I am Leigh "Dangerous Lee" Langston Editor in Chief of BlackGirlsAllowed.net. Ask Me Anything about my website.

Black Girls Allowed
Feb 26, 2018

My name is Leigh "Dangerous Lee" Langston. I am a self published author, blogger, and digital marketing specialist who is also the Editor in Chief of BlackGirlsAllowed.net. Black Girls Allowed is a digital network for bold, blunt, progressive, and woke Black women and girls. Ask Me Anything about Black Girls Allowed or my work under the Dangerous Lee pseudonym.

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Who are some of your favorite black writers that you feel were influential in your work? What impact have they had on your writing?
Mar 2, 12:00PM EST0

I haven't been inspired by any writer(s) in particular. I've had a passion for writing since I was a child.

Mar 2, 1:38PM EST0
Do you practice any spiritual form of motivation to keep going on?
Mar 2, 11:54AM EST0

Self determination and passion are what drive me.

Mar 2, 1:37PM EST0

How are you currently monetizing the traffic on your blog?

Mar 2, 9:55AM EST0

We aren't currently receiveing enough traffic to make any real money but we do use ads.

Mar 2, 1:36PM EST0
What’s that one story about black history/ culture/lifestyle that you are looking forward to writing the most on your blog?
Mar 1, 5:05PM EST0

It's Women's History Month. This month , we are accepting submissions from men in business who have been influenced by or mentored by a Black woman.

Mar 2, 1:35PM EST0
Have you gone on tours and speaking engagements in relation to Black Girls Allowed?
Feb 28, 4:11PM EST0

No. Not yet. I'm currently brainstorming ideas on what a Black Girls Allowed event should look like and what activities it would consist of.

Feb 28, 7:10PM EST0
Have you had girls coming up to you for advice especially about race or color?
Feb 28, 10:16AM EST0

Your question is vague. I need more context. Race and color are not things that people need advice on. People need information but not advice on race and color.

A person may need advice on how to deal with a racism at work, for example, but I don't get asked those types of questions. The only girl that I am directly giving advice on racism is my daughter.

There's plenty of content on race, color, and racism at BlackGirlsAllowed.net.

Last edited @ Feb 28, 2:48PM EST.
Feb 28, 2:38PM EST0
Do you go through all contributions first before publishing them on your site?
Feb 28, 8:16AM EST0

Yes, of course. I am Editor in Chief and I own BlackGirlsAllowed.net. I decide what gets published.

Feb 28, 2:28PM EST0
Who would you consider some of the most iconic and influential black girls?
Feb 28, 6:47AM EST0

My goodness, there are so many. Some women that come immediately to mind are:

Lena Horne

Rosa Parks

Billie Holiday

Sojourner Truth

Oprah Winfrey

Audre Lorde

Maxine Waters

Aretha Franklin



Kamala Harris


Issa Rae

Ava DuVernay

Eartha Kitt

Halle Berry

Janet Jackson

Diana Ross

I could go on all day!

Last edited @ Feb 28, 7:22PM EST.
Feb 28, 7:20PM EST0
What’s the most difficult part about running Black Girls Allowed?
Feb 28, 1:43AM EST0

It's not difficult at all.

However, I currently work mostly as a one woman production and that can be daunting but I love it.

Feb 28, 2:43PM EST0
Do you currently have plenty of writers for Black Girls Allowed? Do you have an office or do you work with freelancers?
Feb 28, 1:04AM EST0

Currently Black Girls Allowed publishes and promotes the work of freelancers and indie writers most often. We can never have enough contributors or content.

Feb 28, 2:42PM EST0
Are only black women allowed? What about black gay men?
Feb 27, 7:27PM EST0

Black Girls Allowed is a digital network that elevates the voices and work of Black women, not gay Black men.

The question "What about Black gay men?" comes across as snarky and out of place. I'm not sure if I should take it seriously.

If a gay Black man, or anyone else who is not a Black woman, would like to become a contributor or wants to be featured at Black Girls Allowed they absolutely can but they have to be someone who has a message of relevance to Black women and girls.

Our target audience is Black women but our content can and should be consumed, learned from, interacted with, and shared by everyone.

The only aspect of Black Girls Allowed that is Black Girls Only is our Facebook group. Men are not allowed, gay or straight, because it's a safe space for us to communicate and share amongst ourselves without having to deal with racist, sexist or misogynistic feedback.

Black gay men love Black women and the bold, blunt, progressive, and woke women of Black Girls Allowed loves them back.

