Hi there! My name is Sofija and I'm a blogger. The main focus of my blog is homemaking, organizing, cleaning and being smart with my money. Ask Me Anything!

Sofija Vojvodic
Jun 13, 2017

Having a blog is one of the most fullfiling experiencies I ever had. It connected me to so many great people and gave me opportunity to share my passion with others. It also motivates me to stay on track with my home and my budget!

Unfortunatelly, not everybody will understand it, but if you are familiar with Serbian language, please take a look at Kako je lepo živeti lako.



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Hi Sofia, can you tell me an effective trick to safe money? Thanks

Jun 15, 4:16AM EDT0

Hi Sanamali,

For me, the biggest trick is to pay yourself first and to keep money somewhere you will not reach it easily (such as a special account in another bank).

Jun 15, 4:50PM EDT0

What are the tips you can give to those people who want to save a lot of money? :)

Jun 14, 12:58AM EDT1

Hi Ayra!

I would say that you need to be very dedicated to that goal! You should create a good budget and stick to it. At the same time you need to set as much as you can aside, some place where it is not easy reachable, such as a special bank account. If you can and have required knowledge, it is of course the best if you can invest some of it and sped up the process :)

Jun 14, 5:47AM EDT1

What does the term ""homemaker"" mean to you?

Jun 13, 10:01AM EDT0

Hi Patricia and thanks for joining!

Being a homemaker means just that - making a house or an apartment a home. Giving a spirit and a soul to some wood and bricks. Creating a life (preferably a happy one) in a time and space we have. And doing it graciously at the same time :)

Jun 13, 4:12PM EDT1

What are your top retirement tips for young people?

Jun 12, 9:09PM EDT0

Hi Brian,

The most important point is to start as young as you can. Even if it's just a few bucks, it adds up with time.

I also think that you shouldn't put all the eggs in the same basket, so it's better to invest in a few funds at a time.

Jun 13, 4:10PM EDT1

What are your favorite tech tools for blog writing?

Jun 12, 2:30PM EDT0

Hi Kristin!

I don't really have a tool for writing, but I really like site called cherami cards for creating fast and easy decorations for my posts. It helps me a lot to emphasize the main points of my posts.

Jun 13, 4:08PM EDT1

What are your favorite and least favorite blogging platforms?

Jun 12, 2:14PM EDT0

Hi Dennis,

I think that WordPress has most posibilities and is most advanced. I also like Tumblr for more 'Twitter like' kind of blogs. Blogger is also fine by me.

There aren't really any platforms that I hate :)

Jun 13, 4:04PM EDT0

Do you have one blog or multiple?

Jun 14, 4:58AM EDT0

How do you attract new readers to your blog?

Jun 12, 2:05PM EDT0

Hi Turner!

Most of my readers find me through related forums or Facebook groups where I sometimes post. I also use Facebook promotions to get more people to like my page and that brought me a lot of visitors.

Jun 13, 4:01PM EDT1

Is Facebook promotion affordable? Is It ultimately effective?

Jun 15, 4:54AM EDT0

Are you an advocate of green cleaning supplies?

Jun 12, 11:24AM EDT0

Hi Beth!

Yes, absolutely. I truly enjoy making my own supplies and using them around the house. I also like to give them as gifts to friends and family. Some of them started using them as well!

Jun 13, 3:59PM EDT0

How do you make your own supplies? Is it really complicated? Did you find recipes online?

Jun 14, 5:45AM EDT0

How cluttered is your own home or your desk?

Jun 12, 10:17AM EDT0

Hi Jay!

That's a good question! To be honest, it can sometimes get cluttered. But that's where having a blog comes in handy. It makes me write a post about it and clean it up in the process :)

Most of the time, I am peaty tidy.

Jun 13, 3:58PM EDT0

Are you family members the same?

Jun 14, 2:04PM EDT0

What are your tips for choosing a profitable blogging niche?

Jun 12, 8:48AM EDT0

Hello William,

I think that you should start from what makes you happy and can keep you interested and try to make that work. Your readers will be able to tell if you are going only after profit, and that's not good for any blog.

