ASK ME ANYTHING! Come pick my brain on how I made money in less than 3 months of blogging, increased my productivity, happiness, and well being all by following my heart.

Toni Elston
Dec 6, 2017

I am a lifestyle blogger. I decided to take a risk and dive completely into the life of blogging and to my surprise, it's worked out in my favor ten times more than I expected. My blog tonielston.com is reaching people all over the world and it's just 3 months old. I've gotten tons of opportunities with this and it's connected me to people I would have never met otherwise. 

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How one can increase happiness and well being? Do you have some ideas? 

Dec 13, 1:16PM EST0

How did you start? Do you have free tutorial?

Dec 8, 7:57PM EST0

I started as a hobby and it still very much is. I do not have any freebies yet but I am in the process of making freebies and offering things for starters. 

Dec 11, 3:20PM EST0

What subject is common on your blog site?

Dec 8, 6:31AM EST0

I am a lifestyle blogger so most commonly I talk about things that I have personally gone through and how they helped me become the person I am today. Self-love is one of the biggest things that I talk about and is very important to me. 

Dec 11, 4:02PM EST0

What is the safest topic to blog about for newcomers?

Dec 7, 5:28PM EST0

I do not believe there is a safe topic for newcomers. I believe that whatever you want your topic to be you should go with it. I think that every topic can be interesting, don't play it safe! Playing it safely holds you back. Go big or go home. It's what I do. 

Dec 8, 3:42PM EST0

What can you share as good advice to a new blogger?

Dec 7, 12:14PM EST0

Go into blogging with good intentions. I know the headline on this is about money but money wasn't the reason I started a blog. Once you find your niche capitalize on the things you love within your niche. Only do what you love! 

Dec 7, 3:43PM EST0

What initially was your sole purpose in creating a blog site?

Dec 7, 10:54AM EST0

My purpose is on self-love and self-reflection. I was faced with some pretty difficult situations before I started my blog and I started a blog as an outlet and it's just led to more and more opportunities. It's helped me find myself and it's helped me to fall in love with myself and I still do more and more every day. 

Dec 7, 3:41PM EST1

Have you tried submitting your works to media outlets?

Dec 7, 5:28AM EST0

I have not. I would love to one day in the future but I want to focus on expanding my brand and just simply enjoying blogging. 

Dec 7, 3:37PM EST0

What would be your three the most effective and interesting tips or ideas for new bloggers? 

Dec 7, 5:10AM EST0

Plan your content effectively, quality vs. quantity, focus your writing on what you love. 

Planning content is important because if you go into creating a blog post the last minute it is not only stressful but your work can often come off as half done. This isn't true for everyone; some people are last minute professionals. I wish I could relate, but if you are prone to procrastination then find a way to beat the clock and beat the system.  

It is better to have one great blog post a week than a blog post every day that looks terrible. I know it can be hard when you have so many ideas and want to put them out all at once so make sure you actually like what you put out. Don't rush it and don't force it! 

Make sure that no matter what you are doing that you are writing with passion and honesty. If you can't relate to a topic in some way and you don't feel connected then don't write about it. If you can't be sincere with your work then don't do it. This whole process should be fun and if it's anything but enjoyable than you are doing it all wrong. 

Dec 7, 2:39PM EST0

How do you decide which to blog about?

Dec 6, 10:01PM EST0

I chose something that I was passionate about. I chose the niche lifestyle because it's what I closely relate to. It covers a lot: self-love, life, fashion, beauty. All that and more in one category made it a no-brainer for me. Find what you are passionate about and run with it.  

Dec 6, 10:05PM EST0

What are the common topics that you write on?

Dec 6, 6:56PM EST0

I am a lifestyle blogger. Post a lot of things I've personally gone through and can speak about with confidence. I only want to put out things that I believe in and can back up 100%. There is a lot on loving yourself and understanding who you are as a person on my blog. It's very important for me to give back in any way and I think that's one step in the right direction. 

Dec 6, 7:06PM EST0

Do you also join community or groups of people with the same field of interest?

Dec 6, 6:10PM EST0

I join groups and communities of EVERY kind. I think it's important to join things you are interested in, things you could be interested in. Join a group about robotic if you have an interest in it. That way you cover all of your bases. Something in a robotics group, for example, could peak your interest more than something in a blogger group. Give everything a change. It's okay to leave groups and say no if you find it's not what you enjoy. 

