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Dec 5, 2017

I am a travel  and green lifestyle  blogger based in New York City. I have a diverse range of travel experiences from backpacking to living and working in a new countries. I showcase my travel experiences through photography. I have a background in sustainability and conservation and strive to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. My Instagram ( kelleyyny ) and website showcase my travels and sustainable living tips.  I have grown my Instagram account to have a diverse and engaged following and get paid for content creation.  So ask me anything about travel, green living and content creation.  Instagram account:


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Do you have any videos available online?

Dec 8, 8:18PM EST0

What do you think about sustainable tourism and is it important for us today? 

Dec 6, 11:51AM EST0


Thank you for your question. I do think that sustainable tourism is important. In summary; I think that people need to be aware of their surroundings and their impact, and to take measures that can limit their impact when traveling. I wrote more about this topic on a guest post for "Traveler kit and co"  


Dec 7, 9:35AM EST0

Can you recommend a compact camera that can be useful for backpackers?

Dec 6, 12:29AM EST0

So far, what is the best place you’ve visited through your years of travel?

Dec 6, 12:14AM EST0

Hey, tough questions haha! I have travelled to so many beautiful places; it is hard to choose.  So, I will pick two of my highlights. The first would have to be trekking through SaPa in Vietnam, this place is so breathtaking. And my second pick would be, visiting the Island of Borneo, where I was able to go snorkeling in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.   

Dec 6, 6:10PM EST0

What inspired you to begin living a green and eco-friendly lifestyle?

Dec 5, 10:12PM EST0

Hey, thank you for your question. My main inspiration would be my family and where I was brought up. I am from Australia, and at an early age we are taught to respect nature and our surroundings. My parents would always take us on camping trips or to explore a new beach or forest, as a result I fell in love with nature at an early age. I went on to Study a Bachelor's degree in Science; with a major in Conservation and Sustainability, therefore my education also motivated me to live green. Also, from travelling and seeing so many gorgeous places around the World, I am inspired to help preserve the Earth for the people and the wildlife of future generations.  

Dec 6, 6:03PM EST0

Do you know of any seminars or courses that can be found online where someone can learn how to live the green lifestyle?

Dec 5, 9:30PM EST0

Hey, Coursera have great online courses: 



Also, some of the green living blogs that I love to get ideas and tips from inculde; 





Dec 6, 5:54PM EST0

I heard about some people who don’t purchase items with plastic anymore - how far would you go in living a green lifestyle?

Dec 5, 9:07PM EST0

Hey, thanks for your question! So, I will avoid plastic whenever possible, examples include using a reusable drink bottle and taking a tote bag to do my grocery shopping. I try to live as green as possible, this will also depend on my location and the resources around me. But overall, I aim to have a minimal impact, by buying local and supporting the local people/businesses, using minimal resources, cleaning up after myself when camping/hiking etc. so not to leave a mark.  I would love to be at the stage where I can grow and use my own produce, and use storm water for any water usage.  

Dec 6, 5:43PM EST0

Do you still need to have a regular day job in order to support your blogging and photography lifestyle?

Dec 5, 7:07AM EST0

For myself, yes. It has only been the last couple of months where I have been working hard and more or less full time on my blog. Other established bloggers are able to use their blogging without the need of a second job.  

Dec 5, 11:44PM EST0

What camera are you using when taking photos of outdoor subjects?

Dec 5, 6:45AM EST0

Hey, I am either using a smePentax camera , Canon EOS digital camera or the iPhone 

Dec 5, 11:41PM EST0

Is it really possible to earn real money while blogging about something you like?

Dec 5, 6:35AM EST0

It is, with a lot of hard work and dedication :) 

Dec 5, 11:02PM EST0

How can you ensure that the photos you’re posting online are not getting stolen when you don’t put watermarks on them?

Dec 5, 5:01AM EST0

Do you prefer manually editing your photos or just applying instant filters?

Dec 5, 3:45AM EST0

I prefer to manually edit my photos. 

Dec 5, 11:01PM EST0

How did you go about choosing the topics you will blog about?

