Ask Me Anything: How An Indie Niche Blogger Can Become Influential. @fashionmixtape

Fashion Mixtape
Apr 9, 2018

As a micro influencer blogger, I have managed to gain quality followers, versus a large number of following. I have received international recognition, on a small scale platform.  

For my #bloggerama, I will be discussing:

How an indie niche blogger, can be visible in the blogosphere of algorithm.

How indie niche can partner with a larger brand, while remaining authentic.

How indie niches deal with copying from mass brands, or other bloggers (FYI, happens all the time). 

Plus any  other questions amongst indie niche blogging, and micro influence!

Fashion Mixtape says:

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Let's get started!

What do you think that indie bloggers bring to the game that mainstream bloggers don’t offer?
Apr 9, 6:05PM EDT0

Indie bloggers offer more authenticity. They understand that, there should be a balance of new, along with the established.

There's room for everyone to shine!

Apr 9, 6:30PM EDT0

I would like to thank AMA Feed, for allowing me to conduct the Ask Me Anything.

An extra thank you to everyone, that submitted questions. 

I stopped at 30. I will try and answer any additional questions in the near future

Sorry for the typos, tried to answer, as quickly as possible.

Apr 9, 2:51PM EDT0
What do you believe that needs to be improved in the Indie Blogging market?
Apr 9, 8:43AM EDT0

Protection, against larger bloggers, and companies from plagerism. It's funny how large bloggers, and corporations can get away with it. Simply because they're bigger. If you want to track and see if you're being emulated.

Simply, go to your analytics, and see which cities show up on location.

My latest "inspired" came from a beauty company. They're headquarters are in the Mid-West, I was receiving heavy traffic to my site, from the location.

Apr 9, 9:43AM EDT0

Protection against larger bloggers and corporations.

Being included in more campaigns, people are buying their way to the top. 

Similar to how celebrities leak their own stuff to the media. 

I'm ebarrassed for anyone who buys their status. Or copy's others.

Apr 9, 11:01AM EDT0
What are your biggest turn-offs in a blog? And your biggest thrills?
Apr 9, 7:13AM EDT0

Turn offs in a blog, featuring items we know about. Why are you passing on information, we already know about?

With the exception of tech. Tech blogs give an in-depth look at the product.

Things I love, anything new.

New music, fashion, or anything that is not shoved down our throats.

Apr 9, 9:53AM EDT0

Biggest turn offs, anything or any information, that's accessible. With the exception of tech, I like watching reviews, versus someone just trying to sell me something.

Things I love, anything new, emerging, and with meaning.

Anything that can't, be easily on my timeline feed.

Apr 9, 11:10AM EDT0
What marketing or promotional tools or techniques do you use to reach your readers?
Apr 9, 1:54AM EDT0

Promotional techniques, I use to reach readers, veering away anything cliche.

Use what is going to set you apart from others. 

Indie, is part of being independent and individual.

Apr 9, 10:53AM EDT0
Can you share an update on USA eyewear line that you have been working on? What are the inspirations for the collection?
Apr 9, 1:54AM EDT0

Right now, I'm waiting for the graphic designer. Simply being patient. 

My inpo behind the designs, are modern classic, with some of the latest trends. An introduction to the eyewear market. 

I'm already, passing ideas with designers, for upcoming seasons. 

I wanted to make a quality product, that was ethically made. 

The eyewear is proudly made slow, and take a few days to make!

Apr 9, 10:20AM EDT0
How has your writing style improved since you began your blog and to what have you attributed this improvement?
Apr 8, 11:57PM EDT0

I'm my worst critic to my writing. English was always my strongest subject.

In elementary school, I was awarded the best in English subject. 

In college, an English professor used my essay, to share with the class.

Might be in my genes, my neice last year was in kindergarten, already using contractions in her sentences. It's not common for a 6 year old to put additionally in a written sentence.

Apr 9, 10:03AM EDT0

I'm my worst critic to my writing.

English was always my strongest subject in school.

In elementary,  I received English accolades.

In college, my English professor read my essay out loud to the class.

Maybe it's in my genes?

My niece, last year was already using contractions, in kindergarten.

What 6 year old you know, is using the word additionally in a grammatical sentence?

Apr 9, 10:26AM EDT0
What written voice and tone have you assumed for your blog and in what way does it differ from your day-to-day personality?
Apr 8, 9:59PM EDT0

Honestly, the only difference in my day to day life.

