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Priscilla Fuamizele
May 15, 2018

Under this afro and #redlips is hiding Priscilla!

An explosive mix Kongo / Côte-d'Ivoire and eternal Parisian, I am the proud owner of a beautiful country house but you know what they say ... once a Parisian, always a Parisian!

Commercial training: I quickly turned to BTS communication and fell into the world of work, attending meeting after meeting. I had my first experience on the cable channel "télésud" as a fashion columnist. It was a short experience but very rewarding. I am also a photo / ad model and have worked mainly with some Parisian photographers - including the talented Dahmane.

I have just finished a training in journalism and intend to specialize in fashion journalism.

Being an unconditional lover of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, blogging was as obvious decision to share my vision and exchange with girls who share this passion.

With a creative soul, I offer my fashion, beauty and lifetsyle tips and tricks as well as insight into my various styles, my key pieces, favorites, shopping, makeup and beauty treatments. I will make you travel with me through my escapades and enjoy healthy recipes!

By nature I'm a "compulsive shopper" (yes, I look after myself), my dressing room is filled at a crazy speed! Therefore, I would like to propose, in a near future, a vacuum-dressing that I will supply regularly. Feel free to give me your opinion on the idea, pearls will be there 😉

Are you passionate about fashion, beauty and lifestyle? This channel is for you!


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Are you looking for blog/business partners? If yes, what kind?
May 16, 8:40AM EDT0
How does your ethnicity and roots of mix Kongo / Côte-d'Ivoire and eternal Parisian help you define your personal style?
May 16, 12:33AM EDT0
What inspired you to go into fashion styling and blogging?
May 15, 10:12PM EDT0
What advice would you give the next generation who daydreams about following in your footsteps?
May 15, 6:33PM EDT0
Which social media platform are you most active on and how does this platform aid in you promoting your blog?
May 15, 6:03PM EDT0

Do you consider yourself as a OOTD blogger or a LIKE TO KNOW IT Blogger? Also do you see a differnece in the two versus the regular fashion blogger who attends fashion shows and actually talk about unand coming fashion trends? 

May 15, 5:48PM EDT0
What was the original inspiration/thought process behind FashiononMood?
May 15, 5:19PM EDT0
Which celebrities have the best fashion sense and what are the reasons for your choice?
May 15, 3:17PM EDT0
What methods do you use to measure the success of your blog posts?
May 15, 12:29PM EDT0
What do you consider as your three tips for running a successful online marketplace like a blog?
May 15, 10:22AM EDT0
What would you say is the biggest misconception about fashion week and the strongest truth?
May 15, 8:32AM EDT0
What, do you think, is the biggest 'stayer' of the season?
May 15, 6:26AM EDT0
What drives you in life to keep pushing boundaries and working towards your professional goals?
May 15, 1:52AM EDT0
How has your training as a journalist affected your view of your own style?
May 15, 12:08AM EDT0
What are your hopes, dreams, and fears about the future of fashion?
May 14, 10:50PM EDT0
What do you feel about social media's role in your blogging career and which social media platform do you like most to connect on?
May 14, 8:33PM EDT0
Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists and photographers?
May 14, 7:18PM EDT0

Hello!I'm a fan of designer pieces like Alexander WangOtherwise, I've always been in love with the Kenzo brand

May 19, 2:20PM EDT0
What makes you passionate about blogging and fashion?
May 14, 6:35PM EDT0

Hello ! I started blogging when I stopped my first job. I am a big passionate of Art in general and I think that one can reveal itself through an outfit p, a look, a style.Blogging is an opportunity for me to share the looks, tips, favorites, etc ... trends and inspire.The exchange is great when we talk about what we like.

May 19, 2:13PM EDT0
Do you have any advice for someone who may be struggling with their cultural identity? How can they express themselves freely?
May 14, 2:53PM EDT0

Hello honey, it is worth remembering that we are talking here about liberating ourselves from a clothing point of view.I will say that fashion is a question of feeling ... we must free ourselves from "what will we say?" and adopt the "fashiononmood attitude"

Last edited @ May 19, 2:05PM EDT.
May 19, 2:04PM EDT0
Who's your favorite designer and favorite fashion magazine and why?
May 14, 1:45PM EDT0

Hello !My designer designer of the moment is Philip Plein.I love his creativity, his madness, his universe very colorful ... it's quite an art!I recognize myself in what he does.Otherwise, I still love Kenzo.Everything he does is out of the ordinary and is very fashionable.My favorite magazine is Grazzia, mainly for fashion and beauty.

May 16, 12:25AM EDT0
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