Hi, I'm Chris aka "Technoscribbler", I'm a full-time blogger who's into Technology, Travel, Food, and Fashion. Feel free to Ask Me Anything! I'm all ears! :)

Apr 15, 2018

The term “Technoscribbler” comes from the words “Technology” and “Scribble”. It’s basically meshed together simply to describe who we are in this day and age. Most of the time we are so hooked on technology, that although most of us claim we aren’t “techies”, we are actually a lot more of it than we know. I'm relatively new in the blogging industry but has been on and off in the past years. For 2018, however, I intend to go full steam on this and get the party started. Should you wish to get in touch with me for any collaborations and the like, you may do so by sending me emails through partners@technoscribbler.com.  You can also visit my site for your viewing by clicking this link.

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Cheers! :)

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From a professional perspective is there any place or event that you really want to go to and haven’t been able to make it yet?
Apr 21, 12:48AM EDT0

there's three

1. MWC -the annual event where all tech manufacturers come together to showcase their technology to the world.2. Universal Studios, I think it would be a great experience being surrounded by people filled with positive vibes3. Tokyo, Japan. Although I've been to Japan way back, but not in Tokyo, and if we're talking about Japan, we're talking about innovation which Japan is known for.

Apr 22, 1:54AM EDT0
Would you say that there is high competition between bloggers or do you tend to make new friends?
Apr 21, 12:14AM EDT0

I don't exactly see people as "competition" although that is the natural way of looking at things, especially if you're in a pool of bloggers, then, I think it's better to make friends than see others as competition.

Apr 22, 1:52AM EDT0
For you, what is the most gratifying aspect of being a blogger?
Apr 20, 6:57PM EDT0

I'm not sure if you've encountered this yet, but one time I was on the commute, and two people were talking while checking their phones. I heard one say "i saw this article from this website I'm checking which is Technoscribbler, and I like how he writes" that alone is gratifying enough, hearing a compliment from a complete stranger.

Apr 22, 1:50AM EDT0
Even though you write for Technology, Travel, Food, and Fashion, if you are given a choice to only chose one niche out of these four, what would you like to write about the most?
Apr 20, 3:21PM EDT0

That would probably Technology. Technology constantly evolves, so even if there are so many known tech bloggers out there, eventually whatever they promote right now, would be irrelevant by tomorrow due to the constant evolution of technology. 

Apr 22, 1:49AM EDT0
What do you think makes a successful cooperation/collaboration with brands and agencies?
Apr 20, 12:22PM EDT0

I wouldn't know at this point, I haven't exactly reached this stage yet. I would love to have that opportunity though, I think it would be really fun!

Apr 22, 1:47AM EDT0
What are the top factors to keep in mind while trying to write a successful blog post?
Apr 19, 10:26PM EDT0

Just like what I mentioned in a previous question that was thrown, it really depends on how you define a "successful blog post". If you're the type who's very particular with metrics, like the amount of traffic, revenue etc. Then that totally depends on how you network your blog to the general public.If you're like me who just wants to write, create content, speak your thoughts and to share your creativity with the world, well... every blog post is a successful blog post. 

Apr 19, 10:29PM EDT0
Which are the dishes you enjoy the most, as well as hate the most?
Apr 19, 7:37PM EDT0

I don't exactly have a dish that I hate. It's more of how it was made. I'm usually more inclined to food that's salty, not much of a fan when it comes to spicy though unless we're talking tacos. The food that I enjoy most is actually more of a psychological deal. It's like, if I see the menu and the prices are relatively high, I'd expect the food would taste good, and the presentation would be at par.If however, the food taste bad, and the price is relatively high, then there's a problem somewhere LOL.

Apr 19, 10:21PM EDT0
If someone got started blogging now, how long will it take to reach blogging success?
Apr 19, 9:16AM EDT0

That really depends on how you define "Success". You first need to set your goals and as to what you consider the "Finish line". Once you've figured that out, then you can figure out how far would you need to reach to get to your success

Apr 19, 11:18AM EDT0
When was the last time you took a holiday? Where did you go? And did you blog about it?
Apr 19, 5:20AM EDT0

Last time I took a holiday was a few weeks ago, I went to this beach somewhere in the Philippines. It was a well deserved holiday as it really refreshed my thoughts and ideas. Yes, I did blog about the place I went to, I wanted to share with the world this awesome resort I went to and the service they provided. Here's the link if you'd like to know more:http://www.technoscribbler.com/costa-palawan/

Apr 19, 11:20AM EDT0
What is your monetization strategy for your blog? Have you spent money on advertising and marketing your blog?
Apr 18, 11:41PM EDT0

I don't exactly have a strategy, so far the only "monetization" that my site has undergone was Google Adsense, but other than that none. Although I was just recently approved to be an affiliate marketing partner for some online seller, I haven't really bothered spending time on doing all the configurations and stuff. I'm too focused on content at the moment.

Apr 19, 4:34AM EDT0
When do you think a blogger become truly successful? What metrics determine success? Is it traffic, branding, revenue or something else?
Apr 18, 5:49AM EDT0

That really depends on your goals. I for one just want to be heard, I want to take a piece of the action and give readers my own personal take on whatever product or topic I'm reviewing, to give them a different perspective. Traffic is a metric that you can't exactly control, it comes and goes. As for branding, this works for traffic too. If people follow your work and recommend it to others, your brand gets known, traffic follows.Revenue is probably the last thing on my mind. Before you can even consider this metric, your site/brand would probably have to be that credible. I would rather earn revenue if I know for a fact that my work is helping people gain perspective on something, and not just randomly getting clicks or whatever.

