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Apr 16, 2018


Becca Santos here. I'm a spiritual lifestyle blogger and practicing witch. I blog about incorporating modern witchcraft and spirituality into your life. My spirituality draws from Brazilian spiritism and Candomble, with influences from European magick. Witchcraft is a personal practice that can be very different across practitioners! Ask me anything about witchcraft and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Also, find my blog and witchy aromatherapy shop at femmeviolet.com

Brightest Blessings,Becca

femmeviolet says:

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What was the most important step in you “coming out”and standing proud in your witchiness?
Apr 23, 9:48AM EDT0
How can one tell the difference between adulterated oils and pure oils?
Apr 23, 5:25AM EDT0
How do you know which oils are quality when they all claim to be the best?
Apr 23, 1:51AM EDT0
What does being a witch entail? Do you believe you havve supernatural abilities?
Apr 21, 10:44AM EDT0

Being a witch can mean many different things to different people, to some it is communing with and/or worshiping nature and the natural world. To me it means that, and believing that you have the power to manifest change, usually through "magick", and actively using that ability. I have a whole blog post on what exactly magick is!

And, if by "supernatural" you mean the ability to manifest change in the world through manipulating energies, then yes. This includes the abilities of divination and communing with those who have past on from this life. I believe everyone has the ability to do these things though. Being a witch simply means you actively use them.

Apr 21, 4:15PM EDT0
How big is the witchcraft commnunity? Do you have a god or a higher power you believe in?
Apr 21, 8:33AM EDT0

I can't say for other countries, but there are thousands of us across the U.S. Some witches believe in a "higher power", some believe in many dieties, some don't believe in a higher power at all. I personally believe that we are all divine and that divinity lives within all living beings. I work with dieties that I believe are our own personifications of the energies of the Universe. I don't "worship" a higher power, per say, but I seek to work with the powers of the Universe to manifest the best life I can for myself, my friends, and my family, and work to create a greater, more peaceful world.

Last edited @ Apr 21, 7:05PM EDT.
Apr 21, 4:06PM EDT0
What are some of the misconceptions people have about witchcraft?
Apr 20, 7:21PM EDT0

I answered this earlier, but I'd say the biggest misconception is that witches worship the devil or satan. I'm sure some do, but many do not even believe the devil exists.

Apr 20, 7:27PM EDT0
Why are essential oils called "essential oils?" What is "essential" about them?
Apr 19, 8:48PM EDT0

Essential oils are the naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They're what give plants their scent. In this way, you can think of these oils as the "essence" of the plants.

Apr 20, 7:24PM EDT0
What are your three favorite oils for aromathepary, and how do you use them?
Apr 19, 7:04PM EDT0

These may change, but currently my favorites are bergamot, frankincense, and tea tree. I use bergamot and tea tree in two of my candles, and frankincense in my Mercury Retrograde Relief Spray. Tea Tree is also great for treating bacterial infections like acne.

Apr 19, 7:29PM EDT0
Are all essential oils made equally or are there different processes? Can they be unsafe?
Apr 18, 11:12PM EDT0

Most pure essential oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation. I've never extracted essential oils from the plants myself, I purchase the oils I use from a distributor. Most essential oils are considered volatile substances, and should be diluted before any skin contact. Most people will dilute the essential oils with carrier oils such as jojoba or olive oil. Some essential oils are hard to find completely pure and are diluted or altered from the get-go, like Jasmine and Bergamot. To safely use essential oils, it's important to dilute them before any skin contact and be aware of allergies. Some pets may also have negative reactions to particular essential oils.

Apr 19, 7:26PM EDT0
Do you plan to organize workshops for the people who want to learn the basics of mixing essential oils and other aromatherapy related knowledge?
Apr 18, 5:21PM EDT0

Honestly, I hadn't really thought of that, but I'd be very interested in putting something like this together in the future. Stay tuned!

Apr 18, 7:51PM EDT0
Do you still follow any religion at the moment? Are witches atheists?
Apr 17, 2:49AM EDT0

Some witches may consider themselves atheists. Some consider witchcraft itself a religion or spirituality. I'm one of those people who practice witchcraft as a spirituality.

Apr 17, 1:45PM EDT0
Do you have any other advice for those considering a career in aromatherapy?
Apr 17, 1:50AM EDT0

Read a lot! One of my favorite books on essential oils for magickal purposes is, "Mixing Essential Oils for Magic: Aromatic Alchemy for Personal Blends"

Apr 17, 1:44PM EDT0
What were the reactions of your friends and family when you decided to become a witch?
Apr 17, 12:42AM EDT0

Most people were very surprised because of the word "witch", but once I explained what the term meant to me, they found that I've always been pretty "witchy".

Apr 17, 1:42PM EDT0
Do witches have the ability to cast a spell on someone?
Apr 16, 8:59PM EDT0

One could definitely try. Spells to manipulate others are very tricky and tend to backfire.

Apr 17, 1:41PM EDT0
What impact would you like the shop to have on the Aromatherapy community?
Apr 16, 8:00PM EDT0

Honestly, I'm just excited to be sharing my craft with others.

Apr 17, 1:41PM EDT0
Have you ever had a totally enlightened, out of this world, spiritual experience?
Apr 16, 4:03PM EDT0

No, I wouldn't say I have yet. I commune frequently with ancestors, and communicate with deities I work with, but I haven't had an what I'd think of as "out of this world" experience.

Apr 16, 4:21PM EDT0
Are there people who act are or actually scared when in front of you when you tell them you’re a witch?
Apr 16, 12:07PM EDT0

I think most people are taken aback or surprised initially when they find out or I tell them, but not "scared". I try my best to explain what "witch" means to me and the experience usually ends positively or at least neutrally.

Apr 16, 3:49PM EDT0
Have you personally ever placed someone under your spell?
Apr 16, 10:16AM EDT0

Nope. I have never purposely tried to manipulate someone to my will using magick.

Apr 16, 3:47PM EDT0
What is your process of creating intention candle or essential oil mixture?
Apr 14, 5:57AM EDT0

The process for both starts first with creating an essential oil mixture. This means I experiment with different oils until I find a mixture that I love. I look at the properties of each oil to ensure that they work together for the purpose I want, such as inspiration, love, or abundance. Once I have this mixture down, I can decide what I want to make with it.

For the candles, I use soy wax and synthetic dyes (all vegan). I melt down the wax, then add in the dyes. I then let the wax cool a bit before adding in the essential oils. On the side, I've usually already prepped the jars with any dried herbs or other materials, and the candle wicks. I then hand pour the wax into the jars. The candles cool bottom to top, so I let them cool most of the way up, then add in the additional dried herbs, crystal fragments, and any other materials. The whole process for 6 candles usually takes about 45 minutes. They are fully finished and cooled in 24 hours.

Apr 16, 3:47PM EDT0
Witches celebrate the earth and the seasons. What specifically do you do? Is there a prescribed form of your rituals?
Apr 14, 1:13AM EDT0

For many years, I practiced solitary and held ritual by myself. These personal rituals have never been very structured, and I pretty much just went with the flow. Recently, I've started practicing with a coven and those rituals are much more structured. I've also been to open rituals with Pagans in my area. Some traditions have a structure that your ritual will usually fit into, however you do not need to follow a structure and you can always come up with your own.

An example of some structured areas of ritual is the opening and closing of the circle. Many witches will open a protective, cleansed circle to invite in the deities and spirits with whom they plan to work with during the ritual. Some will also invite in the natural elements.

Apr 16, 3:26PM EDT0
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