Hi! I am Sakshi Raina - A blogger who writes about life, motivation, stories, travel AND also manages a full-time job as a software developer. AMA!

Sakshi Raina
Jun 8, 2018


I am Sakshi Raina and I have been blogging for a couple of years now which started off with a passion to reach to masses and inspire them to be a better version of themselves. This week, I launched my brand new website - www.capturesunshine.com 

which is now my little corner on the web. My home.

Ask me anything about self-improvement, motivation to do better, productivity hacks, about India, blogging, or just how to balance a full-time work and a side hustle.


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How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?
Jun 12, 5:46AM EDT0
What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
Jun 11, 9:14PM EDT0
How would you describe your blogging style?
Jun 11, 2:39PM EDT0

Hi Sakshi!

Have you ever thought of becoming an author?

Jun 11, 1:28PM EDT0
What’s the best feedback or comment you’ve gotten so far about your blogs?
Jun 10, 9:19PM EDT0
What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
Jun 10, 1:34PM EDT0

The man i loved broke up with me nd how he is with someone else.. Which hurts me a lot. I know this is not the end but I'm not able to distract myself and focus on my career. Any tips? 

Jun 10, 5:25AM EDT0
Do you have a target number of views per day on your blog?
Jun 10, 12:51AM EDT0

Currently after a week of launching my blog, I am geeting around 150ish views each day. I do not have set a target number. I am happy when people visit and take time to read my posts and comment but I am working on increasing my readership.

Jun 10, 5:21AM EDT0
Do you earn from blogging? If so, how?
Jun 9, 3:40PM EDT0

I currently don't earn anything from blogging. 

Jun 10, 5:20AM EDT0
What’s the story behind your blog name Capture Sunshine?
Jun 9, 2:55PM EDT0

"Taken from a page of my blog where I explain this"

- www.capturesunshine.com/about

I want you to take a moment and tell me what do you think of when you hear 'sunshine'?

Do you think of a well-lit bright morning?

Do you think of a good sunny day?

How does that makes you feel?

Warm, fuzzy, happy, positive?

Like, it would be a good day to go out and do all the things you want to do instead of sulking away in bed?

Do you want to feel that way all the time?

Do you want to capture a bit of that sunshine and hold it on forever even when the days are grey and gloomy?

That's when this blog comes into play, to give you that little beam of sunshine on the web to blind you with positivity to make your day better and to realise your own goddamn potential, because you're so worth it.


Jun 10, 5:20AM EDT0
Where did your blogging journey start? Is that blog still active?
Jun 8, 4:53PM EDT0

I started blogging when I was in high school. I deleted that blog when I graduated school and got into a university. I deleted that blog last week to launch this website : www.capturesunshine.com

I think I grow out of my content. The thoughts, views I had as  a 16 year old doesn't matches with my curent 22 year old and hence the new blog, with fresher ideas.

Jun 10, 5:18AM EDT0

Do you have boyfriend, I am getting envious

Jun 8, 2:02PM EDT0

I would like to know little something about your work life... as a software engineer I feel more inclined and conencted towards your work and life... but somehow couldn't manage to keep up with same vibes throughout..

Would really appreciate if you share about YOU in your next post or just answer my question... 

Jun 8, 2:00PM EDT0

Hi Bhushan, thank you for this question. I would like to understand what is it you want to ask me about my life or just about ME?

Is it about my life balancing between as a developer and blogger? Is it about tech posts?

Jun 8, 2:10PM EDT0
Do you get negative criticisms too? How do you handle those?
Jun 8, 1:33PM EDT0

I have been lucky till now to have met just supportive people who ahve encouraged me to blog often and like what I have been putting up. 

Constructive feedback is nice, it helps you to grow but negative hate comments should just be ignored.

Jun 8, 2:08PM EDT0

You are such an inspiring blogger, how'd you manage to have such hot guy as your boyfriend :p what's your motivation for a strong n healthy relationship ?

Jun 8, 1:23PM EDT0

It' so great to be in a relationship who knows you so well and still sticks by your side. I am beyond grateful!

The key to a strong relationship is definitely COMMUNICATION.

You need to be able to communicate with your partner clearly about how you feel and do that often.

Also never stretch a fight for more than a day. Resolve it before you call it a night. You may be a little upset with your partner but you still love her.

Last edited @ Jun 8, 2:13PM EDT.
Jun 8, 2:01PM EDT0

What is your short term goal?

Jun 8, 12:51PM EDT0

For this blog, it would definetely by reaching out to more people. Have more readers on my blog, meeting more people and connecting to them. The key word here is MORE :P

Jun 8, 1:09PM EDT0
What do you enjoy writing the most among all the topics you mentioned?
Jun 8, 1:47AM EDT0

Self-Development and Travel because both of them are such topics where I am helping out people to be better. Fiction, poetry are nice, tehy are art but knowing that people are changing their lives because of a post they read by me, that feeling is priceless.

Jun 8, 1:08PM EDT0
Is there a certain dress code to follow when visiting India?
Jun 7, 11:47PM EDT0

As long as you're comfortable in your attire, you're most welcome to wear what you prefer :)

Dress codes would only be applicable while visiting a temple where you might be required to cover yourself from head to toe.

Jun 8, 1:06PM EDT0
Did you face any challenges while building this new website?
Jun 7, 3:37PM EDT1

In terms of going self-hosted and doing the design, no. Before I built this, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how I wanted this to look. It took me a weekend to figure it out but it was done pretty quickly.

Also, there are some great articles out there to go self-hosted.

Jun 8, 1:04PM EDT0
How do you make time for blogging when you have a full-time job?
Jun 7, 9:40AM EDT0

I do most of my work on weekends! So, I always post on my blog on Friday evenings or Saturday morning because that's the only time I do get. The rest of the tasks, I do it on weekday evenings when I am back home.

It gets tough, but so worth it.

Jun 8, 1:12PM EDT0
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