Dec 5, 2:54AM EST0

I have to be interested and care about the topic that I am writing about. So, for travel, I like to showcase my photos from a trip and highlight my experiences. Which may include ideas of what to see and do around this particular place. For green lifestyle, I like to write about current trends and promote to others how they can make changes to lessen their impact. My ideas and inspiration come from my passion. If I don't feel passionate about what I am writing, then I don't continue with that topic.  

Dec 5, 11:00PM EST0

Do you use other apps in editing your photos that you post on Instagram or do you just use the usual Instagram filters?

Dec 4, 10:12PM EST0

Hey, I don't use any other apps for editing. I will use the editing tools that come with the iPhone or use the editing tools within the Instagram app, for adjusting the brightness, contrast or to put a filter on.  

Dec 5, 10:50PM EST0

How do you edit your photos prior to posting them online?

Dec 4, 2:07PM EST0

Hey, if the photo was taken on my phone, I will use the editing tools that come with the iPhone, if posting to Instagram, I will may use the editing tools in the Instagram app, such the brightness and contrast. For photos taken from my cameras I will use photoshop to make any adjustments to the sizing,  brightness ect  

Dec 5, 10:45PM EST0

Do you still use other lights aside from the ones you already have on your camera?

Dec 4, 1:38PM EST0

Hey, for some shots that I take indoors I will play around with using different lights in addition to the ones on the camera. 

Dec 5, 10:41PM EST0

How do you choose your next travel destination especially since you plan on blogging about your travel experience?

Dec 4, 12:24PM EST0

Hey. Thanks for your question. My next travel destinations are determined by various factors. Such as the cost, the type of travel and the length of time that I have for travel. I am willing to explore and step out of my comfort zone, and would travel to any place if the opportunity is there. I am a flexible traveler, and have experience from backpacking to staying on a tropical Island in luxery. For me, traveling could be jumping on a plane to explore a new country, or camping/hiking in a forest a few hours from where I live.  In terms of blogging, my travel journey determines the next blog post, the planning comes during/or after the travel.   

Dec 5, 10:36PM EST0

Since you’re living in the middle of a city, do you ever feel like maintaining a green lifestyle is difficult?

Dec 4, 8:21AM EST0


Thank you for your question! I think people would be surprised that maintaining a green lifestyle in NYC is not as hard as it would seem. I actually grew up in Australia and was brought up to appreciate nature and leave a minimal impact on this planet. So, when I travel or live somewhere new, it is important to me to still carry out this lifestyle. NYC has so many opportunities to live a sustainable lifestyle. The city offers so many local farmers markets, to buy fresh, organic produce, supporting our local farmers. I only buy what I need and donate what I no longer have a use for. The city has a great recycling and compost program.  The parks department offers many volunteer programs to help conserve nature around the city, for example tree planting events or invasive species removal events. I either walk, bike ride or take the subway around the city, so my transportation impact is fairly minimal.  I buy my clothing from the numerous thrift stores around the city...and living in this city I have picked up some great second-hand designer garments! Also, there are many cruelty free and fair trade clothing stores where I can buy clothes new. I have also partnered with a few natural skin care brands, who are local and use only natural ingredients.  NYC has many programs in place to support green living 🙂  

Dec 5, 8:16PM EST0

Would you rather go for non-filtered photos or do you really think filters are necessary?

Dec 4, 7:39AM EST0

Hey! I don't think that filters are 'necessary'. For me, it is a mix.  I do like to use them on Instagram for some of my photos.  However, photos posted to my website are either unedited or I have adjusted the brightness or cropped the picture with photoshop.  Also, it really depends on the type of photo. For example, I don't like to use filters on my nature shots, but my coffee shop photos I will usually put a filter on.  

Dec 5, 8:01PM EST0

What is the best advice you can give to newbie bloggers who are trying to make a living out of their hobby?

Dec 4, 7:04AM EST0

Stay true to yourself and grow your blog organically. Quality content that is genuine to you is always beneficial.  Join blogging engagement groups, here you will interact with likeminded people who are trying to help each other out and offer tips. Possible collaboration opportunities with other bloggers or brands can stem from these groups. Engage with your followers, and engage with other bloggers within your niche.  Reach out to brands/companies that you like, and try to grow a relationship to potentially work out an affiliate program. Hard work and commitment is essential. Good luck 🙂  

Dec 5, 8:00PM EST0
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