Digital marketer. Parent blogger. Business analyst. Ask me anything about blogging, and social media marketing. Oh, and chocs too - love them.

Helen Neale
Apr 15, 2018

Been a business analyst for 15 years, and a social media nut for the last eight. I've helped businesses grow their social media presence, and turned my little blog ( into a recognised parenting brand globally. AMA about parent blogging, social media and its IT systems. I'll do my very best to help you out. And if you can - send me chocs, I like them 🍫 Almost as much as wine 🍷 and my two kids 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♀️


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What has been the biggest challenge in your digital marketing career so far?
Apr 19, 10:44AM EDT0

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

Keeping up to date with everything is definitely the biggest challenge, sometimes it feels like something happens every single day in the digital marketing world; there often don't feel like there are enough hours in the day to actually keep up!

Apr 20, 1:46PM EDT0
Are there particular elements of parenting the children that are stressful? Do you have any blog written on this topic?
Apr 19, 6:51AM EDT0

Hi there - cheers for the note.

Erm - all of them 🤣🤣

Seriously, when they were younger, it was definitely dealing with tantrums. And now they are a bit older, believe it or not, it is navigating the minefield that is screen time and social media.

I found that a drew on awful lot on m own experiences as a kid, and what my parents did; I think they did a grand job.

But social media wasn't about when I was a child; so we really are navigating this with the next generation all on our own!

Apr 20, 1:48PM EDT0
Any ‘parenting hacks’ you’ve tried so far and would recommend?
Apr 19, 5:37AM EDT0

Hi there, Bojana.

Thanks for the note. And for popping a question here too.

Parenting hacks - I have loads of tips and tricks on the site, but THE best thing for me at the moment, is an app I just found! I LOVE it.

It helps me keep screen time, and the apps that my kids have under control, without being too much of a looney parent:


It works really well!

That, alongside the excellent Apple Family Sharing controls, which mean my kids have to check before they download an app means that I at least know what they are up to on those phones. Or I have half a chance of knowing anyway!

Apr 20, 1:52PM EDT0
When have you adjusted a poor advertising campaign and turned it into a successful one?
Apr 18, 9:11PM EDT0

HI there, thanks for posting in here, Shakeel.

I don't think that too many of the advertising campaigns I have run have been "poor" - I tend to scrap them, if they don't hit what I am looking for after a certain amount of reach, and then think again, both in terms of targeting, copy, and creative.

I think it is important to monitor campaigns regularly, so you can stop a campaign, or tweak it before it becomes a "poor" one; this is important on social media because there is so much you can do to change things.

Apr 20, 1:54PM EDT0
What are some of the free tools you found on the Internet that were useful for your marketing needs?
Apr 18, 8:04AM EDT0

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

You can't beat the analytics inside the social media tools themselves if you don't have budget to buy - these do provide you with a lot of really helpful information, that is so important to look at properly.

In addition, the Google Keyword Tool for SEO is free, and an excellent resource as well.

SumoMe's free service, as well as Mailchimp are both free at lower levels, and really good for building email lists too.

Apr 18, 8:41AM EDT0
What are the top marketing tips you can share with eCommerce businesses?
Apr 18, 3:04AM EDT0

Hi there, thanks so much for coming and posting here!

The most important thing is to install the relevant Social Media pixels to your site, and start event tracking, so you can really see the return on investments properly with your social media marketing. Link everything to Google Analytics too, and allocate suitable values to actions on the site as well. This is really the only way you can effectively measure whether the money you are putting into the business is worth it for the return you are getting. It is, as always, all about ROI!

Apr 18, 8:43AM EDT0
What are some of the reasons a business should have a website with links to social media?
Apr 16, 7:38PM EDT0

Hi there, Maggie. Thanks for posting

The single most important reason is so your customers can find you online. So much of customer research takes place online now before we buy/visit/read (whatever ur product it), that if you aren't around online - that is one massive channel you are missing in reaching your customers.

If you mean why link to Social from your site; there are a lot of reasons really, but they ultimately boil down to:

- Help ur customer reach you, and

- Help u reach your customer, for whatever reason that may be!

Apr 17, 12:11PM EDT0
What type of budget should one set in order to fulfill the initial obligations of their companies marketing needs?
Apr 16, 4:19PM EDT0

Hi there, and thanks so much for stopping buy.

This is a horrible cliche but - that really is "How long is a piece of string"! It totally depending on your objectives for social media, and the industry that you are in. You could find you are getting 8-9p per link on Facebook for example, but some other industries are doing well if they are 25p per link.

The same is ture on costs per click as well.

Adespresso has some excellent stats on costs, to give you an idea, as does Keywee's CPC tracker.

Apr 17, 12:13PM EDT0
What are some of the biggest challenges you had to face when you started your blog?
Apr 16, 1:34PM EDT0

Hi there, and thanks for posting.

The same challenges I had then apply now; time! There is so much that you will want to do with your blog, but there is only limted time and resource to do it in.

It is all about prioritising, and making sure you spend the time on the tasks that are going to give you, and the blog the msot value in the longerterm.

Don't skimp and save just because you don't want to spend that $10 for example. That $10 saves you half a day then it is definitely worth spending it!

Apr 17, 12:15PM EDT0
What social media marketing trends can one expect in the future?
Apr 16, 1:34PM EDT0

Thanks so much for stopping by. Media buying is increasingly important in social; particularly given the drop in organic reach on Twitter. In addition, community development too. Social media is about building a community, and THAT is ultimately what we should be trying to do with those fan pages, and those Twitter fans. A community of people that advocate and love your brand, and keep coming back for more!

