with these factors i believe it is very necessary

  • Building relationships with other bloggers
  • comments to cultivate relationships
  • design elements 
  • emailing and social media
  • images and plug-ins 
  • Keywords to reach customers more organically
  • Mobile friendly
  • Content eloboration and guest posts 
  • Niche content and
  • Self promotion 
Nov 7, 10:32AM EST0

Which platform do you use for blogging? (Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, etc)

Nov 7, 8:36AM EST0

blogger.com is my present one 

Nov 7, 10:26AM EST0

Do you use Adwords to make money on your blog?

Nov 7, 8:28AM EST0

No i dont use adwords to make money 

Nov 7, 10:31AM EST0

What is your favorite game?

Nov 7, 8:26AM EST0

Assasins creed :)

Nov 7, 10:31AM EST0

How many hours a day on average are you online blogging?

Nov 7, 5:22AM EST0

to write a topic , you need to make atleast an hour to two to do the onling blogging stuff

Nov 7, 5:25AM EST0
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