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Jul 14, 2018

Promote confidence in STYLE while embracing who you are and realizing that it will take one step at a time. Being positive in times that can be rough can be challenging but it’s not impossible. I aspire to inspire others personally and professionally by encouraging motivation and letting them know it’s okay to be yourself. Let’s get started! Ask me anything about tips and great conversations!

CourtneyRenee says:

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How would you personally measure the ROI of personal branding?
Jul 14, 1:39PM EDT0

Return on investment in personal branding for me is getting my ideas and vision across. It might not be financially but expanding my network is important when you need something or someone to give you chance. 

Jul 14, 3:24PM EDT0
How can an individual determine the type of values he or she stands for?
Jul 14, 1:06PM EDT0

First figure out what do you love and what do you hate. For it comes down to morals of what’s right and wrong. What makes your happy? 

Jul 14, 3:15PM EDT0
What is the one tip you would give to an entrepreneur who wishes to brand themselves online?
Jul 14, 12:22AM EDT0

Figure out who your audience is. Research them by figuring out their buying habits and how to relate to them. 

Jul 14, 3:13PM EDT0
If the effects of personal branding are really so powerful, why are some people still not making enough effort to brand themselves?
Jul 14, 12:08AM EDT0

Because they forget personal branding is about themselves. How to get your point across not someone’s else’s. What’s YOUR passion, what do YOU like, what are YOUR goals. 

Jul 14, 3:12PM EDT0
Do you think the idea of personal branding is commonly misunderstood?
Jul 9, 9:44AM EDT0

Yes because people think to hard on personal branding. Personal branding is being comfortable being just yourself. As people we are constantly trying to change and nothing is wrong with that until you stop being yourself to become fake. Change because you want to not because someone is making you. 

Jul 14, 3:11PM EDT0
Can you share 3 personal branding tips from that are most important for Gen Ys graduating from college this year?
Jul 9, 1:38AM EDT0

Be yourself, be open to being judged, and be willing to adapt to change to become better. 

Jul 14, 3:08PM EDT0
How can a person strengthen their personal brand?
Jul 9, 12:34AM EDT0

Being themselves that’s most important. People gravitate to genuine honestly.

Jul 14, 3:06PM EDT0
How can you position yourself for upcoming trends?
Jul 8, 1:44PM EDT0

Research and I follow different bloggers and vloggers.

Jul 14, 3:06PM EDT0
In terms of finances, what changes could one try to make to feel more confident financially?
Jul 8, 10:19AM EDT0

Knowing just because you have the money you should spend it. Save it instead. 

Jul 14, 3:05PM EDT0
What is one small change you can make to anytime that will help you feel in control of your life?
Jul 7, 11:05PM EDT0

Communication. Nothing is wrong with talking things out. 

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Jul 14, 3:04PM EDT0
What can women start doing to strengthen their emotional balance? What should they stop doing?
Jul 6, 4:44AM EDT0

Cry out your feelings!!!! Don’t be afraid to show emotion because being emotionless is hiding how you feel. Knowing something happen and then finding positives ways on making it better. Communication is important. Speak up when something isn’t right. 

Jul 14, 3:03PM EDT0
Fear can control your emotions. How does one get over the fear of failure?
Jul 5, 10:55PM EDT0

Fear is something we can’t see. That’s why some people don’t take the first step. Only way to succeed is to do it. 

Jul 14, 3:01PM EDT0
Is there a more direct pathway to build your self-confidence?
Jul 4, 2:22PM EDT0

It’s not a 1-2-3 step process. Everyone is different because we all react different. Confidence is within. Someone can tell you that your are amazing but you have to believe.

Jul 14, 2:59PM EDT0
It’s damaging to compare yourself to others. Bur why can’t you stop comparing yourself to others?
Jul 3, 6:59AM EDT0

It’s very damaging! I’ve finally stop comparing other people to myself but that took a lot time to do. Once you realize that we’re not them at all and you can’t be then we can start focusing on what we can become. 

Jul 14, 2:58PM EDT0
What do you want to achieve through your blog Aspire Oneself?
Jul 2, 11:55AM EDT0

Helping others feel great about themselves but at the same time it helps me be accountable of my actions. 

Jul 14, 2:56PM EDT0
If you find yourself working with a team that is not motivated, how do you keep yourself motivated and motivate others?
Jul 2, 10:40AM EDT0

We all want something different out of life don’t let someone’s lack of effort effect you from reaching their goal. If you start lacking motivation you want get what you want at the end of the day. Unfortunately we’ve all been in that situation but those that won’t put in the effort will soon come to light. 

Jul 14, 2:55PM EDT0
How can goal-setting help you become a more confident person? Any tips?
Jul 2, 8:46AM EDT0

You’ll have something to look forward to when aiming to reach your goals. You’ll be proud of yourself if you reach them but if you don’t the key is to keep going. 

Jul 14, 2:52PM EDT0
How do you react when faced with many hurdles while trying to achieve a goal? How do you overcome them?
Jul 2, 5:04AM EDT0

Cry and pray! I focus on knowing this pain will not last forever. Push yourself and ask for help when your stuck. 

Jul 14, 2:51PM EDT0
For a woman in a male dominated field, what personal brand should she be projecting to gain respect and trust from her peers and clients?
Jul 1, 1:16AM EDT0

Be yourself and educate yourself in that field. Know what you’re doing and consistently gain more knowledge. 

Jul 14, 2:50PM EDT0
How do you choose what to post about in your blog? Do you do active research or do you get inspired by things you come across?
Jun 30, 10:47PM EDT0

Using it comes from what is happening now, looking at my stats, and research trending topics.

Jul 14, 2:49PM EDT0
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