Hi I am Abhishek. I have been exploring India in the cheapest ways possible. Need any info about traveling in India? Ask me anything!!!

Abhishek Soni
Oct 20, 2017

Many friends ask me being a average salaried Software Engineer, how do I manage all this--

  • How do I find the money to travel? It seems too expensive for me.
  • “Where do I find good travel deals?”
  • “How do I plan my trip?”
  • “How do I save money on flights, accommodation, and other big expenses?”

I know there are various blogs to answer such queries but mine is a little different. Many people avoid travelling as they think it would be very expensive and just one or two trips can ruin all there savings. Also if you check various packages provided by travel agency ,almost all are very expensive and not worthwhile at all.The main objective why I am here is to help you in finding cheapest ways to plan your travel. 

Also you can check out my blog onacheaptrip for more details.


Facebook: - https://www.facebook.com/onacheaptrip/

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Intagram : https://www.instagram.com/onacheaptrip/

Abhishek Soni says:

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Do you feel the lifestyle of North Indian especially from Himachal, Kashmir is completely different from mid-India and south India? What's so different apart from the geography?

Feb 15, 4:36AM EST0 Reply

What are your long terms travel goals and what do you want to emphasis on?

Feb 14, 9:16AM EST0 Reply

What are some of the constraints that foreign people might face in an India tour?

Feb 7, 10:00AM EST0 Reply

What is your favorite Indian food?

Jan 5, 2:52PM EST0 Reply

What's the best time of year to visit?

Dec 20, 12:59AM EST0 Reply

Does India require visa for tourists?

Dec 8, 11:02PM EST0 Reply

Initially, how much money should I bring with me when travelling India in 1 week?

Dec 3, 1:39AM EST0 Reply

What is one thing that would take me from USA to India.

Nov 29, 1:57PM EST0 Reply

What is the single most important thing one should do if he visits India?

Nov 22, 11:01AM EST0 Reply

Visit Taj Mahal!!!

Nov 22, 11:09AM EST0 Reply

What is the best place in India to visit?

Oct 30, 2:57PM EDT0 Reply

go to Kashmir or Himachal!!

Nov 22, 11:09AM EST0 Reply

I am in Punjab and have visited almost all famous places in Himachal  - I want some different option. Can you suggest anything besides Himachal? Just a 2 day trip for November?

Oct 28, 3:04AM EDT0 Reply

you can explore places in kashmir or Utthrakhand. Also sikkim could be a great option!!

Nov 22, 11:10AM EST0 Reply

Where is the sweetest place in India?

Oct 22, 4:20AM EDT0 Reply

Hi. I want to visit India in end December. Will it be too much crowded around that time in Manali?

Oct 20, 1:10PM EDT0 Reply

Hi Syed, it depends on what time of the month you are visiting. If you visit on eve of Christmas or New year, it would be crowded. Otherwise not too much!! 

Oct 21, 1:06AM EDT0 Reply

What would be your dream job?

Oct 20, 4:40AM EDT0 Reply

A full time travel blogger :)

Oct 21, 1:06AM EDT0 Reply

When is high and low season?

Oct 20, 1:53AM EDT0 Reply

depends from places to places

Oct 21, 1:07AM EDT0 Reply

Doesn’t blogging exhaust you sometimes?

Oct 20, 12:30AM EDT0 Reply

yeah it does :)

Oct 21, 1:07AM EDT0 Reply

How many visitors come every year on average?

Oct 19, 11:27PM EDT0 Reply

A million atleast :)

Oct 21, 1:07AM EDT0 Reply

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

Oct 19, 3:39PM EDT0 Reply

To help them with each and every minute details of a place they are visiting!!

Oct 21, 1:08AM EDT0 Reply

What's the best time of year to visit?

Oct 19, 3:06PM EDT1 Reply

Depends from place to place.

Oct 21, 1:08AM EDT0 Reply

Do you have any pictures to share with us?

Oct 19, 3:01PM EDT0 Reply

visit my blog. I have shared a lot of pics over there. Www.onacheaptrip.com

Oct 21, 1:09AM EDT0 Reply

What are the biggest dangers for me if I visit?

Oct 19, 2:05PM EDT0 Reply

No dangers at all.

Oct 21, 1:09AM EDT0 Reply

How long have you been blogging about traveling to India?

Oct 19, 11:25AM EDT0 Reply

It has almost been a year and I have blogged on more than 30 places of India :)

Oct 21, 1:10AM EDT0 Reply

What are the cheapest ways available for travelling in India?

Oct 19, 6:45AM EDT0 Reply

Use public transport. 

Oct 21, 1:10AM EDT0 Reply

What do you think of people who blog about their traveling experiences like you?

Oct 19, 6:08AM EDT0 Reply

Can you suggest the best attractions to see whilst there?

Oct 19, 4:17AM EDT0 Reply

Could you share some stories or blog posts that were particularly popular with your readers?

Oct 18, 9:02PM EDT0 Reply

What time zone are you in?

Oct 18, 8:49PM EDT0 Reply

Have you published any articles?

Oct 18, 8:20PM EDT0 Reply

Yes I have published more than 30 articles

Oct 21, 1:11AM EDT0 Reply

Is it expensive to visit?

Oct 18, 8:20PM EDT0 Reply

Not at all

Oct 21, 1:11AM EDT0 Reply

Whats the hottest month to visit?

Oct 18, 7:31PM EDT0 Reply

may june july

Oct 21, 1:11AM EDT0 Reply

What do you find the best place to eat in india?

Oct 18, 3:16PM EDT0 Reply

How many places have you been to? Do you use the travel app Trell?

Oct 18, 12:53PM EDT0 Reply

Do you accept guest posts?

Oct 18, 10:03AM EDT0 Reply

Yes, I do accept guest post Melodyama, but it should be of India :)

Oct 18, 12:35PM EDT0 Reply

How do you got to know about this 

Oct 18, 8:36AM EDT0 Reply

someone from AMA texted me on Facebook.

Oct 18, 12:36PM EDT0 Reply

Where excatly do u live ?

Oct 18, 8:14AM EDT0 Reply

I live in Pune Maharashtra(India)

Oct 18, 12:36PM EDT0 Reply

Is that where you were born and brought up.

Oct 20, 7:50AM EDT0 Reply
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