Ask Me Anything about blogging...not about just taking pictures, but writing blogs. Blogs are fun and you can make them what you want. They are also WORK...and I don't think people realize that. I'm here to answer your questions about blogging not for profit, but for the love of what you're writing about.

Quanah Edwards
Apr 15, 2018

I'm here to answer how to blog and how not to get too overwhelmed.

Blogs are not easy to maintain. If you're only doing pictures, then it may be easier, but that's basically Instagram. I wrote a lot on my blogs...but I'm a writer, so that's what I do.

I had life happen and it took me away from my blogs, both of which were my babies that I still love. One was a fashion blog, GeminiQ(, and my main blog Q Edwards ( was fashion/reviews (fashion events, fashion shows, movies, restaurants, books) and a few life events.

Blogging takes time and energy and effort and love and dedication. It's more work than a lot of people think. And I want to let you know it's ok to say it's hard work blogging, because it is.

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Would you consider changing the design of your blog in the future? Why?
Apr 21, 9:18AM EDT0

Reench, I think so. I haven't written on my blog in a few years, so I'm sure my design is a bit dated.

Jul 19, 6:09PM EDT0
Who are some of the blogs you follow?
Apr 20, 10:20AM EDT0
What is a topic you have never written about but want to explore?
Apr 20, 8:53AM EDT1
What has been the best response you have ever received to one of your posts?
Apr 20, 12:21AM EDT0

GEORGE, the best response is when someone said that they were going to read a book because of my review. They had seen the book, but wasn't sure it was something they would be interested in, but my review turned them around.

Apr 20, 4:57PM EDT0
What is your favourite subject to write about?
Apr 18, 2:56AM EDT0

JENESPULGAR, I have a few favorite subjects: fashion, sex and relationships, and event reviews.

Apr 18, 2:54PM EDT0

Do you make money through the use of your blog, whether it be advertising, product reviews or other?

Apr 17, 11:09AM EDT1

ARMINDA, no, I didn't make money off of my blog. I didn't start my blogs to make money off of them, so I didn't really look into it. I've gotten products and invites to things, but no money.

If I were to start up my blogs again, I would look into if they could be monetized. If I would have to alter my writing or subject matter to make money, I'm not sure if I would do that.

Apr 18, 6:48PM EDT0
If you were not what you are today, what would you be?
Apr 17, 3:20AM EDT0

JQUIAMBS, great question. I supppose I would be writing in my journal and writing as an outlet. No matter what, I HAVE to write. Writing literally saved my life during not so great times in my life.

Writing is such a huge part of who I am, and who I've been since I was 11. So if I weren't an author/writer, I'm not sure what I would 

Apr 18, 6:53PM EDT0
What is your main source of additional inspiration when you seem to run out of it?
Apr 16, 8:46PM EDT0

LUISARGUELLES, hmm...I've never thought about that before. But I think my inspiration is me as a little girl. I always wanted to write, and being able to write and have people not only read it, but enjoy it is inspiration to me.

I'm lucky that I was able to be a professional writer, exactly what I wanted to be as a little girl. A lot of people don't get to be what they wanted to be, and I know that I'm blessed. That's not lost on me.

Apr 18, 6:46PM EDT0
Do you think it is better to write target-related mixed-subjects blog?
Apr 16, 6:41PM EDT0

JOE, I think it's best to stay true to yourself and your style of writing. So, if it's target based, then do that. My fashion blog was just fashion, but my lifestyle blog was mixed subject. It started out mostly about fashion, but I started doing more things, so it became less fashion and more other stuff.

Apr 18, 3:36PM EDT0
Is being a freelance writer enough to support yourself financially?
Apr 16, 12:40PM EDT0

MARTONMAGYAR, I can't answer that because I've never just wrote to support myself. I suppose it can be done, depending on what you write. There are many opportunities for freelance writer's of all types of genre's though, so I think it's possible.

Apr 16, 5:33PM EDT0
When did you decide that you want to write?
Apr 16, 10:20AM EDT0

PONCJO, I was 11 when I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first series when I was 11, which was inspired by the original Canadian show, "Degrassi Jr. High." I was obsessed with all of the different characters and how different they were...and how alike they were.

