AMA Part time blogger, full time teacher, soon to be bride!

Julia O'Hearn
Apr 16, 2018

Hey y'all, my name is Julia and I am a fashion blogger in Dallas, TX! I would love to answer any questions you have regarding blogging, fashion, lifestyle, etc.! I am a first grade teacher and getting married this summer so any teachers or brides out there that want to connect, hit me up! I am excited to connect with new people and get to know you!

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How did you know that your spouse was the one? Have you ever had doubts?
Apr 17, 6:11AM EDT0
How did your friends and family react to you getting engaged?
Apr 17, 1:27AM EDT0
What type of fashion topics do you write about on your blog, and how do you find topics to write about?
Apr 16, 10:16PM EDT0
Did you ever have experience writing for various project or is your blog the first one?
Apr 16, 10:09PM EDT0
How long have you been blogging and what are your goals for your blog?
Apr 16, 7:16PM EDT0
When did you decide to be a teacher? How did you choose the first grade?
Apr 16, 6:51PM EDT0
How much popularity does your blog get, and do you promote it?
Apr 16, 2:36PM EDT0
What is the marriage planning process like? What types of emotions are you feeling as it approaches?
Apr 16, 10:14AM EDT0
Are there any difficulties that come with blogging while being a teacher? Do your students or their parents read your posts?
Apr 16, 7:13AM EDT0
Did you have any jobs before becoming a first-grade teacher? Have you ever taught any other grades?
Apr 16, 4:02AM EDT0
What inspired you to write a blog, and what are the biggest challenges you have faced so far?
Apr 16, 3:05AM EDT0
How long did you go through schooling to be a teacher? How did that process go?
Apr 15, 10:36PM EDT0
How do you manage your time between running a blog, teaching, and planning a wedding? Do you have time for leisure activities?
Apr 15, 7:29PM EDT0

It has been quite the task, haha! I still try to find time to unwind and work out/hang out with friends, etc. I do blogging as a hobby but it definitely is a busy hobby. Thanks!

Apr 15, 8:10PM EDT0
What is the most satisfying thing about being a teacher? What makes you passionate about teaching?
Apr 15, 11:47AM EDT0

Oh gosh, great question! I think it's building relationships with my littles, getting to see their growth over the course of the year and teaching them to read is really a cool thing. 

Apr 15, 8:11PM EDT0
Congratulations on your wedding! How long have you been with your spouse? How did they propose?
Apr 15, 9:55AM EDT0

Thanks so much, we have been together 7 1/2 years, haha high school sweethearts! He proposed at the beach on a family vacation this past summer, it was awesome!

Apr 15, 8:11PM EDT0
If you got an offer to be a full-time blogger, would you rather do that or teach?
Apr 15, 7:49AM EDT0

Oh wow, this question stumped me. I would have to pray about that one. They are both equally my passion but if I was a mom, I think I would choose blogging over teaching!

Apr 15, 8:12PM EDT0
What other big life changes do you see for yourself in the future? Are other plans put on hold until the wedding?
Apr 15, 3:30AM EDT0

Oh wow, I see growing a family and getting our first home together. We are about to get our first apartment so that is really exciting!

Apr 15, 8:13PM EDT0
How does your life now compare to what you thought our life would be when you were younger?
Apr 15, 12:48AM EDT0

Wow, deep question. Hm..I still feel like I am not full adult yet, not sure why. I dont think my 20 somethings are at all what I thought they would be. Not in a bad way, just different!

Apr 15, 8:14PM EDT0
How long were you with your spouse before he asked you to get engaged?
Apr 14, 4:18PM EDT0

7 years, we were highschool sweethearts and just didn't feel the rush to get married too young before real jobs and finishing college!

Apr 15, 8:14PM EDT0
Do you think you will always write your blog about fashion or do you think you will branch out to other topics?
Apr 14, 2:34PM EDT0

I think of it as a lifestyle blog so I do actually write about travel, wedding stuff currently and other random things. But my primary focus is on fashin and style!

Apr 15, 8:15PM EDT0
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