I crafted a content creation system that has allowed me to scale from 0 to over 2,000 Instagram Followers, maintain above average engagement rates, and continuously gain on average 200 new followers per month. Ask me anything about blogging, online branding or social influencer work.

Shampaigne Graves, CPC
May 23, 2018

I created The Healthy Shampy Blog in May of 2017 with no prior experience with blogging, photography or graphic design. After experiencing the loss of my best friend earlier that year, I wanted to a creative outlet to process my feelings. 

I create all of the content I produce for my blog and connected social channels. Through months of self-study, I was able to master vital skills such as Instagram analytics, search engine optimization, copywriting and photography editing. Ask me anything about launching, or maintaining your online brand or blog.


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As a social influencer, how do you decide what brand to work with and who are the credible ones?
May 30, 8:17AM EDT0
How would you describe your perfect work environment for yourself? What’s a tech tool you figured out how to use on your own?
May 30, 5:02AM EDT0
What is one thing you’d like to see your blog accomplish in the next six months?
May 29, 9:24PM EDT0
What does your creative formula involve? If you could start again, would you do anything differently?
May 29, 3:22PM EDT1
What are the metrics to focus on when “sales leads” are the goal for a blog?
May 27, 3:22AM EDT0

Engagement is the number one metric to follow when trying to convert content into leads and sales. You can have 10,000 followers but they are useless if none of them are commenting, or liking your posts. Once engagement has been established, pitch organically to your followers. Create beautiful posts that are on brand with what you’re selling and be consistent! Soon your followers will have a great idea of what it is that you’re selling and keep you in mind when they’re in the market to buy.

May 28, 10:17AM EDT0
What is the best way you have found to monetize your blog?
May 27, 3:14AM EDT0

I have a blog features program that I charge young professionals and small businesses to be a part of as well as influencer marketing. I am enrolled in AdWords on Wordpress however that hasn’t produced much. The best way I would say to make money from your blog immediately is Influencer marketing. Try out platforms like Muses, And Heartbeat to pitch to businesses. You won’t make much at first but the more campaigns under your belt the more you can charge. Good luck! 

May 28, 10:13AM EDT0

You mentioned that the best advertising is on Facebook and social media. Did you mean sponsored and boosted posts?. I write inspirational poetry and I have posted to many groups over the years on Facebook. As soon as I mention that I have a book available, I get reported for spamming and banned from posting. Have you found this to be a problem? and if so, how would you handle it? Thank you, Patrick.

May 26, 7:57PM EDT0

I do post on certain Facebook groups however I have had the most success with simply posting on my Facebook business page and attracting followers to that page so that they can view the posts. I find that by doing things this way the moderators of the group won’t flag your posts as often. I used to boost a lot of my posts but I have had better luck with just producing the same content and distributing it to different social channels. 

Ex. I created inspiration posts throughout the week of which I post to my blog Facebook page, blog Instagram stories and personal Facebook page. By the time the material is distributed on all channels I have reached at least 250 people each day. This is more work but less money and better results in my opinion. 

May 28, 10:10AM EDT0
What is the best way to make readers comment on blog posts?
May 26, 4:18PM EDT0

Ask a question! Begin or end your blog post with a question for your readers. Or create shorter blogs that include things like questionaires and polls to see how much engagement you’re receiving from your followers 

May 28, 10:06AM EDT0

You mentioned “I’ve been very fortunate to have influential peers and mentors in my corner guiding me through this whole process, “ and  an “experienced accountability partner.”

Most of the bloggers, when first starting out, that I know of personally, did not have that kind of support!

They were out there on their own struggling to find the answers.

Where did you find your mentor(s) and your “experienced accountability partner?”

I mean specifically, not in general terms.  

I think it would be extremely helpful to find out where that team of mentors and partners reside! 

Magbe there is a group of mentors, like Mentors. com or AccountabilityPartners.com out there! (That’s actually a good idea!)

It would be wonderful to be able to have and share a great mentor/accountability partner “go-to” place with aspiring bloggers!

Thank you in advance  for answering in specifics instead of generalities.

May 26, 11:34AM EDT0

I have a family friend who has been a blogger for a couple of years and got her masters in digital advertising. I reached out to her when I first started my blog for a social media strategy. By then she had already been working with local Dallas companies and taught me the process of marketing myself as an Influencer. 

My boyfriend is an attorney so he handled all of my legal work when it came to setting up my business entities. If you don’t personally know an attorney I would suggest reaching out to your local Small Business Association for free resources. 

I also have an executive coach who I work with on developing business, sharpening my current skills and balancing work and life. I found my coach through Noomii.com however the process of finding a good coach is hard and may take weeks or months before you find the right person to match with. 

Hope this was helpful let let me know if you need more specifics. 

