How to Spend a Girl's Weekend in Las Vegas: AMA

Valerie Hansen
Jan 6, 2018

A Girls' guide to making the most of a 3 day weekend in Vegas: tips and hacks to a fun time , on a budget- with your besties!  Envision your feet up by the pool, enjoying a Hawaiian type Oasis at the Mirage Hotel.  Also included: places to check out in "Old Las Vegas"- Aka: The Fremont Experience.  If you are not a fan of gambling and want to find the best spots to check out night life, head over to my blog for the full scoop!


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How often do you travel and what places have you visited?

Jan 6, 11:54AM EST0

I travel every few months: I have visited 28 US States( including Hawaii and Alaska), 4 Canadian Provinces( I am Canadian) Puerto Vallarta and Tihijuana Mexico

Jan 7, 4:51PM EST0

Can you tell us more about the photos you posted?

Jan 6, 10:57AM EST0

What do you mean?  The photography is all done by me, other than the ones of me, a friend took.

Jan 7, 4:50PM EST0

Apart from traveling, what other topics do you share on your blog site?

Jan 6, 9:51AM EST0

fashion show coverage, fashion events, interviews of travel and fashion professionals., fashion tips and outfit guides for women at midlife.

Jan 7, 4:49PM EST0

What is your favorite spot in Las Vegas?

Jan 5, 1:38PM EST0

Oh my this is hard one to answer, I have so many!! The Bellagio fountains, the Cosmopoitan Chadelier Bar, the Fashion Show Mall, Fremont, the list goes on!

Jan 5, 10:31PM EST0

I dont have a favorite, I just love the whole strip in general!

Jan 7, 4:48PM EST0

Who is your best travel buddy?

Jan 5, 12:17PM EST0

My bestie from college!

Jan 5, 10:31PM EST0

Which restaurants or cheap eats in Vegas would you recommend?

Jan 5, 9:29AM EST0

There isnt' really manyplaces for cheap eats that I'vefound, unless you want fast food.  In my opinion, the hotel rates is where you can really save- the food, not so much......

Jan 5, 10:33PM EST0

When in Vegas, what was your travel itinerary?

Jan 5, 7:56AM EST0

Day time: Pool, shopping, exploring the hotels, at night: shows and nightlife at rooftop bars etc.

Jan 5, 10:34PM EST0

Any advice you can share to solo travelers or backpackers?

Jan 5, 7:20AM EST0

Sorry I dont backpack at all, and I rarely travel solo...all these tips in my Vegas posts, can apply to someone traveling solo tho..

Jan 5, 10:34PM EST0

Who is your biggest travel inspiration?

Jan 5, 6:44AM EST0

The blonde abroad, and Get Lost with Jackie.....two very successful travel bloggers!

Jan 5, 10:35PM EST0

How do you prepare for your trip, any tips you can share?

Jan 5, 5:48AM EST0

What has been your most rewarding travel moment?

Jan 5, 5:34AM EST0

I have a few: Climbing to the top of Diamond Head on Oahu...the view was worth the exertion., and also hiking to the top of the Holllywood sign in LA.  Sittin gon the beach in Hawaii was a dream come true!

Jan 5, 10:37PM EST0

That sounds so nice! What's your next dream spot to visit?

Jan 9, 5:47PM EST0

What are your other hobbies and interests?

Jan 5, 4:53AM EST0

Sewing, Animals, fashion, healthy living, and fitness.

Jan 5, 10:36PM EST0

Sewing! What do you sew?

Jan 7, 3:32PM EST0

Do you also keep a bucket list and which country stands out on your bucket list?

Jan 5, 4:23AM EST0

I have tons of places on my bucket list...but since I travel on a budget, it seems I keep going back to mostly the same places.  I hope to change that this year and travel abroad!

Jan 5, 10:36PM EST0

What would you like to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

Jan 5, 3:57AM EST0

I would like to monetize my brand, and work remotely, while traveling the world. 

Jan 5, 10:30PM EST0

How did you start out with blogging or travel blogging and why did you start one?

Jan 5, 3:35AM EST0

I started blogging to help make my skills more competitive in the job market.  It was orginally just a fashion blog . I am obssessed with traveling, so I added travel a year after starting.

Jan 5, 10:29PM EST0

What kind of traveler are you?

Jan 5, 12:47AM EST0

I love adventure travel, and experiential travel, how about you?

Jan 5, 1:03AM EST1

I have only managed to visit one other country in my lifetime. But my dream is to visit Europe.  Have you travelled to any European countries? 

Jan 12, 1:53AM EST0

How often do you travel in a year and how do you pay for your travels?

Jan 5, 12:16AM EST0

4-6 times a year( which includes long weekend travel as well) I travel on a budget, and find cheap airfare by traveling to and from on a tues or wednesday . Sometimes package deals on sites like cheaptickets.com offer the best deals.  I do purchase separately a lot too..I am just constantly online looking for the deals!

Jan 5, 1:06AM EST0

What is your take on booking through a travel agent?

Jan 4, 11:38PM EST0

I dont use them ever., I did way back in the day- when online travel sites were non exsistent . Travel agents may be able to find hidden deals, but you are also going to pay them for that, I am guessing!

Jan 5, 1:07AM EST0

Have you been to any countries or cities that left you disappointed afterwards?

Jan 4, 11:12PM EST0

Yes..I was a bit disappointed in Nashville TN, the downtown was lame, and Indianapolis is not a place I'd go to again..

Jan 5, 1:18AM EST0

Can you describe to us a budget-friendly Vegas tour?

Jan 4, 10:19PM EST0

Most of the shows in Vegas or budget friendly if you purchase them on sites such as Vegas.com or join Mlife ..their site has great prices on shows and tours as well.

Jan 5, 1:19AM EST0
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