Hi! I'm Dounia MHarthi, a positivity & personal development blogger. Feel free to ask me anything :)

Dounia MHarthi
Apr 19, 2018

About the AMA

I'm a blogger that writes about positivity and personal development. If you have any questions for me, regarding those topics or something you read on my blog that you want to know more about, feel free to ask them on this AMA! :) 

About Me

On my blog, I spread positivity and help people with personal development. That means that I’m a professional and I know what I’m doing (okay, that last sentence was a lie, but hey, don’t forget to subscribe!)

I’m kinda like Luke Skywalker in A New Hope. I know that deep inside I’m just a farm boy but I destroyed the Death Star, so that makes me pretty skilled, right? – Dounia MHarthi

Anyway, I find it very satisfying to help people. I’ve always had that mindset and I knew ever since I was a little girl, that I was going to do something with that gift, because in all honesty that is what helping people is, to me.

Good Vibes Boulevard is a blog or a place online where any individual in the world can feel free, inspired, ambitious and motivated. It doesn’t matter what race, gender, religion, or creed you are. You are all unique, one and very welcome to join the path to a positive life. You don’t have to find solutions on your own, because I will be here to help you out.

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Would you attempt writing a self-help book on personal development one day?
Apr 23, 4:44PM EDT1

Hey Mohamed! 👋🏼 Awesome question!

Absolutely!! My mind is filled with ideas that I would like to pursue in the near future and writing books about personal development is definitely one of 'em! 😜

Apr 26, 8:46AM EDT0
Does being a positive person mean that you never get angry, sad or disappointed?
Apr 23, 3:44PM EDT1

Hey Beatrice!

No! Absolutely not! In my opinion, that is the biggest misconception a person can have over someone that is positive. We all have to deal with different emotions in life, it's just how you choose to deal with it, that makes the difference. 🌞

Apr 26, 8:43AM EDT0
Who have some of the people that you blog has helped?
Apr 22, 10:35AM EDT1


I've helped quite some people in my personal life and also who I don't know and haven't met personally. 😊

Apr 26, 8:40AM EDT0
What was your upbringing like that you've grown to become a positive person who wants to help people?
Apr 21, 3:11PM EDT1

Wonderful question, thank you so much for asking. 😙

My upringing is that every since I was a young people always asked me for advise, for some reason. I was always the mom friend, lmao!

And to help and give advise is one thing, but I really enjoyed it. It satified me and to see lives change is what made me saw the beauty of it. 

The last time I helped a friend of mine with a personal struggle was the moment I knew I wanted to do this on an even greater scale. That's one of the reasons why I started blogging. 

The reason why I'm positive (most of the time) is because I learned what the benefits are for choosing not to be negative but positive instead. 

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Apr 26, 8:38AM EDT0
What kind of responses do you get to your blog posts?
Apr 21, 9:03AM EDT1

Nice question! Thank you :)

Pretty good ones. People tell me my blog posts gets them through the day and gives them the motivation they need to become a better version of themselves and that satifies me, A LOT. 

To have such an impact on people is quite a responsibility and at the same time also very amazing. 💜

Apr 26, 6:28AM EDT0
How do you stay hopeful when the world is filled with hatred and discrimination?
Apr 21, 1:09AM EDT1

Hi! Interesting question, uhmm.. 🤔

I agree with you that unfortunately, the world is filled with hatred and discrimination. I can become a very negative and hateful person because of it, but what will I gain from it and what will I change by doing so? Nothing. I don't believe in fighting fire with gasoline. Instead, I stay hopeful because there are also people out there who are not hateful and who do not like discrimination.

By staying positive and speaking out against discrimination, hate and all those things, we can become an example for those who need it, but also for those are creating it. 

I love this quote by Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Last Jedi where she says:

''Hope is like the sun. If you only believe in it when you can see it, you'll never make it through the night.''

Apr 26, 6:26AM EDT0
What do you do for a living? How do you incorporate positivity into it?
Apr 20, 11:28PM EDT1

Hello there! Good question.

I work full time and how I incorporate positivity into it is by making a schedule for myself that tells me what I need to do during the day. 