Is not showing behind the process. When I'm not blogging, or preparing to post. 

Whether I'm communicating with designers, brands, musicians, pr, marketing agencies.

I'm always looking at fashion, or listening to music. I do take time out to digital detox. 

I think it helps me recharge!

Apr 8, 10:49PM EDT0

Honestly, the only difference is that, I don't show the behind process. When I'm preparing, communicating with all that my blog entails. This includes designers, brands, musicians, public relations, and marketing agencies.

I'm always viewing the latest in fashion, or listening to music. 

I make sure to take time out for myself. By taking digital detox!

Apr 8, 11:02PM EDT0
What was your initial motive for starting a blog and how has this motivation changed through the blog’s progression?
Apr 8, 7:16PM EDT0

My initial motive for starting my blog. Was to stand out, during the tough economy. It worked, became a visual merchandiser, then assistant buyer, for a beach wear company. 

Being a retail marketing major, the retail industry has changed, brick and mortar (standing) stores, are shifting to shopping online. 

As the blog grew, it became natural, that I wanted to grow the blog into something else.

I'm in the process of adding a store. 

Apr 8, 7:49PM EDT0
What are some of the methods one can use to measure reader engagement, which of these do you prefer and why?
Apr 8, 7:08PM EDT0

I use Google analytics, it provides, who, what, when, where, which device and time, your audience visits your site. 

Most brands ask to attach an anayltics, to measure potential engagement. 

There are other analytics programs available. Plus, online videos, and you can contact a consultant, from a media marketing agency.

Apr 8, 8:05PM EDT0
What are the ways in which a company can determine as to what type of micro-influencer would be the right fit for them?
Apr 8, 7:19AM EDT0
  • To determine which type of micro influencer, you would seek. Is more along the core values of your brand. 
  • Micro Influencers have gained trust, versus celebrity endorsements. Which is important for brand loyalty.
  • It's also helpful, for trying to converge disengagement. Where are potential clients or customer going to? 
  • Micro influencer can be helpful, on both ends of the audience engagement spectrum.
Apr 8, 12:51PM EDT0
How do you measure the success of a micro-influenced campaign?
Apr 8, 4:50AM EDT0

The success can be measured with efficiency, it's direct to customer. Due to pulling in target market, versus pushing advertisement to a market. 

One of my successful campaigns, came from a brand who didn't have a brick and mortar (standing) store in the USA. 

Since I feature made in USA brands. The brand wanted to be exposed to a USA audience, since they were moving there! 

I made that campaign 2 years ago, and still continue to receive monthly clicks, from it!

Apr 8, 1:29PM EDT0
What methods do you use to create a more personal connection with your subscribers?
Apr 7, 2:55PM EDT0

Methods I practice to personally connect with followers.  Simply showing myself with a product, or attendance at events. 

I originally planned, on being strictly behind the scenes. But it didn't end up working out like that. I do want to eventually, would like to be strictly, behind the scenes. Featuring models and bloggers with products.

Apr 8, 2:01PM EDT0
In what ways does micro-influencer marketing affect your SEO?
Apr 7, 5:37AM EDT0

SEO is constantly ever changing. It's part of the rapid evolved technology.

The micro influencer marketing affects my seo, by understanding which specific key words, sentences, phrases, are being searched for. That is driving people to the blog. Make specific seo words.

Micro level is more specific.  That's what digital marketing companies, have  come to realize. Targeting at specific audience. Versus a large market that's their ideal audience. 

Large publications, don't have to be specific. Due to their establishment.

Recently, people have the option of following a specific hashtag.

The only minor incident, I've occurred with Micro Influencer marketing seo, was specifically tied to my blog! 

A rapper in Latin America, made a mixtape called Fashion Mixtape. The rapper paid for ad rankings. So if someone googled for my site, their ads appeared first. But the rapper's music was in Spanish, there's a distinction since the blog is in English. I would have only been upset, if it was murky, and copied.

  It's common for a rapper, to refer to fashion. There's a rapper named Gucci Mane. 

I prefer to use promo ads, when I collaborate with a brand. 

There's nothing wrong with promo ads. Just try and budget wisely while you're at a micro level. 

