AMA on why every blogger must have a media kit

yasmin ebrahimi
Feb 13, 2018

As a blogger if you want to garner brand deals and grow your business, you must have a media kit. A media kit serves as your portfolio or resume that showcases your areas of influence and the snapshot of your audience. Via a rock solid media kit, not only you can secure more collaborations, but you can also save time reaching out to brands. 

Join me and ask me anything on why you must have a media kit and how to create a rock solid media kit.

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How many pages would you say a media kit should be? Does it vary? What's most important to include in it?

Feb 15, 9:10PM EST0

How long have you been an active blogger? What led you into the field of blogging?

Feb 13, 5:11PM EST0

Who are your top 5 favorite fashion designers? What is it about their designs or work that appeals to you?

Feb 6, 3:04PM EST0

Is there a proper way or technique of preparing a media kit? For those who are interested to create one, what tips can you share?

Feb 6, 10:53AM EST0

What is your typical day/week like? Do you follow a certain routine?

Feb 6, 9:07AM EST0

You are also into traveling, what travel hacks can you share to everyone?

Feb 6, 8:39AM EST0

Are all your clothes sponsored? Do you still buy your own clothes?

Feb 5, 6:43AM EST0

Is blogging your full time job or do you have another job on the side? How do you get to balance them?

Feb 5, 4:12AM EST0

Why is there a need for bloggers to prepare a media kit? Is this necessary? Why or why not?

Feb 4, 6:52PM EST0

What were you doing prior to blogging? How did you start as a blogger and what influenced you to start one?

Feb 3, 5:46AM EST0

How would you describe your own personal style? Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Feb 3, 5:46AM EST0

What do you normally splurge on?

Feb 1, 6:35PM EST0

What do you think is the best service a lifestyle blogger can share to his readers?

Feb 1, 9:12AM EST0

What is your next fashion must-have?

Jan 31, 9:30AM EST0

Do you also have money saving tips? How and where do you save your money? Do you invest too?

Jan 31, 9:17AM EST0

Are you into makeups? What tips can you share to your readers?

Jan 31, 7:55AM EST0

Do you have any fashion hacks without breaking the bank? Any budget fashion ideas?

Jan 30, 10:08PM EST0

How often do you post blogs on your site and how often do you communicate with your readers/followers?

Jan 30, 8:00PM EST0

Who is your number one fashion inspiration? Why?

Jan 30, 1:32PM EST0

For fashionistas and shopaholics out there, what advice can you give?

Jan 29, 9:01PM EST0