Apr 18, 6:43PM EDT0
What would make you stop blogging?
Apr 15, 9:17PM EDT0

LUCHAZO99, I stopped blogging because my life got too hectic and I didn't have the same inspiration or time to write. I moved across the country from Los Angeles back to my hometown in Michigan. I miss my blogs and I would love to start them back up once I know that I'll have time to dedicate to them.

Apr 16, 5:41PM EDT0
Where do you get inspirations for your posts?
Apr 15, 8:17PM EDT0

ECONJULIO, I get inspired by certain fashion collections, by books that I think people should know about, by restaurants that may be hidden gems (or those that are really good or really bad). I also get a lot of inspiration from myself...I'll write what I've wanted to read  but never had a resource.

Great question, even though it's one that's pretty common. But I've never thought about my inspiration.

Apr 18, 2:35PM EDT0
In what ways is blogging different from what you normally write?
Apr 14, 10:18PM EDT0

TANYA, blogging gives me the freedom to wander with my words. I don’t always have a point, but I might just want to talk about shoes I don’t like or something like that. 

With my other writing, there’s a destination, there’s a defined ending. It’s more structured.

Apr 15, 2:05PM EDT0
Public blogs can be subject to cyber bullying, how does one protect oneself from that?
Apr 14, 12:25PM EDT0

SHWETA, I don’t think anyone can protect themselves from cyber bullying. At least I don’t know of a way. 

Last edited @ Apr 15, 7:49PM EDT.
Apr 15, 1:48PM EDT0
What are the common technical difficulties that one may encounter when creating a blog?
Apr 14, 5:56AM EDT0

A_LAVF, I would say finding the correct layout. The look of your blog should represent you and your style. It should be something that you want to look at. 


Apr 15, 2:26PM EDT0
Is there a time in the day that you recommend making new posts to get the most traffic?
Apr 14, 12:17AM EDT0

MAGGIE, great question... I wish I would have asked it

I think it depends on a few things...your target audience, your posting schedule, and the nature of your blog. 

Target audience: If it’s teens, think about posting after school, around 3-5, and ok the weekend. If it’s older, say 25-40 year olds, post either early, before 8am and later, after 6. 

Posting schedule: Create your own schedule, and your readers will follow it. Be consistent though, otherwise you run the risk of your readers not finding your blog consistent.

Nature of your blog: If it’s OOTD, you may want to post early. If it’s a diary type blog, maybe at the end if the day/week. 

The main thing is to be realistic. Don’t compare your blog to anyone else’s blog. You know your schedule, stick to it

Apr 15, 1:57PM EDT0
How often do you think a blogger has to post per week to keep their blog updated and active?
Apr 13, 4:03PM EDT0

BOJANA, at first, probably at least once a week. You don’t want to be too ambitious in the beginning. As you get more comfortable with once a week, then may try 2-3 times per week. Make sure you set aside at least 2-3 hours to work on your blog.

Apr 15, 2:55PM EDT0

I want to start blogging but do not know where to start. Can you provide me with information regarding the best way to go?

Apr 13, 7:59AM EDT0

NAKICHA, good question. First, look up the type of blog that you want to do. Look at other blogs for inspiration and to see what you don’t like as a reader. That way, you can craft your blog for readers like you. 

Also, research the different platforms and ask people for advice. Make a realistic schedule for working on your blog, and stick to it. It’s a new job for you, so be serious about it.

Make a plan on how much you want your readers to know about you and your “real life”. That’s something that I didn’t think about when I had my blogs.

Blogging is fun because it’s your creation and your words. Have fun!

Apr 15, 2:36PM EDT0
How long have you been a writer? What kind of writing do you do?
Apr 13, 5:01AM EDT0

SV9ZIST, I’ve been writing since I was 11, so 21 years. I won a few writing awards all through school. I also won an award for Best Writing For Children on a public access show that I wrote and acted in. I’ve been writing professionally for 13 years.

I write a lot of things, but my two books are erotic. I write poetry, short stories, fashion show reviews, book reviews, relationship articles, and sometimes pop culture.

Apr 15, 2:22PM EDT0