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Sep 13, 2017

I'm a professional writer and proofreader who's passionate about the writing. I also have over 4 years' experience as a blogger. If you need articles for your blog or contents foryour website, you can contact me and you'll get a topnotch service. I write on virtually any niche: travel, health, religion, fashion, buty and the likes.

Also, if you have any wordpress related issue or you want to build a blog, you may hit me up.

  1. And lastly, if you need a job-winning resume, you can contact me too. 

You can check out my profile from the link below or ask any question here and I'll respond. 

Take a look at my profile at https://www.fiverr.com/giftedhands77

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What are the specific information or style on a resume for it to stand out?

Sep 12, 12:29PM EDT0

Who owns the work you do, i.e. is your client holding the copyright or you?

Sep 12, 10:29AM EDT0

What qualifications if any do you need as a proofreader?

Sep 12, 3:00AM EDT0

What is included in the cost of your service?

Sep 12, 1:27AM EDT0

What do you suggest people do who don't have any thing to fill their resume out with. No job experience or anything.

Sep 11, 9:38PM EDT0

What is your facebook or twitter?

Sep 11, 4:28PM EDT0

How easy is it to create a blog and what should be mandatory on any blog in your opinion?

Sep 11, 3:36PM EDT0

How do you tailor your content to address a specific demographic? What tone works with Millennials? 

Sep 11, 11:56AM EDT0

Are there any sites where I can register as an article writer and what is the average pay per article?

Sep 11, 11:46AM EDT0

Do I need to know programming language to design a web page?

Sep 11, 11:05AM EDT0

Do I need to know about a subject in order to write an article?

Sep 11, 10:39AM EDT0

Can you show a link to a blog you designed on wordpress?

Sep 11, 9:35AM EDT0


Infodorm.com is under construction 

Sep 13, 11:25AM EDT0

How do you blog on these links?

Sep 13, 2:39PM EDT0

What information should every blog contain?

Sep 11, 8:51AM EDT0

What are some features that you can include into a resume to make it stand out?

Sep 11, 8:47AM EDT0

How much experience do you need in order to design webpages?

Sep 11, 7:26AM EDT0

What is the best topic in terms of getting work and being paid for articles?

Sep 11, 4:53AM EDT0

Is it better to write articles for someone else or to make a blog and write for it?

Sep 11, 3:29AM EDT0

What is your turnaround time?

Sep 11, 12:37AM EDT0

For which of the services? 

Sep 13, 11:24AM EDT0

For your most common?

Sep 13, 2:07PM EDT0

How much do you charge for a 500 word article?

Sep 11, 12:29AM EDT0

$10-$100 It depends 

Sep 13, 11:26AM EDT0

It depends on what?

Sep 13, 2:13PM EDT0

Where are the best job offers for proofreaders advertised?

Sep 10, 10:34PM EDT0
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