Ask me anything about civil engineering and blogging likewise

Chibuzor silver
Nov 12, 2017

Silver247info.blogspot is a blog meant to bring every information one will need in this generation.... Starting from sports news ,politics, celebrity lifestyle, business world and technology... You can also get professional information over there likewise inspirational and motivational articles. Visit today and you will never regret you did.thanks


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Do you have a Vlog,are you on any social media ? 

Nov 13, 4:33AM EST0

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about blogging (or about online business in general?)

Nov 12, 5:15PM EST0

Do you also Vlog?

Nov 12, 2:09PM EST0

Have you ever met anyone famous through your blogging?

Nov 12, 10:32AM EST0

Why don’t we use GIFS anymore? Is that a thing of angsty teens and Tumblr?

Nov 12, 10:14AM EST0

How do you estimate time for researching & writing an article?

Nov 12, 8:41AM EST0

What is the best way for someone to market their blog?

Nov 12, 7:53AM EST0

Vlog or blog, what do you think?

Nov 12, 7:18AM EST0

What are the top topics you’ve found really resonate with the readers?

Nov 12, 12:53AM EST0

What is your blog address/link? What is it about?

Nov 11, 7:42PM EST0

How long have you been blogging?

Nov 11, 4:32PM EST0

Some three months ago

Nov 12, 8:21AM EST0

What do you think are the essentials any blog should have in order to be successful?

Nov 11, 3:16PM EST0

Doesn’t blogging exhaust you sometimes?

Nov 11, 12:14PM EST0

Do you use Wordpress for you blog?

Nov 11, 10:15AM EST0

No I don't use it

Nov 12, 8:22AM EST0

Do you think Journalism, Media & Blogging all go hand in hand?

Nov 11, 8:16AM EST0

Yes it does go in hand

Nov 12, 8:19AM EST0

Do you make money with blogging, if so how & is it enough to be your main income?

Nov 11, 6:59AM EST0

Which platform do you use for blogging? (Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, etc)

Nov 11, 6:22AM EST0


Nov 12, 8:18AM EST0

How do you stop spam comments?

Nov 11, 4:33AM EST0

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

Nov 11, 3:44AM EST0

Where have you studied?

Nov 11, 1:06AM EST0
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