Being A Male Blogger AMA! With a small social following! It definitely isn't easy! Might Be Live Streamed On YouTube During The AMA! Link On My Bio!

Matthew Hamill
Jan 12, 2018

Blogging is something I only took up around September last year & I've loved it ever since! Met some really nice people, made friends, grew my following & wrote about the things I care about along the way! I'm still learning lots of things about blogging as I'm still very new to it! I'm also a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer & Photographer! These are also a big part of my blog!  I hope you enjoy this AMA that I'm hosting & I look forward to answering your questions! 

Matthew Hamill says:

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How did you first get into blogging/YouTubing and what was your very first topic?

Jan 12, 4:19PM EST0

My 1st topic was on a wordpress blog about my hometown and the castle it is built around sort of! YouTube was a Black Ops 3 Video! Still up on my channel!  Blogging was by accident & YouTube has been a long time dream of mine! 

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Jan 12, 4:30PM EST0

What are your favorite video games and what makes it addicting?

Jan 12, 10:39AM EST0

Ghost Recon Wildlands at the moment! I'm not too sure, to be honest! I don't game anywhere as much as I use to, so I don't find them that addicting! 

Jan 12, 1:40PM EST0

Any thoughts on doing a travel vlog?

Jan 12, 8:53AM EST0

I'd have to travel 1st lol haha! Maybe someday definitely!  

Jan 12, 1:41PM EST0

What excites you the most about this career as a blogger, Youtuber, Gamer, Photographer & Twitch Streamer?

Jan 12, 5:26AM EST0

It involves my favourite things! Gaming, interacting with people, making new friends & making people laugh & smile! Turning something I love into a career is what is most exciting for me! 

Jan 12, 1:38PM EST0

Lately, how active are you with blogging and streaming and how often do you communicate with your followers?

Jan 12, 5:13AM EST0

I'm always active with my blog I check it daily to reply to any comments anyone has left! Streaming it's been less active as It's not been doing so well! I communicate with my followers as much as possible! My followers haven't been very active recently! 

Jan 12, 1:37PM EST0

Do you think it is easier for women to blog? That is one of the not many fields that seems to be female dominated, do you sometimes get a feeling of being discriminated - by publications, brands etc. do they look to work more with girls? 

Jan 11, 8:44PM EST0

I don't think it's easier for women to blog! I think it's more difficult since there are more women bloggers! More competition for women, but then its a competition for male bloggers too! I have 34,000 visitors on my blog in 4 months & I'm finding it difficult to find brands that would want to work with me! Even if my views are very high compared to many! 

Jan 11, 9:34PM EST0

So far, what's the most interesting topic you have written?

Jan 11, 8:06PM EST0

Not sure to be honest! I like to try and motivate other people! So some of my motivational posts are my most interesting maybe! Depends on the reader and which they find more interesting! 

Jan 11, 9:38PM EST0

What has been your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?

Jan 11, 8:01PM EST0

 I'm not too sure, to be honest! When I first started blogging, I started my blog self-hosted which was difficult to figure out! I had help from the server hosts & lots of advice from other bloggers, but I wouldn't say that was a failure! So I don't know, to be honest! 

Jan 11, 9:47PM EST0

How do you attract new readers or followers? Have you used SEO keywords as well to increase blog traffic?

Jan 11, 7:42PM EST0

I use SEO keywords sometimes, but not always! Social media is a good place to advertise! I started in September and now have 34,000 visitors! Which isn't the most, but I'd say its pretty good! 

Jan 11, 8:02PM EST0

Where would you be in the next 3-5 years and what would you be possibly doing?

Jan 11, 3:58PM EST0

Hopefully fulfilling my goals & achieve my dreams! YouTube has always been something I've loved! I love interacting with viewers, replying to comments & just making people smile or laugh if I can! So YouTube is what I would love to be doing in 3-5 years, photography full time, blogging even more & just growing as a person! 

Jan 11, 4:45PM EST0

What topics would you like to focus on?

Jan 11, 10:54AM EST0

To be honest, I find it difficult to figure out what to post blog posts & youtube videos on, but I think staying true to yourself is the best thing I do! So it's really whatever I have on my mind at the time! 

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Jan 11, 4:54PM EST0

In photography, what subjects interest you the most and why?

Jan 11, 8:56AM EST0

Architecture & nature! We live in a beautiful world which some of us take for granted! I love Rome and plan on going in the next couple years to travel all around Italy! 

Jan 11, 4:46PM EST0

Any advice you can share to those who wish to start blogging?

Jan 11, 6:55AM EST0

Be yourself, be unique & be different! I don't try to be someone I'm not!

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Jan 11, 4:47PM EST0

Who is your greatest influence? Why so?

Jan 11, 6:29AM EST0

Well for YouTube it would be PointlessBlog! So positive & knows what he wants! In the world of blogging & social media, it would be my blogging friends Savana Rae! Here Link Savana Rae

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Jan 11, 4:48PM EST0
Your recent blog "Be Different" talks a lot about finding one's self and not trying to be somebody just to fit in, are there other advocacies or campaigns you would want to share to your readers?
Jan 11, 5:01AM EST0

People now days try to fit in Specially on Social Media! It's difficult know days, specially for younger ones! But I'd rather be different & unique than be like anyone else! I would definitely check out some of my blogging friends content! They post some great stuff! PointlessBlog is someone I watch on YouTube & he is so positive about his goals and different things!

Jan 11, 4:51PM EST0
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