Hello, I am Ivan! Ask Me Anything about my country, the Philippines. I have a travel blog so you may also ask me about blogging.

Ivan Jose
Dec 4, 2017

I am a part-time blogger from the Philippines. I have been blogging since 2006 but it was only fairly recently when I began to take it seriously. My blog is mainly personal; it chronicles my adventures with my wife as we travel around the Philippines. I am also an introvert but I dream of seeing the world.

You may also find out more about us by visiting our blog: www.ivankhristravels.com.


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Were you able to get paid by blogging?

Dec 10, 9:39PM EST0

Hi, Jericho. Yes, I've been given writing assignments before. I've also accepted a few sponsored posts in my blog.

Dec 11, 8:42PM EST0

What topics do you usually have on your blogs?

Dec 8, 11:18PM EST0

My topics are mostly about travel and food. I also love history and old churches.

Dec 10, 9:22PM EST0

What do you think is the best topic for blogging?

Dec 7, 5:35PM EST0

for me it's food and travel. But I think another good topic is home hacks. 

Dec 7, 8:31PM EST0

What blog have you posted that has the most likes?

Dec 7, 10:59AM EST0

Couldn't really recall but one of my posts that had good engagement was about how traveling changed my life.

Dec 7, 8:30PM EST0

How many places in your country have you visited?

Dec 6, 12:52PM EST0

I’ve lost count; I’ve been to a lot of places since college. But the most memorable ones are Boracay, Bantayan Island, the Rice Terraces, and Palawan.

Dec 6, 10:24PM EST0

What can you say about your president Duterte?

Dec 6, 12:24AM EST0

I like the guy's vision of a drug-free Philippines.

Dec 6, 10:19PM EST0

Hi Ivan😄

i’m thinking about moving from Sweden to the Phillipines, it looks like a beautiful country. Where is the best location in your opinion. How are costs for living? Is it a Good country to run business from (taxes, insurance, registration/costs, legal system, e t c)?😄

Dec 5, 7:01AM EST0

I would suggest choosing an urban center that is outside Metro Manila like Cebu or Davao. It’s fairly easy to get a business permit as long as all your papers are complete. This is a good country to run a business but the success of it will ultimately depend on the type of business (affordable food is always a hit) and the location.   Thank you and good luck!

Dec 6, 10:09PM EST0
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What is the most important trait of a travel blogger?

Dec 5, 3:00AM EST0

I can think of two -- being responsible and having an open mind.

Dec 5, 3:28AM EST0

Hi Ivan, thanks for this doing this AMA. My question for you is, have you ever considered doing Vlogs?

Dec 5, 12:31AM EST1

I am hoping to, maybe when I have finally mustered the courage to face the camera and talk. The closest thing that I have done is to create slideshows out of our travel photos.

Dec 5, 12:53AM EST1
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Do you consider blogging as a profession?

Dec 4, 11:59PM EST2

Yes, it's a type of freelancing job. Personally though, i consider it a business.

Dec 5, 12:55AM EST0

What is the best tourist spot in your country?

Dec 4, 11:41PM EST1

So many places to choose from! Mountain retreat, go to Sagada. Beaches, there is El Nido, Boracay, Bantayan Island, Davao, Apo Island -- the list is practically endless, I'm telling you.

Dec 5, 12:56AM EST0

What food will you recommend for a first time visitor in the Philippines?

Dec 4, 11:12PM EST0

Balut! Just joking. You can start with adobo, it's meat (usually pork and chicken), simmered in soy sauce and vinegar and seasoned with lots of bay leaf, garlic and peppercorns. You can also try sinigang, a sour soup with meat and vegetables.

Last edited @ Dec 5, 1:16AM EST.
Dec 4, 11:45PM EST0

I totally agree on the adobo. I have a Filipina girlfriend and it's also my favourite dish. Be aware that adobo is not  dish. It can be made several ways: with chicken, pork, any really. Enjoy your visit there, Lauren!

Dec 5, 12:53AM EST0

What is the craziest thing that you know a blogger ever blogged?

Dec 4, 11:02PM EST1

Nothing overly crazy but I have read about one blogger who went on her own to a beach, striped naked, and then took a dip.

Dec 4, 11:11PM EST0

What place can you recommend for Island hopping experience?

Dec 4, 10:53PM EST0

Definitely, El Nido, Palawan. The limestone formations are breathtaking and the waters are pristine. 

Island-hopping in Boracay is also good. 

Dec 4, 11:08PM EST0

Have you ever made crazy blogs?

Dec 4, 10:48PM EST0

Not yet. I'm kinda boring when it comes to craziness in blogging.

Dec 4, 11:09PM EST0

Have you encountered a most horrifying experience in traveling?

Dec 4, 10:40PM EST0

Nothing really horrifying. A few close calls during boat rides but, thankfully, no major incidents/accidents.

Dec 4, 10:43PM EST0

Are you planning to set-up a travel service business?

Dec 4, 1:39PM EST0

Yes, that is a plan. Any business related to travel. 

Dec 4, 9:05PM EST0

What is the best advice can you give for those who want to do blogging?

Dec 4, 8:22AM EST0

Just go for it and be as natural as you can. Start with anything and everything as long as it's your voice, you will be appreciated for what you write.

Dec 4, 9:04PM EST0

What do you consider the best character of the Filipino people that will make you most proud of?

Dec 4, 1:48AM EST0

Hospitality. Expect warm smiles wherever you go. You would always feel at home here.

Dec 4, 3:50AM EST0

Why is your country named the Philippines?

Dec 4, 12:15AM EST0

The Philippines is a former Spanish colony. It was named after Philip II, King of Spain. 

Dec 4, 12:32AM EST0
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