AMA: What I've Learned From 10 Years of Blogging!

Apr 16, 2018

My blog, Bostonista, is celebrating it's TENTH anniversary this week! I've been there as the blogging world has evolved from a hobby into a massive industry. 

In 2008, I launched my blog as a portfolio while looking for an editorial job at a magazine. Just two years later, it was a full-time endeavor.  

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What did you hope to gain from the experience of blogging when you first started and how has that concept evolved over time?
Apr 19, 10:07PM EDT0
If one wants to be a travel blog, what are the unique and particular traits one’s writing must include and what should be avoided?
Apr 19, 9:49AM EDT0
What are the dieting and exercise guidelines that you routinely follow in order to stay healthy when you travel?
Apr 19, 12:54AM EDT0
Which ongoing social media marketing efforts have you found to have worked best and why?
Apr 17, 11:57PM EDT0
What were some of the luxuries you have had to forfeit when you first began your blog and how long did it take to become lucrative?
Apr 17, 5:27PM EDT0
What are your thoughts regarding the use of social media to provide customer service?
Apr 17, 4:14PM EDT0
In your years of experience, which topics and sources of information have you found to be most important to your audience and what were some of your most unexpectedly popular posts?
Apr 17, 1:07PM EDT0
What, in your opinion, is some of the best methods to learn about a culture and meet locals without speaking their language when travelling?
Apr 17, 11:21AM EDT0
What type of content, have you found to have best supported your content marketing mission and how did you determine this?
Apr 17, 4:04AM EDT0

does your site make any money

Apr 17, 2:14AM EDT1

Yup! Pays my rent in Boston every month.

Apr 17, 11:40AM EDT1
What new and innovative beauty products are you most excited about emerging in the near future?
Apr 17, 1:18AM EDT0
What emotions do you hope to convey through your blog’s visuals and messaging?
Apr 16, 11:47PM EDT0
What should one do when travel starts to feel repetitive and how should one keep each destination exciting when similar options are available?
Apr 16, 10:33PM EDT0
If you were given the opportunity to invent a new beauty gadget, what would you invent and what are you reasons for doing so?
Apr 16, 10:00PM EDT0
How did you go about establishing the tone of your social media updates?
Apr 16, 9:51PM EDT0
Who would you recommend to set up and maintain a blogger’s social media accounts and why?
Apr 16, 9:30PM EDT0
How often should one post new content on social networks and why is this frequency necessary?
Apr 16, 12:37PM EDT1

It depends on the social network.  IMO, you should post a photo on your Instagram timeline once a day or every two days, if you can produce enough quality content. Using Instagram stories every day, multiple times a day seems to really help bloggers connect with others on a more personal level. I still have a hard time with that and am trying to utilize Instagram more. At the moment, it's definitely the platform I concentrate on the most. 

I don't really use my Facebook blog page (although I do have one). I don't think that people really want to engage with influencers or brands on Facebook. I know that I don't, anyway. 

Twitter is so interesting. I use it for everything. I don't really have a strategy for it, other than using it to Live Tweet certain events and shows. That said, I do use it daily even if it's just a complaint or sharing a joke or re-tweeting. It's so much easier to engage with people on Twitter and have a real conversation, IMO. 

I have Snapchat on my phone for certain filters, but I never actually post anything there. I record it, download to my phone, and then delete. I don't see the point now that we have Stories.

Personally, I'd rather focus on one or two social media platforms and really grow my voice and audience there than try to keep up with every single one. Who has time in the day to create that much content? Besides, I think the people who follow you on Instagram are probably the same people who would follow you on Snapchat and they don't need to see the exact same thing twice! 

Last edited @ Apr 16, 1:18PM EDT.
Apr 16, 1:17PM EDT1

Is blogging a viable means of income? If so, when and how did this happen? What advice would you give to new bloggers where monetization is concerned?

Apr 16, 12:30PM EDT1

Hi Vivett! 

I think it depends on who you ask. For some, blogging on it's own is super lucrative between use of affiliate links, selling ad space, sponsored blog posts, and sponsored social media posts. If you have a large enough following, it could easily translate into a full-time income. 

For most bloggers, it's the opportunities that come from blogging that creates a more viable income stream. For example, I'm often hired by other companies to create content for their websites and social media in a way that has nothing to do with Bostonista because they're familiar with my brand. Other bloggers find success by selling e-books or consulting services. 

I think it's really about focusing on what you want. My blog itself has taken a bit of backseat in the past two years to the career opportunities that have arisen from it. I love creating for other brands and websites, and updating Bostonista when I'm truly passionate about something.

Apr 16, 12:51PM EDT1

Starting my #AMA now! Make sure to send in your questions!

Apr 16, 12:10PM EDT1
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