Apr 19, 4:33AM EDT0
What is your favorite section to write on your blog?
Apr 17, 4:16AM EDT0

Honestly? All of it. I wanted to focus on just tech but then, it came to a point where I kind of got bored talking about processors and RAM and all that only. So I came up with a strategy of writing about the things that I like aside from Tech.That being the case, I don't have a favorite section. But if I were to rank them all, I'd say the number one spot would go to the Tech stuff, second to that would be fashion (although I haven't done any yet) and lastly would be food.

Apr 17, 10:51AM EDT0
What made you start blogging in the first place?
Apr 16, 6:31PM EDT0

I wanted to give people a more neutral approach as a general consumer. Most often than not you'd get reviews that are more promotional to the product, I focus more on what it can actually benefit you on a daily basis and not just because it's the newest thing around.

Apr 17, 12:04AM EDT0
How many posts do you make per day?
Apr 16, 5:53PM EDT0

This can be a bit tricky. Sometimes I can do 2-3 posts in a day, sometimes just one or even none during my off days. I guess I'm not exactly getting the "routine effect" yet, but ideally, there should be scheduled postings.

Apr 17, 12:03AM EDT0
Do companies pay you to feature their products on your blog?
Apr 16, 3:59PM EDT0

Nope, this is purely me taking a step forward to review a product and give my personal opinions and thoughts about something and would think of ways it would benefit others.Although it would be great to get an invite to review something, but for the most part, everything that I've reviewed so far is something I purchased out of my own savings.

Apr 17, 12:02AM EDT0
What is the most interesting piece of tech you've seen so far?
Apr 16, 10:34AM EDT0

Hmm... that's a rather tough question, well for discussion sake, given that I've been exposed to just smartphones recently, I'd probably say the ASUS ZenFone 5 (2018). It's interesting simply because although there had been a lot of criticism the company got when they first started out in the mobile industry, and despite the amount of shade they got for copying designs from others, they still managed to pull off a well-balanced device as a whole.Sure it doesn't have the flagship processing power, but it doesn't mean it's not capable. There are so many categories where the ZenFone 5 excel versus other competitors and given that ASUS has gone a long way in terms of performance and design, I'd stay this would be the most interesting piece so far.I'm actually considering of upgrading my device to a Oneplus 5T, but after seeing the ZenFone 5 and what it is capable off not just with its camera, I can honestly say it's a bang for the buck and does give a lot of value for your money.

Apr 16, 10:44AM EDT0
Do people sometimes send you ideas for products to review or places to go, if so, how do you react, if not, how would you react?
Apr 16, 10:18AM EDT0

Hey Bojana!Thank you for the interesting question. To be honest, given that I'm still new in the industry, I have not gotten the attention of those with power just yet. I do look forward to it though that's for sure. Honestly, I don't necessarily need to react in a negative way or positive way. Neutral is the way to go simply because I blog/write simply because I like how it feels. blogging/writing helps me stay calm and collected. So if they are to reach out and give me a product to review or is invited to go check out a place, I'd feel honored and blessed to have been given the chance to review something. It just means they like my work and would like to collaborate with me.If I don't get any, I'm still happy since I am doing something that I like, that makes me happy, and I know for a fact that at some point, someone would notice my article and would make them happy too, especially if they can relate to my story. :)

Apr 16, 10:23AM EDT0
What is the recipe for a successful blog?
Apr 16, 5:34AM EDT0

If I were to answer this as blunt as possible? I would probably say "I don't know". Everyone has their own style, own niche, own approach. As for me, if you've seen my work, I don't just focus on one niche, which a lot disapproves already. The fact that I'm going against what the norm is already is a possibility for failure.

However, If you're to look at the brighter side of things, blogging is not about impressing other people, or doing what other people want. It's about writing and speaking your mind. Getting an audience is a plus, but what matters, in the end, is that your voice is heard.For what it's worth, the most logical advice I got for a successful blog is this " Keep doing what you love", " You can listen to the comment and feedback of others, but you still need to follow your own voice". If they like it then great, if not, move forward,  because at the end of the day, this is your work, and you're doing this because you love it, not to earn money or fame or for someone else.

Apr 16, 6:15AM EDT0
Do you do another job besides blogging or is it time consuming?
Apr 16, 4:03AM EDT0

Before, I used to have a job. The problem though was it got conflicted with my blogging. Although I know it's just a matter of time management, but considering that you're still new in the biz, it's a bit critical for you to lay low on your website. Some people consider blogging as a hobby, in my case, it's a lifestyle, and although it sounds easy and all, being able to keep track of what's happening, what's new, what's in or not and all that is very time consuming and can really get conflicted with your work hours.Some would say, drop the blogging but then, given that I've been working a desk job for more than 10 years now, it didn't exactly give me that sense of happiness... so why would I drop something that makes me happy? :)

Apr 16, 4:15AM EDT0
Of all the places you've traveled to, what is your favorite and why?
Apr 16, 3:07AM EDT0

Honestly, It was just recently that I've decided to get into traveling.  Although I did travel to Japan way back, stayed for roughly a month and it was well worth it! 1. The food, nothing beats authentic Japanese food.2. The rich culture and history Japan have, imagine being able to relieve those things you see in Anime cartoons.3. The people, although there was a bit of a language barrier, the people there are very nice.

Apr 16, 4:13AM EDT0
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