Ask Me Anything How to start a new blog

Ankit Prasad
Sep 17, 2018

Anyone can ask about the problems they are facing about blogging.

They should be precise and should not be rude.

You can ask anything from basics of buying a web hosting , writing first post, adding security features and making website more responsive.

You can also ask for suggestions regarding search engine optimisation (SEO) to rank your blog at higher rankings

Ankit Prasad says:

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Can you really make a living with blogging?
Sep 21, 8:40AM EDT0

Yes , there are several bloggers out there who are making more money out of blogging than other conventional works.

You can surely make living out from it. It offers to do the work right from the comfort of your home.

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Delhite Blog

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Sep 29, 12:35AM EDT0
What is the best social media to focus on to get good traffic to your blog?
Sep 19, 11:18PM EDT0

For now Facebook and twitter are good social media if you have articles with average length exceeding 1000 words.

Otherwise a picture laded article can be shared on Instagram too, which can drive up your traffic all the way to the peak.

Sep 29, 12:37AM EDT0

Frist think you are chosing niche for blog

Sep 19, 4:44PM EDT0

Your question is not clear to me.

I am answering about "Do you first think before choosing a niche for blog?"

Choosing a niche is one of the most important thing to do

It should be a topic on which you can write freely.

The topic should be the one , in which you are comfortable to put 10-12 articles per month.

And next you will have to decide on who are your target audience to make your blog reach the right people. 

Sep 29, 12:42AM EDT0
How to pick a topic to have a blog about? Is it better to focus on one thing or you can write about different things?
Sep 19, 4:01AM EDT1
Do you offer courses for beginners in blogging? Where can one find those?
Sep 19, 2:53AM EDT0

I currently don't have courses running for begineers. But yeah I can surely help you out if you come out with your specific problems.

Happy Blogging

Sep 29, 12:42AM EDT0
What are the security issues bloggers face most often? How do you resolve them?
Sep 18, 2:51PM EDT0

Security issues faced by bloggers are 

1. Loss of access to their admin dashboard

2. Bot traffic on website which fills up the server limit of your hosting thereby making the website unaccessible to others.

3. SSL Certification errors due to which your website shows security warnings before opening on browsers.

Sep 29, 12:45AM EDT0
Is ranking really important for a blog or following on social media is more important?
Sep 18, 10:29AM EDT0

Yes,it is essential for increasing readership. If your ranking is not good then you will not get much traffic and thereby your articles would not reach to more people.

Ranking also helps in building up authority so as to make people believe that you are an authentic writer.

Sep 18, 10:58AM EDT0
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How many blogs have you ran yourself?
Sep 18, 1:58AM EDT1

I am currently running only one blog and plan to start another one by the end of this year

Sep 18, 2:13AM EDT0

How do prepare to write a blog? Is there detailed research involved or do your just start off writing?

Sep 18, 1:17AM EDT1

A small research is required to write a good article. Don't copy from different sources and show it as yours. 

Sep 18, 2:13AM EDT0
What are some good practices in terms of SEO for a blog?
Sep 17, 2:31PM EDT1

1. You should use short and ready to understand sentences .

2. Don'tmake a paragraph of too many lines . It helps in increasing readability.

3 . Put high quality images so that it can be taken up by social media platforms for sharing

4. Refrain from copying the content.

5. Don't put broken links in any of your web page.

6. A subscription form should be there for returning audience

Sep 17, 2:37PM EDT1
Is wordpress the best platform to use for having a blog? Are there any good alternatives?
Sep 17, 12:29PM EDT1

Blogger is a good alternative. 

It is a Google product, which is already an established brand.

So you can trust that product completely

Last edited @ Sep 18, 11:00AM EDT.
Sep 17, 2:38PM EDT0
What are the craziest myths you have heard about blogging and SEO?
Sep 16, 9:13PM EDT2

Myth 1: Bloggers don't have a life of their own. They are may involved in their work for writing blog posts throughout the day

Myth 2: You cannot start earning from the blog if you are a newbie to it.

Myth for SEO:  You can earn backlink just by putting your link in the comment section of a website.

Truth: most website mark link in comment as no follow links thereby giving no SEO boost to your website.

Sep 17, 9:43AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on ghost writers and guest posts for blogs?
Sep 16, 2:48PM EDT1

Guest posts are good method of building backlinks from reputable websites. It helps to increase your audience count also

Sep 17, 9:39AM EDT0
What are some good services you would recommend for bloggers? Are there some that are a must?
Sep 16, 10:45AM EDT1

IFTTT ,Tailwind for social media sharing . Also you can use multiple SEO checker,backlink checker free tools available online

Sep 17, 9:38AM EDT0
Should every blogger have presence on all social networks?
Sep 16, 9:26AM EDT1

It's not necessary. You can master one social media platform and even that can do wonders for you. Of for a few months you can try on every social media and then choose 2-3 to stick to for test of your time

Sep 16, 2:52PM EDT0
Does wordpress cover browser and device compatibility?
Sep 16, 7:03AM EDT1

Yeah, most of the themes are browser and device compatible (responsive) . You can check it in documentation before installation

Sep 16, 2:53PM EDT0
Should bloggers sell advertising and paid backlinks in particular on their blogs?
Sep 16, 3:00AM EDT1

You can do that occasionally. But make sure that you should not make it a business sort of thing. You 

Sep 16, 3:24AM EDT0
How often should one post on their blog? Is there an optimal times per day/week/month?
Sep 16, 1:01AM EDT0

4-5  a week when you are at beginner level.

Then after sometime u can reduce it to 2-3 a  week or continue with above

Sep 16, 3:26AM EDT0
Should bloggers use automation when posting?
Sep 15, 7:54PM EDT1

You want to use automation for posting ? Are you talking about IFTTT?

If you are trying to do that then Google will mark your content as copied content and your urls won't be indexed for search engine

Sep 16, 3:30AM EDT0
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