Apr 7, 2:44PM EDT0
In what ways has your blog been both an outlet to indulge your creative instincts as well as a vehicle for your personal message to the world?
Apr 7, 4:09AM EDT0

My blog, allows me to continue my dreams. I was a retail marketing major, and wanted to travel the world. Spotting trends, as a fashion forecaster. 

The internet limited, fashion forecasting positions. 

We are connected now, the world is at your fingertips. Now forecasters, aren't traveling as much, the items that they seeked, can remotely appear. 

As far as a personal message to the world. I want to show the world, the importance of consumer responsibility. 

Make sure a product you're buying is transparent. There's an ethical human rights issue, companies need to own up to. From where, the materials are being sourced from. To the working environment in factories.

Are the workers receiving a fair wage, when your company has grossed millions of dollars?

This has led me to having my own product. I started working on slow fashion eyewear. 

Thesunglasses are made in the USA. The blog will be getting a make over with a store.

Apr 7, 3:24PM EDT0
What are some of the aesthetic features of a blog that determines its success?
Apr 6, 12:01PM EDT0

Aesthetic features, typically feature white borders around pictures and videos. Pinterest has variety of color schemes, that you can choose to your personal preference.

Visual human eye tricks I've learned from working experience as a visual merchandiser, and assistant buyer.  Odd groupings, or odd numbers, give a more appeal to the eye. Colors that stand out are red, yellow, and blue. Red and yellow are bright, blue is soothing. Let's look at large corporations brands, and signage. Coca Cola, Wendy's, and CVS all use the color red. The majority of old fast food chains use this red, yellow or blue.  On the flip side, the most photographed picture wall on Instagram. Is the "millennial pink" wall at the Paul Smith store in Los Angeles.  

Creating a color scheme with one bright color, with complemtary colors. Is a great option!

Apr 8, 2:34PM EDT0
How long did it take you to build your follower base and what were some of the methods you used to attract new and loyal subscribers to your blog?
Apr 6, 10:54AM EDT0

It took me 2 years to start building a following.  In regards to 2 years. That's when public relations or marketing managers, start reaching out as well. The reason is new bloggers quit frequently, after realizing, you're gonna have to roll up your sleeves, and put in work. So the average new blogger don't last past 2 years. So this is something, you will need to consider. What are the reasons why, you are blogging? Are you blogging for internet fame? Or are you trying to monitize a side hustle? Figure out what you're in this for. Keep pursuing a passion for blogging, if this is what you want.

Any methods I recommend, is to start local, regional, then other outside areas. Once you start small, you can analyze where your audience is located. 

The location will help you figure out why, there is a market for your blog.  For example, I have retained followers from Berlin. Berlin,has been a hotspot for emerging designers, within the last few years. Since I feature emerging indie, that's where this Berlin audience is coming from.

There are so many indie and subculture across the internet. Find your blog's target audience, using search engine and social media.

Apr 6, 9:04PM EDT0
What strategy do you have in place with regards to a long term income stream plan?
Apr 5, 9:52PM EDT0

Long term strategy, is to continue working with niche brands. And evolve as consumer habits evolves. Household familiar established brands, are playing catch up.

Have you heard the term "millennials are killing" such brand.  They're not killing brands, you're simply not providing consumer needs. 

Consumerism has shifted, we are almost near the year 2020. Entering a new decade, times have changed.

I also, have a made in USA eyewear line, coming out soon! 

Apr 8, 3:10PM EDT0
How often should a micro-influencer post on social media and why?
Apr 5, 6:19PM EDT0

A micro influencer should post 3-5 times a week. With the exception of live interaction feed like this! 

3-5 days is recommended during the week. During the pre and post hours of the work and school week. Those are peak hours.

Weekends people are going about their lives. So you might find less interaction on social media. If you're at an event,and need to upload on social media,for urgency on a weekend. It won't hinder your social media posting.  

Inspirational quotes seem to be the only category, that people don't mind seeing daily. Due to an enlightened positive approach, to our daily lives.

Apr 5, 9:42PM EDT0
What is the difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador or brand advocate and in what ways is influencer marketing a form of content marketing?
Apr 5, 3:44PM EDT0

An Influencer is someone who has expertise, and their industry (multiple brands) as a whole, takes notes of what the influecer is doing.

Brand Ambassador and Advocates, fall along the lines of being representative or tied to a specific brand, or product, within their industry. Usually they're not allowed to feature their direct competition.

Apr 5, 9:41PM EDT0
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