I made a vlog video with $0 about beauty magzines that was watched more than 70 million times and got a reaction from Cosmopolitan's key decision maker #AMA

Oskar T. Brand
Feb 13, 2018

In September 2016  I made a short video about the negative effects of excessive advertising and photoshopping in fashion and beauty magazines. It went viral and was watched by 65+ million people around the planet starting my vlogging channel and bringing me 28 000 facebook followers.

Watch here: Ugly Truth In Beauty Magazines

Three weeks after uploading the video I was sent a screenshot of a message written by one of the key decision makers at Cosmopolitan who was defending the quality of the content of the magazine after seeing my video. This is how you change things one video at a time.

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Can you write an article explaining how you made riches from a video? I would like to publish it on my site. In return, insert a link to that video and viewers on my site will have your attention. See my site   great hustle

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Feb 19, 6:19AM EST1

I'd love to but I have not made much money from my videos - any other subject and I am game.

Feb 19, 6:11PM EST0

All I need is an article explaining how you can make money from youtube. No matter how much. Just encourage someone and let them know that you can make money on youtube. But in case you are interested in other areas too please then go through the whole website. Not many articles so it should take less than 10min greathustle.blogspot.co.ke

Feb 20, 1:04AM EST0

Why do you do this everyday? How does being a vlogger make you happy?

Feb 19, 12:33AM EST1

Because I know that life has a deep and profound meaning and that we are here for a reason. Albert Einstein said “only a life lived in the service to others is worth living” and I feel that's my job here. And it makes me super happy when I get emails and comments like "we need more people like you" or "I changed this in my life". That's an awesome feeling.

Feb 19, 6:09PM EST0

Do you think some beauty magazines are worse than others in terms of photoshopping?

Feb 18, 10:08AM EST1

No. Everything is photoshopped today. Everyone's guilty.

Feb 19, 5:38PM EST0

How did you promote the Ugly Truth video?

Feb 17, 11:58PM EST1

I didn't. I uploaded it to my facebook page and tagged my friends in it. It went viral due to 12 of my friends sharing it on their pages.

Feb 18, 7:54AM EST0

What is your opinion about other kinds of beauty advertising - billboards, commercials - that are also photoshopped?

Feb 17, 9:57PM EST1

It is all the same, only the medium is different.

Feb 18, 7:52AM EST0

Do you have a blog as well?

Feb 16, 5:26PM EST1
Feb 17, 6:17PM EST0

How do you market your vlogging channel?

Feb 15, 6:35PM EST1

This my achilles heel. I mainly rely on organic views and shares but from next season I will have a promotional strategy involving a lot of social media exposure

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Feb 17, 6:19PM EST0

Why do you think advertising uses so much photoshopping? In your opinion, why aren't models shown as they really are?

Feb 14, 1:10AM EST0

we all like things that are not real - it is easier to sell a dream than a fact. Japanes anime is no different - it shows everything that Japanese people are not physically. 

Feb 14, 2:43AM EST0

Have you met any of your fans or followers in real life? What was it like?

Feb 13, 3:37PM EST1

yes, I actually made some friends, that's one of the benfits of having followers - you have a giant pool of people to be friends with. One of them turned out to be friends with Roseanne Barr who endorsed my video on her twitter page 

Feb 13, 4:26PM EST0

What are some of the challenges of managing a vlogging channel?

Feb 13, 1:41PM EST1

Mainly the ability to find the time to manage and promote it while writing and creating new content regularly. But also finding the balance between what it is that you want to say and what it is that people like. It is a choice between being a Jazz musician and Katy Perry. 

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Feb 13, 2:59PM EST0

How did the Cosmopolitan representative defend their magazine? What arguments did they use?

Feb 13, 12:30PM EST1

To give you an exact quote: "amazing, serious, life-changing, award-winning journalism".  I think you get the level of delusion these people live at. Also - I am insulting millions of women and that some actually like the advertising content. Insanity in its purest form.

Feb 13, 2:55PM EST0

Do you think harmful advertising is worse in certain countries than others?

Feb 13, 11:01AM EST1

Yes, beauty in western countries is an industry, in America it is almost a commodity that is bought, sold and traded. It is not as pronounced in countries with traditional gender roles like those of Eastern Europe. At least not yet.

Feb 13, 11:07AM EST0

What do you think the general public can do to discourage these magazines from photoshopping and dishonest advertising?

Feb 13, 10:32AM EST1

I think people need to be aware how bad the situation is and they need to protest with their wallets. We need more videos like mine. I wanted to start a petition but this is not my area of interest, I am only interested in the truth. Also we need to battle the hypocricy of mainstream media as they are in bed with the whole industry from what I was told.

Feb 13, 10:43AM EST0

What is the best comment that you have received from a viewer of your video?

Feb 13, 10:13AM EST1

"are you married?" Dealing with models and girls in fashion industry is a lot of fun :)

Feb 13, 10:19AM EST0

What prompted you to make the video Ugly Truth?

Feb 13, 9:22AM EST1

It was a genuine observation I made one evening but it corelates with my life experiences. All women who played a role in my life had low self-esteem and were badly damaged by corporate media. This was also the reason why I tried explaining attractiveness in this video -> Attractiveness is a choice

Feb 13, 9:42AM EST0

What does it feel like to have 28000 facebook followers?

Feb 13, 8:40AM EST1

It feels great :) it feels like a validation for all your hard work. It feels like you have just build foundations for a house of your dreams. It feels like having a big circle of friends who admire what you have to say and who you are.

Feb 13, 8:57AM EST0

to see the effect this video had please watch this -> Magazine Truth VICTORY. You CAN change things!

Feb 13, 8:12AM EST0

How much time in a day do you spend managing your social media platforms, like facebook?

Feb 13, 2:16AM EST1

Way too much. It used to be hours every day but now I don't engage as much and I rather concentrate on new content. With millions of people watching videos everyone has something to say and a lot of people want something from you that has very little relevance to what you do.

Feb 13, 5:11AM EST0

What would be an ideal beauty magazine be like, by your standards?

Feb 13, 12:08AM EST1

I would say the exact opposite of what Cosmopolitan stands for. One that concentrates on mental and physical health issues, one that really tries to make women's life better rather than exploiting their looks and their vulnerabilities. They do exist - I was sent a lot of examples from women around the world.

Feb 13, 5:08AM EST0

Do you think the negative effects of advertising also affect men?

Feb 12, 8:12PM EST1

Yes. The probelm is not exclusive to women - men have the same issues with the way they are being portrayed in the media and I had many requests to create a similar video but for men. But I think we can handle it a little better because the way we look is not an industry.

Feb 13, 5:06AM EST0
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