Black gay men are also a marginilized group and have their own safe spaces, communities, and websites catered to them as well.

If you're in a round about way asking why I named the website Black Girls Allowed. It was inspired by a few things:

  1. Whites Only signs
  2. No Girls Allowed signs
  3. I'm a Black woman. There are many places I am not wanted or allowed to enter and opportunities to advance in life that are closed to me simply because I am Black or a woman. Because racism and sexism. I created an online digital space where that will never happen.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 8:58PM EST.
Feb 27, 8:36PM EST1
Why is your nickname "Dangerous Lee"?
Feb 27, 5:43PM EST0

I answer this in full detail based on an earlier question. Please continue reading the rest of my feed.


Last edited @ Feb 27, 5:44PM EST.
Feb 27, 5:44PM EST0
Where do you see the future of digital publishing as a whole as well as where that fits in with your website?
Feb 27, 4:04PM EST0

Digital publishing just as everything else on the world wide web is changing constantly and can be defined in many ways.

I agree with John Battelle's definition of Digital Publishing as "Connecting a community through the art and science of communication." This is exactly what we are doing at BlackGirlsAllowed.net.

Feb 27, 4:31PM EST0

Your site is also very active with the daily blogs. Could you talk about the importance of generating content through multiple channels?

Feb 27, 11:35AM EST0

It's important to be on the social media channels where your target audience is most active. You have to meet your audience where they are.

You also have to figure out what they respond to or like to share: videos, memes, quotes, images, content, etc, then create it.

The existence of  "Black Twitter" is why Black Girls Allowed is most active on Twitter but we get most of our traffic from search engines and Facebook, which is why we are also very active on Facebook as well.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 11:01PM EST.
Feb 27, 4:23PM EST0
How interactive is "BlackGirlsAllowed.net? How important is reader feedback to you?
Feb 27, 11:23AM EST0

At Black Girls Allowed most of our content comes directly  from our readers or those who respond to our calls for submissions to Elevate Your Voice or Elevate Your Brand.

Feedback is very important to me. It lets me know that the content we publish is connecting with people.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 11:03PM EST.
Feb 27, 4:11PM EST0
How do you deal with the writer blocks?
Feb 27, 8:40AM EST0

Ya know, I've been trying to get my creative writing groove back for years. I don't have a method that works for me in that area. I'm not currently in a place where I am motivated to write creatively.

A part of me thinks that I peaked years ago but I would like to publish more anthologies of fictional short stories. I have many story ideas, just not much inspiration.

In terms of content for Black Girls Allowed, I simply pull from personal experiences or current events to create content, so there's not much of a block there.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 10:48PM EST.
Feb 27, 3:59PM EST0

What are your thoughts on colorism? I must admit to only hearing about it recently but apparently it is a thing, so for example you could be discriminated for being « not black enough », you mentioned you have personal experience with it with your kid, that must be very hard as I’d imagine he/she then can be discriminated by both sides. How did you deal with it?

Feb 27, 7:52AM EST0

Colorism is not just a "thing", it is a byproduct of racism that also has many facets.

POC often internalize racist ideas about our skin color, facial features, etc. and this can cause self hate which can lead to things like skin bleaching, unnecessary plastic surgery (Lil' Kim), choosing not to date people darker than you are, or only dating White people.

Hollywood and media in general practice colorism often by most often choosing lighter skinned POC for roles because the White ideal of beauty is light skin and angular features.

To learn more about colorism, click here.

If you'd like to learn more about my personal experience with colorism because of my daughter, please read The Half Series - When Black People Look White.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 10:49PM EST.
Feb 27, 3:39PM EST0
Who else is on the team at BlackGirlsAllowed.net?
Feb 26, 8:37PM EST0

Our newest contributors are Kiana St. Louis and Nicole Lawrence.

We love promoting and publishing the work of writers who are also content creators.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 10:53PM EST.
Feb 27, 12:23AM EST0
Have you personally experienced discrimination because of your appearance?
Feb 26, 2:56PM EST0

Of course. I'm a Black woman.

Last edited @ Feb 26, 4:24PM EST.
Feb 26, 4:17PM EST0
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What other sites are there like yours, about empowering Black women?
Feb 26, 2:56PM EST0

There's xoNecole.com, AwesomelyLuvvie.com, TheSumofManyThings.com, and Essence.com, just to name a few.

All these websites, like Black Girls Allowed, do so much more than just empower Black women.

Last edited @ Feb 26, 4:37PM EST.
Feb 26, 4:36PM EST0
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