May 28, 10:05AM EDT0
What is the best way to get a quality group of guest bloggers to supplement content?
May 26, 5:34AM EDT0

Reach out to guest bloggers yourself. Go on social media and look for blogs with similar content, and different follower counts and pitch to them. This is the best way to make sure the content you recite isn’t just being recycled to you and 50 others. 

May 28, 9:59AM EDT0
How can one position his/her blog on Google? What needs to be done?
May 24, 12:55AM EDT0

Get a proper domain and work with a web hosting platform that has a search engine optimization component. Also promoting your blog through guest blogging that links back to your blog URL, having a journalist write articles about you and cite your website or anything else that helps Google register that your site is being engaged and visited frequently by real people on the internet. 

Last edited @ May 24, 9:11AM EDT.
May 24, 9:10AM EDT0

I think of "success" often as a moving target. Do you have a definition of success for you and your business?

May 23, 2:18PM EDT0

I believe that my businesses will be successful when I am in a position to make passive income from each without much effort. I have crafted my businesses to run based on systems that allow me to 

  1. Spend less than 20 hours a week of work on projects 
  2.  Complete work remotely 
  3. Can be applied to build another business 

My vision for success for myself is having a team of motivated individuals behind me that feel inspired and empowered to help me realize the dreams I have for each business. I obviously wear a lot of hats and I want to take on even more. Having this team would allow me to achieve the vision of success I have for myself. 

May 24, 9:07AM EDT0
How do you make people return to your blog for more? How does one create a loyal base of subscribers?
May 23, 12:57PM EDT0

Be interactive with your followers and show interest in their work as well. Most of the followers I've gained are from Instagram. I'm always going live on my stories, I post content every day and try to ask my followers for their input. I also like and follow the profiles that have been consistently liking my posts. 

May 24, 8:57AM EDT0
How can you attract real conversation in your blog?
May 23, 12:25PM EDT0

Ask questions! Create social content in promotion of your blog that asks your followers for their opinions on your latest post. Insert questions in the actual post and encourage followers to answer below the post. Create polls on your social channels, anything you can think of to craft organic questions in your content. 

May 24, 8:55AM EDT1
Which social media platforms should be active and linked to your blog?
May 23, 10:55AM EDT1

You should have at least 3 profiles linked to your blog, two of which should be Facebook and Instagram. Also, pick platforms that are in line with your writing niche. I have a business and entrepreneurship section of my blog so I also circulate my blog posts on linkedin. 

May 24, 8:52AM EDT0
How someone creates new content for a blog when all blogs seem to cover the same topics?
May 23, 9:27AM EDT0

This is a great question and definitely something I struggled with when I started planning the content of my blog. I think the best practice to combat this is to remain true to yourself. Yes, there may be tons of mom blogs but there is no other mother like you. Perhaps there is a surplus of lifestyle bloggers, however, no one else has your life. Making sure you are always inserting your unique perspective in your writing will help you develop your brand within your niche. 

May 23, 10:21AM EDT0
In your opinion, what is the ideal length of a blog post?
May 22, 12:19PM EDT0

I like 500 words actually. It's not too long or short which gives you enough room to convey your point but not enough to ramble. Readers lose interest quick. In fact, the art of reading is dying. Which is why more and more bloggers are having to start vlogs to keep followers captured. When I absolutely have to extend my post I make sure that the piece is worth reading past those (loosely) standard 500 words. 

May 23, 10:14AM EDT0
What rituals or habits do you follow before writing? What sets the right mood?
May 22, 11:07AM EDT0

I write best when I write outside. A change of scenery can give you different inspiration. For example, I may go to my local cafe to work on a blog post about getting startup capital but see an interaction while at the shop that inspires me to write on another subject. Don't be afraid to follow where your inspiration is taking you. Whatever you feel yourself being drawn to write about, do it. Also never delete your writing or photographs if you take them yourself. Those words and images can always be recycled at a later time. 

May 23, 10:10AM EDT0
How do you decide what content to put in each of your social media channels?
May 22, 10:13AM EDT0

The best thing you can remember as a blogger or social influencer is to keep all of your social channels the same! Followers should be able to go from your blog to Instagram or Facebook and see the same content. This helps you cut down on your workload and also puts you in a favorable position for influencer marketing campaigns. Companies like to see how well the same content does across each of your social profiles. 

May 23, 10:07AM EDT0
What was your first book about? What made you choose the subject for that book?
May 22, 9:13AM EDT0

Why I Ate is based on the health coaching program I designed which focuses on creating a healthy relationship with food. I choose this subject because I myself and various other clients, family, and friends have all faced challenges with our dietary habits. I wanted to create a food journal that assessed emotions, habits, and ideologies around the food we consume. 

May 23, 10:04AM EDT0
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