Hi! I'm Dounia MHarthi, a personal development blogger and this AMA is all about confidence. Feel free to ask me anything! :)

Dounia MHarthi
Jun 21, 2018

About the AMA

Inspired by this blog post, I'll be answering all your questions regarding the topic ''confidence''.  So, feel free to ask me anything about it during this AMA session! :)

About Me

On my blog, I spread positivity and help people with personal development. That means that I’m a professional and I know what I’m doing (okay, that last sentence was a lie, but hey, don’t forget to subscribe!)

I’m kinda like Luke Skywalker in A New Hope. I know that deep inside I’m just a farm boy but I destroyed the Death Star, so that makes me pretty skilled, right? – Dounia MHarthi

Anyway, I find it very satisfying to help people. I’ve always had that mindset and I knew ever since I was a little girl, that I was going to do something with that gift, because in all honesty that is what helping people is, to me.

Good Vibes Boulevard is a blog or a place online where any individual in the world can feel free, inspired, ambitious and motivated. It doesn’t matter what race, gender, religion, or creed you are. You are all unique, one and very welcome to join the path to a positive life. You don’t have to find solutions on your own, because I will be here to help you out.

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What are the biggest actions one can take now to create the biggest results in your life?
Jun 26, 5:47AM EDT0
How Good Vibes Boulevard has changed your life and the life of others?
Jun 25, 4:57PM EDT0
What empowering beliefs can you take on to help you achieve your goals?
Jun 25, 2:32PM EDT0
Do you think there might be a misconception related to confidence, meaning that most people say they are self-confident but really just faking it? Can people be confident all the time?
Jun 25, 9:18AM EDT0
For every experience you get, what are the biggest things you have learned?
Jun 25, 7:15AM EDT0
What do you do to keep your spirits up on a bad day?
Jun 25, 12:17AM EDT0
What’s your advice to someone who wants to boost their self-esteem?
Jun 23, 10:14AM EDT0
What is one specific thing you do that helps you like yourself and your life?
Jun 23, 9:57AM EDT0
How do you get self-confident if you are constantly attacked with self-doubt?
Jun 22, 3:04PM EDT0
What habits people in general need to improve for the purpose of improving confidence?
Jun 21, 8:21PM EDT0
What changes can you make to develop a stronger relationship with yourself? How do you work on your perceived flaws to overcome them and be closer to self-acceptance and confidence?
Jun 21, 5:06PM EDT0
What tools would you suggest are some of the most essential ones for handling the blogging process to reach out to as many readers as you can?
Jun 20, 11:29PM EDT0
In your work as a personality development bogger, what are the most common time management problems you come across in individuals and across organisations?
Jun 20, 2:23PM EDT0
Do you think people need motivation at some point of their lives even if they are confident individuals?
Jun 20, 4:59AM EDT1
When did you become interested in the topic of personal development? What aspects of personality development do you cover in your blog beside confidence?
Jun 20, 3:52AM EDT1

Hello!! Good question, thanks for asking!! :)

For most of my life, I've always been quite interested in personal development but I have to say that my interest in it grew even more since December last year. It was just a moment in my life where I started to become more aware that the choices I made were all because I learned certain things. I grew a lot in life and it has taught me a lot and at that point I just understood the power of personal development. 

Some of the aspects I cover in my blog besides confidence are:

  • Self-Expression, self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-love & self-care. I believe that everything starts from within so this is definitely one of the most important things I write about
  • Happiness
  • Health (some Mental Health aspects included such as: depression and anxiety)
  • Thoughts and the way we think
  • How To Guide's

These are just some of the topics, but it goes much deeper than what I just listed. Feel free to check it out if you're interested!  www.goodvibesboulevard.com  💖

Jun 25, 8:35AM EDT0
Do you think people have natural social skills, or is it something you can learn?
Jun 19, 11:45PM EDT1

Hey Cecilyn! Thanks for this amazing question! :)

It can be both, although I have to say that I wouldn't use the word learn because in my opinion, socializing is an experience that should happen naturally.

There are people out there who are true socializers since birth, others find it a (little) hard. But if you are open to leaving your comfort zones, and you'ce accepted yourself as a person and you are putting in the effort to surround yourself with people more often, then you'll find out that the socializing process is something that should'nt be taken so seriously. You don't need to take courses or anything. Just, let it happen and go from there. Don't think about too much.

Socializing is something that should be considered fun. Everyone experiences it in a different way and that's okay. And sometimes you don't even have to be good at socializing. Because, when you're with someone who's already open and talking and all that, then you'll be sucked into that energy automatically. 👯

Jun 25, 8:12AM EDT0
What is the very first thing you do when helping individuals or organisations with the confidence building?
Jun 19, 10:55PM EDT1

Hi there! Wonderful question, thank you so much for asking :)

I've never experienced it with organisations but I've had with individuals and the first thing I ALWAYS do is make them feel good about themselves.

For example and this is something that always happens: The person I'm talking with is like: ''I'm a bit weird and not like most of the people my age, so yea... I'm just a bit weird I guess..? ''

My response to this is: ''You're not weird, you're unique.''

That's the moment when I automatically changed the mind of that person. Because now they're thinking: ''Hmm, unique... Yes, I've never looked at it that way.''

See, words are very powerful and instead of using it to hurt someone, use it to uplift them. ''Weird'' is just a word they use in this society to categorize people who are different. They are not weird, they are unique and expressing themselves in a way they feel like they should and THEY SHOULD! 🦄

Jun 25, 8:00AM EDT0
Do you think people's ability to manage their time is down to their personality or their developed habits?
Jun 19, 10:53PM EDT1

Heey! I love this question!!

Sure, their personality has something to do with it, but I think it mostly comes down to their developed habits. Because at the end of the day, that's what they're probably most likely to listen to because they're used to doing it.

For example: If they have to prioritize, then it would be most likely that their personality will have a great influence on it, but if their habits are let's say: being lazy or doing as little as possible, then it will still be hard for them to manage their time. This is just one example, but there are one hundred, even one thousand different examples to use.

Long story short, it's not so much in the personality but more in the decisions we make. So, if they want to be able to manage their time better, they should take an honest look at their developed habits. 🌿

Jun 25, 7:50AM EDT0
How necessary is it to exude confidence in the workplace?
Jun 19, 9:44PM EDT1

Hi Sandra! Thank you very much for this question :)

I think it's important. But, not only to show your confidence in your skills but also if you can't do something. See, confidence works in both ways. Usually people think that, you can only be confident when you're very good at something, but what if you aren't? Then it's confidence that will get you through it. My advise would be: Be confident, but have some fun as well. Don't become competitive unless it's towards yourself and allow yourself to learn and grow. 🌷

Jun 25, 7:21AM EDT0
What are your opinions about hyper-personalisation of your blogs? Would you say it works out in most cases? Do you make sure your blog content is personalized?
Jun 19, 6:06PM EDT1

Hi Jenz!

Could you explain to me what you mean exactly with your first question? Because I don't really understand what you mean 🙈

As far as it goes with personalizing my blog posts, I would say, definitely! I'd like for people to not only read what's on my mind, but to also get to know and understand the me, the person behind the blog. I think it's important to show my personality through my writing because at the end of the day, that's the best way to stay authentic and original. 🦋

Jun 25, 7:18AM EDT0