Apr 17, 12:17PM EDT0
What are the ways in which a company can make certain that the online world knows that it is reputable and trusted?
Apr 16, 12:01PM EDT0

Hi there. Thanks so much for the note. Simple this in my view. Produce genuine, authentic and trusted content making you an expert in your industry alongside providing great customer care to those that make that decision to purchase from you. (or consume that content if you aren't in a "selling" niche)

Apr 17, 12:18PM EDT0
In your experience, what have been some of the ways in which social media marketing has been more than adequate in promoting a business?
Apr 16, 10:19AM EDT0

Hi there, cheers for posting.

Are you talking about successful campaigns? If so, then the stanout one for me has to be the Oreo superbowl - there was a blackout, and Oreo were agile, and jumped on it so so fast. Brilliant marketing. I LOVED this!

Apr 17, 12:21PM EDT0
What are the differences between writing for traditional web channels and social media?
Apr 16, 4:26AM EDT0

HI there, and thanks again for stopping by!

Social media should be all encompassing, and media rich, but straight to the point as well, depending on the platform you are using. So much is consumed on mobile, that if you aren' eye-catching enough, then people will just scroll on by, and not bother to read/view what you have to say! There is so much out there, and those marketing messages have to kick in fast!

Apr 17, 12:20PM EDT0
How do you promote your blog and what are the means by which you attract new clients as a marketing analyst?
Apr 16, 1:57AM EDT0

Hi there. Blog promotion is all through free social media; so tweets, FB posts, G+, Insta, and Pinterest. I get the most traffic from Pinterest, and have found this to be an excellent channel for the niche that I am in (parenting).

In terms of attracting new client, I am actually not looking for work now as I am employed. But previously, I actually used my blog as a shop window, and all my clients were gained through the work that I did there. You get a "feel" for those that need a little extra guidance, and just pitch! That worked for me extremely well.

It is really important to have a site to guide potential client to, so they can see what you can do for them.

Linked in can be a great way to build a network too; but I never really needed that, as I had enough work through my blog.

Apr 16, 3:28AM EDT0
What metrics should one use to measure the success of a social campaign?
Apr 15, 1:31PM EDT0

Hi there, Joe. Thanks for the question, That very much depends on the campaign to be honest. Look at the objectives for that campaign, and make sur those are aligned to your overall business goals. If the reason for the campaign is brand awareness, then measure the success, and use KPIs aligned to that, e.g. Reach. If however, the campaign is designed to increase engagement, then the KPIS should be based on that, e.g. likes, comments, shares, If your campaign is designed to increase your fans, and audience within a certain platform, then success should be measured based on that, e.g. likes, followers, etc. There really isn't one size fits all!

If you are looking for a system that helps measure some of these, then Good Data Studio, and some of the community connectors are great; as well as other specific social systems such as Simply Measured, and SproutSocial.

Apr 16, 1:25AM EDT0
In your opinion, when is it better for a company to extricate itself from social media?
Apr 15, 3:56AM EDT0

HI htere, Jannatul. Thanks so much for your questions. That really depends on what the company is trying to achieve by being on social media. If they don't have the time to dedicate to the channels they are looking to work on, then it is probably better not to be on there at all. YOu really have to decide where your customers are, and focus on those channels. Don't over-stretch, as that can be a real problem. Better not to be there if you can only do it half-heartedly.

Apr 16, 1:27AM EDT0
How has your digital marketing knowledge and aesthetic evolved over the years of your career?
Apr 15, 2:01AM EDT0

HI there, Mirza. Thanks so much for posting. An absolutely, and it continues to do so. Social media is changing all the time, particularly at the moment in the light of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal. It fell like there isn't a day that goes by without me learning something new, and my knowledge therefore evolving and developing. Earlier in my career I was probably more focused on developing the social media channels using free methods, but now there is definitely a shift to using more paid media alongside this as well. Even for smaller businesses, it should be a consideration as if advertising is done well, it can really help develop an effective social media strategy.

Apr 16, 1:30AM EDT0
Have you ever attempted to pair a particular wine with chocolate, if so, what has been the most pleasant and unpleasant combinations, if not, why haven’t you attempted to do so?
Apr 15, 1:53AM EDT0

HI there, Tanya. Thanks for the question!

Ha ha - love it. I have very much tried this; but my view is that it is best not to over think it! Dark chocolate, which is, believe it or not, very good for you if you suffer from Iron deficencies, does seem to work well with red wine. But probably shouldn't advocate eating or drinking too much of each. Everything in moderation! 😉

Apr 16, 1:31AM EDT0
How has your previous work experience assisted you in your current career and what methods do you use in order to continuously learn and excel in your field?
Apr 15, 1:41AM EDT0

Hi there, and thanks so much for posting.

My previus work experience has been a massive help - it has enabled me to use analytics throughout both my blogging and digital marketing career to see what is working, and what isn't in growing both my own business, and the businesses that I work with.

In terms of continuously learning, the two most important areas here, are to make sure I network - largely online these days, but also at events where I can. Alongside this, I make sure that I keep up to date with current developments by continuously reading relevant press; such as Campaign, and the social media blogs, like Jon Loomer, who is excellent, and Social Media Examiner. Never be afraid to sign up to webinar from your fellow professionals too; I recently did an excellent one from Jon, and you always learn something new from listening to someone else in your field and how they tackle the industry.

Apr 16, 1:35AM EDT0
How can one ensure that they have developed a goal-orientated marketing strategy?
Apr 14, 6:34PM EDT0

Hi there. And thanks so much for posting. This question seems more complicted than it is. The most important thing about social media in general, is not to do it for the sake of it, but to make sure it is totally aligned with what you are trying to achieve within the business. If you align your social media goals directly with yor overall business strategy, and choice the KPIs for success based on that; you can't go far wrong!

Apr 16, 1:37AM EDT0
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