This way I keep myself productive, I prevent myself from being lazy and (very important) I know when to take some time to relax. There are days where I'm not getting everything done, or I'm not feeling very well or things just go differently then planned and those are the moments where your positivity will be tested the most. The key to staying positive when things don't go as planned is to just accept the situation and move on.  Stressing never worked for me and it never will, so I prevent myself from doing that.🌹

Apr 26, 6:19AM EDT0
Who have been some of the postive influences in your life?
Apr 20, 12:56PM EDT1

What a lovely question! 💜 Uhm..

First and foremost, my parents. Besides God, they've always been my biggest inspiration in life and they will always be. I've also, always looked up to my 2 older brothers, they mean the world to me.

Besides them, I've looked up to many in the entertainment industry (and still do) that thought me how to express myself, stay true to myself, how to overcome struggles and to live my life to the fullest.

To name a few:

Also, I head a teacher in primary school who I'll always remember as one of the most influential people of my life. He thought me (and the other kids as well) the values of life and religion. This man has been the greatest teacher I've ever had and I'll forever carry the knowledge he shared, within myself. 🙏🏽

Apr 23, 7:57AM EDT0
How long ago did you start your blog? What was your expectations then?
Apr 20, 12:15PM EDT1

Hey Jaime! Nice question, thanks for asking :)

I originally started blogging on January 3rd, 2018. My expectations were NOTHING to what I'm experiencing right now. My blog had a different name and I was still trying to find my place, writing voice etc. I actually thought I quite understood the whole blogging thing, but ya girl had lots of homework to do, I'm telling you!

So, I decided to put it on hold to do more research, create a new brand and to do everything better than before. That's when I re-started on March 22nd with my new blog ''Good Vibes Boulevard''. 🤓

Apr 22, 4:37PM EDT0
Can you share about a difficult time in your life and how being positive helped you through it?
Apr 20, 11:05AM EDT1

Hey there!

I'll be honest with you, if I had to explain a scenario from my life and explain how I stayed positive, I had to write one hell of an answer, haha! 

So instead, I'll keep this question in mind for a future blog post so I can write all about it in greater detail. I have a Stories category on my blog so keep an eye on it, sooner or later I'll definitely share it with you! X

Apr 22, 4:31PM EDT0
Have you always been a positive an upbeat person?
Apr 20, 2:54AM EDT1

Hello! Funny question!

Of course not! Most of the time I'm very bubbly and in the mood to makes jokes, but I can be a grumpy cat as well, especially when it's very early in the morning.

It's not possible to always be positive. Sometimes I can get negative too. That's life. One moment you're healthy, then all of a sudden you're sick. One moment you're feeling strong, positive, happy and indepedent and the other moment you can cry over a gummybear because you're on your period. 

It's all about balance, baby!

Apr 21, 5:22PM EDT0
Do you make money of your blog? How so?
Apr 19, 11:21PM EDT1


With all due respect, but I'm not a blogger that writes about making money by blogging etc. In the description I explained that this AMA is about positivity, personal development or any other thing you read on my blog, that you want to know more about.

Maybe in the future I'll do an AMA that's about those topics, but the chances aren't that big since that isn't my niche.

I hope you understand! 🌸

Apr 21, 5:14PM EDT0
If you were to change one problem the world is suffering from, what would it be and why?
Apr 19, 4:56PM EDT1

thank you very much for asking this amazing question!

The number one problem we face in this world, in my opinion, is the lack of empathy. I think this because as I explained a couple of questions earlier, there's a lot of horrible things that happen in this world and all those things are the exact oposite of empathy. If we care for eachother and animals and show love and respect, the world would be a much better place.

Apr 21, 5:07PM EDT0
Do you have any bad habits you wish to change? What are they?
Apr 19, 2:31PM EDT1

Hello! 👋🏼

Hell yes I have! 

I like to eat good food and with good I don't mean healthy lol. It's not that I eat much, it's more that, I love myself a good treat, too often.

It is just a very bad habit that can only be solved by not eating junk food anymore. *takes sip of McDonalds cola*

Apr 21, 4:24PM EDT0
What other areas of personal development do you aim to tackle in your blog?
Apr 19, 12:17PM EDT1

Hello Tanya! Good question! 😁

There are lots of topics I'm working on at the moment (that will soon be uploaded to my blog).

