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Oct 17, 2017
  • Hey guys!  This is my very first AMA,  so please bare with me lol.  I run a lifestyle and advice blog over at I started blogging almost a year and a half ago,  and have loved every minute of it.  On my blog,  I "zoey-valuate" topics from all over the map, as they say.  I also have a super rare genetic disorder called Familial Dysautonomia,  and I will be talking about it and how it affects my life. There is a team of specialists on my condition in New York.  There are yearly "F.D. days". In the pic below,  I'm at one of them with my wife :)
  • I'm here on Tuesday, October 17th at 4pm, so you can all ask me anything about anything at all! 

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What is your favourite blog writing snack? ;) PS: I love your blog and I love you! xo

Oct 17, 7:06PM EDT0

Hmmm,  that's a tough one!  So many to choose from!  Cake is always great,  but I usually need two hands for that,  so convenience goes out the window.  Definitely something easy to pop...  Candy,  chips,  chocolate...  I'm easy :) P.S. I love you too! Xo

Oct 18, 1:56AM EDT0

Are there some things that you can't eat because of your F.D? 

Oct 17, 6:45PM EDT0

Nope,  thank god! As a kid,  I wasn't able to eat/drink everything right away, though...  Things like ice cream, hard candy and liquids, things that are hard to swallow really,  were off limits, but now my taste buds can enjoy anything they desire :)

Oct 18, 1:58AM EDT0

What are the biggest daily hurdles you have to overcome because of your illness?

Oct 13, 3:04AM EDT0

Honestly, I'd have to say it's getting up in the morning. I know,  everyone says that, right? But, for me, my F.D. makes it even harder. Very low blood pressure = a very tired and slightly cranky Zoey.  In other words,  I'm a late riser and major coffee drinker. 

Oct 14, 1:23AM EDT0

What is your most difficult obstacle with FD?

Oct 12, 11:22PM EDT0

Oh,  I like that question! I think a few months ago,  I would have said that it was my balance, because it makes it harder for me to walk.  But now,  Chandler (my walker)  helps me so much with that!  So,  now I would have to say my biggest obstacle is the trouble I have swallowing. I have to be careful when I drink and pay attention to my swallowing, kinda a drag sometimes,  but I make do 😊

Oct 13, 2:22AM EDT0

You both look great in the foto, is your partner supportive of your condition?

Oct 11, 9:22PM EDT0

My wife is amazingly supportive.  She's actually helped me come to terms with a lot of things to do with my condition.  Because of her,  I'm not afraid to talk about it and do things like this AMA 😊

Last edited @ Oct 12, 3:11AM EDT.
Oct 12, 3:05AM EDT0

I've never heard of FD, can you explain what it is and how it affects you?

Oct 11, 7:52PM EDT0

Familial dysautonomia is a rare genetic disorder that affects my autonomic nervous system. Things like my blood pressure, temperature and pain sensation,  balance, and anxiety are affected. There are some other things, but I would say that those are the main ones.  

Last edited @ Oct 12, 3:10AM EDT.
Oct 12, 3:09AM EDT0

Where you able to go to a normal school?

Oct 10, 7:36AM EDT0

Yep,  did the whole college and university thing :)

Oct 10, 9:49PM EDT0

Do you release pain, frustration or anger by being able to write?

Oct 10, 1:51AM EDT0

Yes,  my writing / blogging definitely helps me work through my emotions.  Most of my posts are based on my own life,  and then tweaked to help my readers as well.  Writing is an outlet for me, for sure.  

Oct 10, 2:05AM EDT0

Do you ever get any valuable comments on your blog posts?

Oct 9, 7:04PM EDT0

Yes,  for sure.  I have a section on my blog called "let's discuss" where I blog about controversial topics and that has been a great place for my readers to express their thoughts and opinions.  I also always enjoy whenever my readers share their own stories 😊

Oct 10, 2:08AM EDT0

How did you meet your partner and how long have you been together?

Oct 9, 8:24AM EDT0

We met on an online dating site.  Met about 4 and a half years ago,  and have been married for a little over 3 years.  

Oct 10, 2:09AM EDT0

Where are you from and how old are you?

Oct 9, 1:46AM EDT0

I am 28 and I live in Canada 😊

Oct 9, 3:05AM EDT0

What job did you learn and what are your hobbies?

Oct 9, 12:48AM EDT0

I have a BA in child studies. Spent three and a half years doing an admin job, loved it and am looking for another job like it! My hobbies are mostly blogging, watching tv and spending time with my friends and family.

Oct 9, 3:04AM EDT0

Do you prefer it if people ask you openly about your condition or are you tired of them asking?

Oct 8, 5:48AM EDT0

It actually doesn't happen often!  I would much rather people ask then just stare at me with my walker.  As long as the questions are respectful, it's all good :)

Oct 8, 12:27PM EDT0

Does anyone in your family also have FD?

Oct 8, 3:55AM EDT0

Nope,  but both my parents are carriers of the gene.  

Oct 8, 12:27PM EDT0

What are you doing when you're not blogging?

Oct 7, 9:36PM EDT0

I'm really a quite interesting person...  When I'm not blogging,  I enjoy watching TV and spending time with my friends,  family. etc. Riveting,  isn't it ;) 

Oct 8, 12:30PM EDT0

What was your life like before you received your diagnosis?

Oct 7, 1:44PM EDT0

I was diagnosed as a baby,  so it's all I remember :)

Oct 7, 2:08PM EDT0

Has your disease affected your blogging ability?

Oct 7, 1:42PM EDT0

F.D. is actually part of the reason I started blogging. I came across a blog that was written by someone else with F.D., and noticed how open and honest she was about it. I decided I could do the same thing and help raise awareness about our rare condition 😊

Oct 10, 9:54PM EDT0

Do you make money from your blogs? Can you share few tips?

Oct 7, 2:27AM EDT0

I tried using AdSense for a while,  but found that I wasn't making much with it.  More importantly,  I didn't like the idea that I was aiming to get my readers to click away from my blog.  So,  short answer,  is no :p

Oct 7, 12:26PM EDT0
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