AMA Progress is More Blissful than Perfection

Julia Randall
Aug 9, 2018

I'm Julia--Licensed Social Worker by day, Momma/Wife/Foodie by night. My superpower is being empathic and helping others. I started my blog, The Blissful Momma as a lifestyle blog to help anyone interested in fashion, to reflect on my experiences as a Mother/with mental health, and to share my favourite recipes. My goal for starting this blog was progress versus perfection. I’ve thought about starting a blog for several years but always stopped myself from doing so, thinking it had to be “just so” or holding myself to some unreasonable standard of perfection. So, I challenged myself to get started and to learn as I go. It has definitely been a learning experience, but I wouldn’t have learned what I have thus far if I hadn’t pushed myself to get started. Failure is frightening, but I am learning that not trying at all is even more frightening.

Here's a look into some of my favourite posts thus far from my blog:

Fashion and reflecting on the topic of body positivity:

A great recipe for an Acai bowl:

My reflections on Motherhood:

The reason I switched to Safer Beauty:

You can read more on my  blog homepage here:

Or Connect with me through Instagram:

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As a lifestyle blogger and with the background of social working, what are the topics you enjoy writing about? Are your writings more life based niches?
Aug 11, 7:57AM EDT0
Have you worked or collaborated with other bloggers and brands? If yes, how was it and what did you work on? If no, do you plan to do so in future?
Aug 10, 7:49PM EDT0
How important is consistency in life? Is it better than being perfect?
Aug 10, 12:33PM EDT0
What has given you the most joy as a mother? What has been the hardest part?
Aug 10, 3:58AM EDT0
What has been the most inspirational experience through managing and writing your blog?
Aug 9, 2:42AM EDT0
What has been your favourite campaign so far and who would be your dream project or brand to collaborate with?
Aug 9, 2:30AM EDT0
When you are not feeling extremely self-confident, what kind of things do you do to give yourself a boost of self-assurance?
Aug 8, 4:48PM EDT0

Spend time with people who lift me back up, specifically my core group of friends. If I really need a boost of self-assurance, I schedule an appointment with my own therapist.

Aug 8, 9:53PM EDT0
Are you still doing the Paleo diet? What benefits would you highlight from this type of nutrition?
Aug 8, 2:49PM EDT0

No I'm not; I do it from time to time, but at this point of my life it is not something I want to manage consistently. I try to limit the amount of sugar I consume and stick with less processed foods when I can.

Aug 8, 10:06PM EDT0
What positive changes have you seen in yourself since you switched to use safer beauty products?
Aug 8, 12:13PM EDT0

I've noticed my skin is a lot clearer, less red, and less itchy. It truly is remarkable how much a difference it makes to use safer beauty products!

Aug 8, 10:02PM EDT0
How did you overcome your fear of failure and what advice do you have for people who feels the same way?
Aug 8, 9:40AM EDT0

I truly believe that when you don't challenge your fear, you give in to it and let it overpower you.  So facing my fears is how I overcome them. This is both true for activities you want to try (Such as zip-lining or rock-climbing), and thoughts that I have. I feared what people will say if I start a blog and I feared failing, but I tried it and now I'm so glad that I did.

Aug 8, 9:56PM EDT0
Who is the perfect target for your blog? Is it aimed at other moms only?
Aug 8, 3:06AM EDT0

Primarily women, but not just Mothers. Since I write about fashion, beauty, and recipes, anyone who is interested in these topics may be able to relate.

Aug 8, 6:27PM EDT0
What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when you created your blog?
Aug 7, 5:55PM EDT0

Suddenly having to figure out the coding for a website with zero of an IT background. I spent probably about 10 hours working on building my blog because it was so difficult to figure out how to do that. Now I have outsourced some of this to a friend who is experienced with building and managing websites. I am lucky to have his help!

Aug 8, 6:23PM EDT0
How has your life changed after motherhood and what changes were completely unexpected for you?
Aug 7, 3:28PM EDT0

The primary way it has changed is that I never thought I would be this anxious about being a mother. I love children, worked at a daycare and as a nanny, and was eager to be a Mother; with these qualifications under my belt, I did not think it would be possible for me to question my abilities. I also never really knew what it meant to be sleep-deprived since I became a Mother.

Aug 8, 6:21PM EDT0
What can you share about your day job and other pursuits besides blogging?
Aug 7, 12:15PM EDT0

During the day I work as a social worker with people who have severe eating disorders. I've worked a lot with people who suffer from mental illness and so I've also become passionate about advocating for mental health awareness. I love trying to help people figure out how to help themselves.

Aug 7, 11:02PM EDT0
What skill do you hope to master over the next year?
Aug 7, 8:33AM EDT0

How to give myself more grace, how to be okay with the Mother that I am, and how to master using an InstantPot (pressure cookers scare me!)

Aug 7, 11:01PM EDT0
What do you wish to accomplish with your blog?
Aug 7, 7:22AM EDT0

I hope to write about things that other people can relate to, particularly with mental health and motherhood. I also hope that my blog can bring people joy and they can look forward to reading it.

Aug 7, 10:56PM EDT1
What lessons have you learned so far during your blogging adventures?
Aug 7, 4:28AM EDT0

That you need to be passionate about what you blog about you can't start doing it just to make money. Also don't ever get too wrapped up in how many followers you have/viewers on your site--keep doing what your doing. I've also learned that you need to make time for marketing your blog.

Aug 7, 10:53PM EDT0

All the recipes in your blog, have you prepared them? Are they original recipes or did you take them from other places and modify them to your taste?

Aug 7, 2:43AM EDT0

All the recipes are originals that I have created. I have sometimes got inspiration from Pinterest and then made my own version of a different recipe. I try to be as original as possible.

Aug 7, 8:12AM EDT0

Was there an event or something in particular that made you decide to start a blog? What prompted you to start blogging?

Aug 7, 2:40AM EDT0

I've been thinking about starting a blog for several years, but dealing with postpartum depression really caused me to stop and think about really sitting down and doing it. I think starting this blog has given me something else to be passionate about and it brings me joy to work on it. Plus it helps me feel less alone in my hourney as a mother.

Aug 7, 8:05AM EDT0
What things are helping you in your process of becoming comfortable in your own skin?
Aug 6, 9:19PM EDT0

Making a conscious effort to work on body positivity, especially the mental aspect of loving my body. Trying to take a step back and appreciate everything that my body has done for me. Participating in joyful movement is another big part of my body positivity. I prefer to use the term joyful movement as opposed to exercise because it sounds so much more positive.

Aug 7, 8:08AM EDT0
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