Dec 6, 6:56PM EST0

Since when did you start blogging and what was the first blog about?

Dec 6, 6:03PM EST0

I started my first blog in high school and it failed miserably. It's funny because it was all about my dream relationship. Then I got into a relationship got embarrassed and deleted it before anyone could see it. I then created another blog my freshman year of college and this one was more of a lifestyle blog but the stereotypical, Tumblr girl blogger type. It was incredibly forced and that one failed also. This blog is different because my previous blogs were forced and I didn't take them as serious as I do this one. It's funny to look back mentally because they are so far gone from the internet, and see how far I've come. 

Dec 6, 6:51PM EST0

How much do I need to pay monthly to maintain a blog site?

Dec 6, 12:53PM EST0

I can only speak from my personal experience. I pay $16 a month with Wix because I am considering changing my blog platform to Wordpress. I know that Wordpress cost less than $50 for a year, which is an amazing deal. I would recommend that you find the platforms that work best for you personally and find the prices and work from there. Just make sure that everything aligns with your budget and that you are happy with the layouts and everything in between that your host offers.

Dec 6, 2:36PM EST0

Can you specify the tons of opportunities you gained from blogging?

Dec 6, 2:52AM EST0

I gained a lot of my opportunities through networking. I researched a lot on growing my media kit, reaching out to people that I saw in facebook groups. In 3 months I have begun work with companies like OMG Detox, Gillette, clothing companies, Vanity Planet, and I have more to come. Putting yourself out there no matter what is very important. I am by no means a BIG blogger but I'm growing every day. 

Dec 6, 2:28PM EST0

Would you encourage just everyone to do blogging?

Dec 6, 12:00AM EST0

No. Blogging is not for everyone. Blogging is for those who are really passionate about it. It can be used as a hobby or a release but I only recommend starting a blog if your intentions are in the right place. I think it's important to understand what a blog means to you because to me my blog is very important and it can grow to be something larger than you ever expected and it's crucial that you understand and be prepared for that. 

Dec 6, 2:04AM EST0

How did you earn from your blogs and from your blog site?

Dec 5, 11:58PM EST0

I earned a lot from using Facebook groups to find money-making opportunities. That is one of the best things I did for my blog. Using Facebook. From me getting my name out there and interacting with the groups it allows for companies to see your name and companies soon took the initiative to contact me first. 

Dec 6, 2:02AM EST0

Are you also interested to publish a novel or a book?

Dec 5, 5:07PM EST0

I would absolutely LOVE to publish a novel or book. It's something I've thought about many times and I look forward to the process of writing a book when the time comes. 

Last edited @ Dec 5, 6:10PM EST.
Dec 5, 6:10PM EST0

What is the theme for your blog site? What updates can I expect regularly?

Dec 5, 5:07PM EST0

I believe the theme of my blog is called Annabelle but my blog now looks nothing like the theme in its preset as I am constantly changing my blog. I am always looking for ways to add to my blog and make it better so it's up in the air since I'm pretty happy with how my blog looks right now. I do have more series that I want to do on my blog but it's all a fun work in progress right now. 

Dec 5, 6:08PM EST0

I've started a couple of blog sites, a Wix and WordPress. Which one should I maintain and works best with the crowd?

Dec 5, 5:06PM EST0

I personally use Wix as it's the simplest for me but I have thought about switching over to self-hosted WordPress as it's more flexible to work within and in the grand scheme of things, it offers more than Wix does. I have used WordPress before but I never added a domain or anything to what I was doing. I use Wix for the convenience that it offered when I was starting a blog and I just didn't want to stray away. A lot of bloggers prefer WordPress from what I have seen, 

Dec 5, 6:03PM EST0

I am passionate about writing but I haven't really written a single manuscript. Would blogging be a good start for me?

Dec 5, 5:05PM EST0

I definitely think blogging will be a good start for you! I was very insecure about my writing before and blogging has been a great way for me to overcome that. I believe that blogging is an amazing outlet and when you are really passionate about what you do then it will turn into something incredible. It's a great way to test the waters of something you want to do on a larger scale especially. I highly recommend you start a blog and if you do I would love to read it!!!  

Dec 5, 5:58PM EST0
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