Hi, my name is Adelanwa Adeolu Micheal: I'm CEO of MYWORLDEXPERT, am a websites designer, 3D and 2D animation creator - Ask Me Anything!

Adelanwa Adeshewa Pemisire
Aug 8, 2018

 Adelawa Micheal CEO of myworldexpert is a Blogger that helps individual bloggers to add knowledge, ideas and income to their blogs. Myworldexpert this site is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging.

We target the aims of achieving a greater height, helping young bloggers to achieve their goals. Also, we're targeting on how we can bring a close relationship between audience and bloggers by creating a forum or community around them. 



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Are you working on anything exciting that people should keep their eyes open for in the next few months?
Aug 9, 1:10PM EDT0
What are the biggest trends in the UX design right now?
Aug 9, 9:38AM EDT0
Are there any new trends in animation that young animators and web designers should focus on? If so, can you share more about them?
Aug 9, 6:54AM EDT0
Is there a difference between editorial animation and features or commercial work?
Aug 9, 2:23AM EDT0
What do website designers know that ordinary people would never think about?
Aug 9, 1:39AM EDT0
What are some of the techniques a blogger can use to get traffic to his site?
Aug 8, 8:42PM EDT0
What makes your company the ideal place for any blogger to turn to for support?
Aug 8, 5:20PM EDT0
What types of projects do you enjoy working the most?
Aug 8, 4:53PM EDT0
How do you intend to create a community or audience for bloggers with so many different blog topics to follow?
Aug 8, 12:25PM EDT0
Do you think starting a blog for monetary reasons is a far fetched dream since the monetization of the blog should be the secondary purpose of the blog?
Aug 8, 5:55AM EDT0

What are some of the ways a new blogger can monetize his blog without it being years before he starts seeing the fruits of his labour?

Aug 8, 1:16AM EDT0

What blogging tips you would give people starting off or not satisfied with their blog?

Aug 8, 12:30AM EDT0
How rewarding has having your own firm proven to be?
Aug 7, 11:57PM EDT0
What communication and collaboration tools do you find the most helpful?
Aug 7, 11:00PM EDT0
What are some of the effective ways of marketing blogs?
Aug 7, 7:44PM EDT0

What are the pros and cons of using a paid site for a blog to be taken seriously instead of free WordPress sites?

Aug 7, 6:25PM EDT0
What are some of the things one needs to understand about blogging, especially when it comes to the demands of writing blogs?
Aug 7, 3:55PM EDT0

What inspired you to help bloggers utilise proper blogging techniques for financial benefit?

Aug 7, 12:56PM EDT0

How often should someone update his blog for it to be sustainable and exciting to his audience? What are your reasons for this frequency?

Aug 7, 10:17AM EDT0

Which niches, do you believe, get the highest traffic and are easy to monetize?

Aug 7, 1:25AM EDT0
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