To name a few:

  • Decision making
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Relationships
  • Happiness
Apr 19, 3:45PM EDT0
What are some of the principles you live your life by?
Apr 19, 6:24AM EDT1

Hey Bojana! Nice question, thank you 😙

Some of the principles I live by are (in no particular order)

  • vibrate higher every single day
  • embrace your flaws
  • forgive frequently
  • let go of perfectionism
  • don't be so hard on yourself
  • live in the moment
  • have faith in God's plan
  • stay true to yourself
  • love yourself
  • allow yourself to grow
  • don't take anything for granted
  • take risks
  • be free
  • be grateful & humble
Apr 19, 3:00PM EDT0
Do you think inspirational talks can really make a difference in someone's life who are feeling seriously depressed? How so?
Apr 19, 2:56AM EDT1

Thank you for asking me this amazing question!

I absolutely think so, yes!

I mentioned it a couple of questions earlier on this feed and also in last Monday's blog post, depression is an illness and to cure an illness we use medication. But there are different forms of medication. When someone's having the flu, they can take Ibuprofen but that's not going to do all the work. They need to rest, drink enough water, take a nice hot shower, they need to make sure to take enough Vitamin C etc. There are different ways to cure the illness and same goes with depression.

Talking to someone who's inspirational, positive and motivational can have a very healing impact on your depression. Even if it's just for a second. Not only will you get things off your chest by telling them your story, the person you're talking to can remind you of things, that you forgot because of your depression. 

Those reminders can be as simple as:

''Look at what you've been through, and you're still here, still going strong even when it's hard. You're doing great!''

By saying this, you remind and aknowledge to the person how good they're doing. It might be very obvious to other people, but not to the one who's suffering from depression.

Words are more powerful than any weapon in the world. They can destroy but also fix. Showing someone you care for them, telling them you are there for them and reminding them over and over of positivity, hope and strength is doing so much more than you actually think. 

It's a very time consuming process, but very, very worth it. 👌🏽🌞

Last edited @ Apr 19, 2:23PM EDT.
Apr 19, 2:20PM EDT0
What is the traffic like on your blog? Does having a lot of followers mean a lot to you? Why?
Apr 18, 8:40PM EDT1

Hi! That's a good question!

My traffic is very stable, if that makes any sense? My blog grows day by day which makes me really happy, I'm not gonna lie. I do have to say though that, getting or having lots of followers is not the reason why I blog.

It's pure passion. This is what I love to do most and with every blog post I write I keep ''Quality over quantity'' in mind.

What I love by having followers is that you can interact with them, receive feedback and it's really cool to get a message from someone every once in a while, that they appreciate what you're doing. But, even if they don't follow me or they do but they don't contact me, I still hope they got inspired or motivated by what I write, because that is what it's all about at the end of day. 🌺

Apr 19, 1:15PM EDT0
What do you say to people who let self-doubt get the best of them?
Apr 18, 12:11PM EDT1

Awesome question! Thanks for asking.

When a person doubts him or herself, they put their believe in what they can't do instead of what they can. So, my advise to them would be very simple → 

not sponsored!! (I wish)

No, but seriously. The only reason you are doubting yourself is because you allow it to happen. You wait to take action and while you're waiting, you're thinking and thinking. You delay over and over, up until a point where you fully convinced yourself that you don't have to do it because (fill in the blanks).

By ''just doing it'' you immediately destroy self-doubt. You no longer have a valid reason for not doing it, because you're doing it! Or better said: You're proving yourself that you CAN! 

Keep going, be patient and success will follow (belief in yourself will too) and before you know it, you went from doing it, to killing it. 💪🏽💜

Apr 19, 12:37PM EDT0
Do people send you their stories to share in your blog?
Apr 17, 8:51AM EDT1

Hey there! 

Not yet. To be honest with you, I haven't promoted it, so I can understand that most of the people probably don't even know that's a possibility. But, soon I'll definitely pay more attention to promoting it!

In case you or someone else reading this, want your story to be featured on my page, please check this page for more info! 😊

Apr 19, 10:59AM EDT0