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Esther xorlali Kugbey
Aug 31, 2018

My name is Xorlali, and I’m from a small town in Anyako, Ghana! I’m 21 years old and live in Tema Ghana.

I enjoy the simple things in life- nature, delicious food, groovy music, and good times with good people. But blogging is my heart, my soul, my passion, and perhaps the love of my life. I have been so incredibly blessed to be able to read and hear as much of the world as I’ve heard. I couldn’t even imagine who I’d be without it! My goal is to inspire young people, especially youth, to read, write and travel. And that there’s no need to be worried about writing and travelling solo! To write and travel is to unlock your potential. Like I said, I have no idea who I’d be without it. Coming out of high school, I was an extremely shy and timid girl. You would have to FORCE me to say hi to any sort of stranger. Any kind of attention would make me feel incredibly uncomfortable, I wouldn’t say much, I wouldn’t smile much, I was merely existing. Writing and Travel have always been a part of my life, but it wasn’t until a trip to Boti Falls a year during Primary school that changed everything for me. Writing on this trip with my best friend, I literally had no clue what I was in for. ( you with, entertainment , travel, etc follow me for your updates

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Do you need a special permit to visit certain locations in Ghana? If so, why and what are those places?
Sep 2, 5:20PM EDT0
What's one local food dish that every traveller should taste when travelling in Ghana?
Sep 2, 4:26PM EDT0
What have you learnt about yourself after living in Ghana?
Sep 2, 1:46PM EDT0
Most of the honeymoon couples like to visit Europe or South East Asia instead of exploring places like Ghana. Are there any destinations in Ghana that you feel can make people awestruck? If so, where and what's so special about this place?
Sep 2, 12:58PM EDT0

What is one place in Ghana you would recommend for parents with children?

Sep 1, 2:03AM EDT0
What are some of the necessary precautions one should take before embarking on a travel adventure to Ghana?
Aug 31, 12:46AM EDT1


Aug 31, 3:10AM EDT1

Ghana is a ripe country for exploration, and the increase in the number of people visiting—especially solo travelers—is due to the fun, lively nature of the country, the friendliness of the people, the laid-back atmosphere, and the opportunity for great adventure in a safe environment.

Ghana also enjoys a typically tropical climate all year round, with plenty of sparkling blue skies and sunny weather to go around. Strictly speaking, there are no ‘seasons’ as such, as temperatures don’t vary a great deal throughout the year.

However, Ghana does have one or two rainy seasons depending on whether you are in the north or south of the country. Throughout the year, daytime temperatures in Ghana rarely stray far from 30°C / 86°F, averaging 32°C / 90°F between February and April, and falling to a very pleasant 27°C / 81°F in July and August.

Ghana has a tropical climate with warm to hot weather. Coastal areas are humid, while the north is savanna-like. April to June is the main rainy season. Ghana a year-round destination, but July toAugust and December to January are peak travel seasons. Throughout the year, there are many tribal festivals, with traditional dances and costumes.

The Homowo Festival (May, Greater Accra), encourages a rich harvest. Major Christian and Islamic holidays are also celebrated. Panafest (Dec, every 2 years) celebrates Pan-African history worth culture

Aug 31, 3:11AM EDT0

You mention of your desire to inform the youth about the importance of reading. The reading culture is slowly fading away. What are some of the things society is losing because of this trend?

Aug 31, 12:15AM EDT0

Important information

Aug 31, 3:06AM EDT0
What are your aspirations as far as monetizing your blog is concerned?
Aug 30, 11:22PM EDT0

Bring out the best to my audience

Aug 31, 3:04AM EDT0
Do you have aspirations to travel beyond Ghana some day? If yes, what is your dream destination? Why?
Aug 30, 9:13PM EDT0


Victoria falls 

Aug 31, 3:03AM EDT0

What is the one most important thing someone should know if they are planning to visit Ghana?  How long should the visit last to get the most out of it?

Aug 30, 8:27PM EDT0

Good question

When travelling to Ghana, before you take your flight ensure you have packed all you need since this country offers virtually endless possibilities when it comes to great tourism and adventures. 

 boasts of cosmopolitan cities, exotic breeds of wildlife, idyllic beaches and not forgetting its rich history. With the numerous tourist sites in Ghana, knowing where to begin your vacation can be challenging.


Aug 31, 3:02AM EDT0

What are some of the things you are doing to ensure your blog gets the right traffic and for you to have the impact you desire?

Aug 30, 7:15PM EDT0

I have joined most travel bloggers groups on social media and do share it to friends

Aug 30, 7:19PM EDT0
Ghana is looked at as West Africa's golden child. Why is this so?
Aug 30, 5:56PM EDT0

Due to our friendly nature, u can read my blog about Ghana

Aug 30, 7:19PM EDT0

Due to our friendly nature, u can read my blog about Ghana

Aug 30, 7:19PM EDT0
How has your blog helped you grow as a person?
Aug 30, 4:54PM EDT0

I recently started but have seen a great impact in my life ,it's has put me to my toes that there is lot of things to learn and discover

Aug 30, 6:47PM EDT0
What are some of the things you find disappointing about the youth today, especially when it comes to their attitude towards reading and writing?
Aug 30, 2:14PM EDT0

Most youth dont love to read and research.They feel lazy ,they dont know everything one needs in hidden in books

Aug 30, 6:46PM EDT0
Many people think they need to be rich to travel. What would you tell people with such a mindset?
Aug 30, 2:06PM EDT0

I don't believe you need to be rich before you travel,because it go for our health it has lost of benefits attacked check this

Aug 30, 6:43PM EDT0
What are some of the cultures that are unique to Ghana?
Aug 30, 1:28PM EDT0

The dipo rites, installment of chief,our dressing I.e the kente,and African wear,our food they way its prepared and eaten,our songs ,languages

Aug 30, 6:41PM EDT0
What is it about traveling that changed you from the timid anti-social girl to be the confident person that you are today?
Aug 30, 12:10PM EDT1
If you were to pick 5 things a travel guide will not tell someone about Ghana, what would they be?
Aug 30, 11:35AM EDT0

The weather condition,rich culture ,festivals,some of the tourist destinations and site 

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Aug 30, 2:55PM EDT0

Every country has its own unique physical features, wildlife and culture. If you were to pitch Ghana as a travel destination, what are some of the unique features that you would mention?

Aug 30, 9:03AM EDT0

Our mountains ,waterfalls,beaches,hotels ,food ,culture and festivals

U can check my blog

Aug 30, 2:37PM EDT0

What are some of the dishes anyone visiting Ghana should not miss out on, how are they prepared and why are they special?

Aug 30, 6:30AM EDT0

Some of the dishes one should not miss even in Ghana is our fufu with light soup ,akple with okro soup,yam porridge,red red,check this blog out

Aug 30, 2:50PM EDT0

Some of the dishes one should not miss even in Ghana is our fufu with light soup ,akple with okro soup,yam porridge,red red,check this blog out

Aug 30, 2:50PM EDT0
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