My best advice is to find something you enjoy and then investigate the ways you can earn in that niche.

Jun 13, 3:56PM EDT1

How often do you typically update your blog?

Jun 12, 8:22AM EDT0

Hi Robert and thanks for joining!

I always post on Mondays, and sometimes on Thursdays :)

Jun 13, 3:53PM EDT0

Do your followers worry when you don't post on time? are there a lot of fans of your blog?

Jun 14, 8:44PM EDT0

What are some of your best organizing tips?

Jun 12, 8:01AM EDT0

Hello Robert and thanks for joining!

My best tip is to declutter. Once your possessions are declutered, everything gets organized naturally. You always have more space than you need and everything has it's place!

Last edited @ Jun 13, 3:53PM EDT.
Jun 13, 3:52PM EDT1

How do you transfer this knowledge to your kids?

Jun 14, 8:17AM EDT0

At what age should we be saving for retirement?

Jun 12, 7:39AM EDT0

Hi Katrina!

Personally, I started with 25, and I would recommend anybody to start as early as they can. Investing in some pension fund only adds up with time, and that kind of interest gets only better with years. This way, a person can put less money aside on a monthly basis and still have a carefree elder years.

Jun 13, 3:49PM EDT1

Are you planning to move to a different place when you retire?

Jun 14, 10:00AM EDT0

How do you approach organization when dealing with a hoarder?

Jun 12, 3:53AM EDT0

Hi Christopher,

I read a lot on the subject and I don't think that you can. I believe that this has to be done by psychologist or someone like that. Unfortunately, hording is usually a medical issue.

Jun 13, 3:46PM EDT1

Are you a fan of shows about hoarders?

Jun 12, 3:53AM EDT0

Hi Rachel,

I did watch few of the shows like that, but to be honest, they make me uncomfortable and sad. 

I like before and after photos of the 'normal' people spaces however :)

Jun 13, 3:44PM EDT0

Do you think it's smart to pay an expert to design your blog?

Jun 12, 2:52AM EDT0

Hi Randy,

That obviously depends on your budget and ambitions with the blog, but I think it can be very smart.

In today's world readers are used to look at a very visually appealing sites and they will probably go elsewhere if they don't like your website. However, if you are just a beginner, you don't need to worry about that.

Jun 13, 3:43PM EDT1

Do you hire any visual designer freelancer?

Jun 14, 6:12PM EDT0

What are your favorite brands of cleaning supplies?

Jun 12, 2:51AM EDT0

Hi Charles!

My cleaning supplies contain a lot of white vinegar, some baking soda and few good quality microfiber cloths! So my favorite brand is homemade :)

Jun 13, 3:39PM EDT0

What is the difference between clutter and a hoard?

Jun 12, 12:01AM EDT0


Clutter is something that we all have. Stuff we found useful at one point (even for a very brief time), and didn't get rid off once it wasn't useful anymore. Being hoarder means that you are compulsive and that you can not make a judgment what is useful and what is not.

Thanks for the great question!

Last edited @ Jun 13, 3:39PM EDT.
Jun 13, 3:37PM EDT1

I guess my uncle is a hoarder :( How should I help him? Is it possible to change such people?

Jun 14, 3:19PM EDT0

Are you a big Martha Stewart fan, and why or why not?

Jun 11, 11:34PM EDT0

Hi Haley,

I admire Martha Stewart as a business woman who made a great empire. In terms of homekeeping I like to read and watch more 'down to earth' authors.

This was very cool question, thank you!

Jun 13, 3:35PM EDT0

What are some cheap and quick ideas for taming clutter?

Jun 11, 11:06PM EDT0

Hello Paige,

The first thing I like to do is not let it in my home in the first place. I am very strict about what can get inside and I declutter a lot. I try not to keep stuff just in case.

I also alway try to have less stuff than storage. If it is overflowing - something has to go.

Jun 13, 3:34PM EDT0