Chandipur...a Unique Sea-Beach AMA

Sibananda Bhanja
Dec 6, 2017

Chandipur-on-sea as a "beach"is so different from rest of the "Sea beaches".To begin with-"Chandipurseabeach"is unique for its uniqueness in many ways . May be due to its typical geographical location and topography during "lowtide"the sea "recedes"so much that one can walk up to 3 to 4 kms in to the sea  with just knee deep water and again during High Tides water and Waves come ashore. "That's the Unique-ness". It always reminds me my own childhood days and the "picnic trips" to Chandipurduring Sunday's and holidays with friends. I used to be in "mid school level" if I am not wrong when with due permission from my Mom I used to go there with friends with bundles of firewood and all utensils tied to each one's "cycle🚲".Those days were really different and going on a cycle 🚲 that to independently was much more fascinating than a car ride for me at this age....heheheee . I was always there to ask my Mom how to cook Rice and Red meat (my all time favourite) of my own & I used to jot down  📝step by step process as she used to narrate in details & she was my first Guru to pamper and inspire me for enjoying my holidays with friends as an independent young boyIt's your Mom- who transforms you as a future Man always.There were no such concrete stairs to sit by the beach side in those days as it has been done these days by the Tourism department of Govt of Odisha .Only tall casuarina plants were there in plenty on the entire sea shore with lot of shaded areas to cook and play hide_and_seek.I will say I have never seen any sea beach as beautiful as Chandipur not because of Tides but because of it's a dry Beauty  during Low Tides.Being cloudy....though I couldn't click Sunrise 🌅 shot....but I was happy Clouds posed before my iphone7plus he he heeee.People mostly from nearby states like WestBengal and Andhra Pradesh are frequent visitors to this tranquil sea shore to spend short weekends at a reasonable price.Early in the morning the tourists/visitors walk deep into the sea and as day light begins to come they start returning to the shore depending upon high and low tides situation.The beauty of this beach is it's Tranquility-except for Winterholidays and NewYears rushtime it's always so tranquil to enjoy with friends and family.

Govt of Odisha has over the years developed the place and there are a number of cement benches to sit and enjoy the seashore , Sunrise and Sunset.There is one OTDC Panthasala

(Odisha Tourism Development Corporation) 

 facing the sea shore .That's a well maintained Hotel/Holiday Accommodation with a lot of AC and Non-AC rooms and Banquait Hall for Marriage/and other parties too . The Fast food 🥘 counter is just superb with best Chefs to serve both veg & non-veg delicacies.

On the beach this cute boy agreed to pose for me with a cute smile on his lips.There are a lot of Hotels and Resorts near by to accommodate heavy rush during winter and vacation rush days .May be I am a born #beachboy....just kidding.I love "Chandipur_on_sea"the most and it's only about 10 km away from Balasore (my home 🏡 Town) which is well connected by rail 🚂 / road from Bhubaneswar the capital of Odisha and Kolkata in West Bengal.I wish my friends who love "Tranquility"should visit this unique beach for awesome landscape/beach scenic views and spend few moments with nature.


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What other stories do you write on your blog?

Dec 9, 12:20AM EST0

I write photo stories on Wildlife Street Photography Flower Photography and rich emotional issues too.

Dec 11, 10:43PM EST0

Are there any visa requirement to visit this?

Dec 8, 10:32PM EST0

Yes if you are not from India you will need VISA to visit India.

Dec 9, 12:20AM EST0

What about the jellyfish in this place? Do I have to worry about this?

Dec 8, 6:10PM EST0

No no not at all and it’s a typical shallow sea without any of such threats at all.

Dec 8, 7:10PM EST0

Where do local people who are not involved in tourism work?

Dec 7, 8:19PM EST0

It’s a place just away by 10 km from the city Balasore and the local people are engaged in tourism and fish business and also its famous for tiger prawn cultivation.

Dec 8, 7:12PM EST0

What kind of danger for tourists can represent the local fauna?

Dec 7, 5:37PM EST0

I don’t think unless they wish to harm how can it be a danger to the local fauna !

Dec 7, 11:13PM EST0

How often do you add new articles or stories to your blog?

Dec 7, 10:57AM EST0

I have a store of Photography and Story to add anytime I feel like!

Dec 7, 11:13PM EST0

Do you think sustainable tourism is important nowadays? Why? 

Dec 7, 5:22AM EST0

Yes as it adds bread and butter to so many lives .

Dec 7, 7:22AM EST0

What is the traditional dish? What is its main ingredient?

Dec 6, 10:23PM EST0

How did you come up to the idea to start writing your blog?

Dec 6, 1:58PM EST0

That’s a long story but to be precise I was a rich man otherwise in the way being a Photographer for years I had a nice stock of quality thought provoking shots and one fine morning I thought trying my words on it. Thanks being inquisitive 😍.

Dec 7, 12:03AM EST0

What attractions are there near this beach?

Dec 6, 12:50PM EST0

Just at a distance of say 25 km a nice Hills range is there called Nilgiri Hills and Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuaty is around 55-60 km away only.

Dec 7, 12:14AM EST0

May I know how is my Blog on Chandipur ?

Dec 6, 9:17AM EST0

Do you have a page in the Instagram or a channel on Youtube?

Dec 6, 9:03AM EST0

Yes you can find me in insta at 


Dec 6, 9:16AM EST0

What is your dream? Have you already done anything to make it a reality?

Dec 6, 7:08AM EST0

I am already in a very senior position in Banking and as regard my passion I do enjoy a lot through Photography & blogging on it.

Dec 6, 9:15AM EST0

How many subscribers does your blog have? Do your readers often write to you?

Dec 6, 6:57AM EST0

As yet more than 700 people follow my blog and yes people are very much interactive in most of my posts.

Dec 6, 9:13AM EST0

What is this region famous for in historical or cultural terms?

Dec 6, 4:36AM EST0

Culturally rich too and historically being the entry point where East India Company tried to enter India through sea route say 400 years ago .

Dec 6, 5:21AM EST0

Most welcome 🙏 in that regard and hope it will enrich me to better off in future before posting with new improvements. Thanks.

Dec 6, 3:20AM EST0

How do you feel about criticizing your blog?

Dec 6, 3:04AM EST0

Hope it will help me in improving.

Dec 6, 3:20AM EST0

What income does the region get from tourists per year?

Dec 5, 6:46AM EST0

Have to check and it’s a place for maritime pleasure only and hope my Blog is to just promote the place and it’s natural beauty only.

Dec 5, 7:08AM EST0

What advice can you give to a tourist who is going to visit Chandipur?

Dec 5, 5:01AM EST0

I would say for a trip say for 3 nights it’s an awesome trip and apart from it there are other nice destinations too just close to Chandipur like Pancha Lingeswar on Nilgiri Hill Top and Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary .

Dec 5, 5:24AM EST0

Thanks :)

Dec 6, 8:46AM EST0

I'm a bedinner among bloggers. How can I increase the popularity of my blog in a short time?

Dec 5, 4:20AM EST0

Rome was not built in a day so have patience and keep on improving your blog every time . Check my blog at

Dec 5, 5:29AM EST0
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