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Nov 4, 2017


My name is Katja and I'm a blogger at https://confessionsofamake-upshopaholic.blogspot.si/ which is primarily a beauty/fashion blog. I come from Slovenia and am otherwise a very ordinary girl, working in a grocery store, just trying to share my honest opinion of products online.

You can ask me anything you want, I've been blogging for 4 years now and still going strong!

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What is the difference between a regular blogger & a niche blogger?

Nov 10, 10:39AM EST0

How did you get interested in fashion?

Nov 9, 9:36AM EST0

is the long hair in men now fashion?

Nov 7, 3:44PM EST0

I think the long hair in men was always edgy. I do like it though ;)

Nov 8, 11:27PM EST0

How many loyal readers does your blog currently have?

Nov 7, 7:33AM EST0

At the moment there are 356 readers :) I do get a lot of unique visitors though.

Nov 7, 11:21PM EST0

How do you stop spam comments?

Nov 7, 5:30AM EST0

I think you should put comments on approval

Nov 7, 11:17PM EST0

What do you mean by "lifestyle blogger"?

Nov 6, 9:10AM EST0

Blogging about lifestyle in general. 

Nov 7, 11:13PM EST0

Do you also Vlog?

Nov 6, 7:56AM EST0

i don't, don't see myself vlogging in the future either, but you never know :)

Nov 7, 11:12PM EST0

I don't really understand what blogging is all about, could you explain?

Nov 6, 6:12AM EST0

Writing about anything you're passionate about. I love to share my opinion on products for example.

Nov 7, 11:12PM EST0

Could you share some stories or blog posts that were particularly popular with your readers?

Nov 4, 10:38PM EDT0

Of course. The most popular by far is this post about new lipsticks from Avon. I showed all the swatches: confessionsofamake-upshopaholic.blogspot.si/2016/01/avon-true-colour-perfectly-matte.html

Nov 5, 11:46AM EST0

Do you believe that there are rules for fashion ?

Nov 4, 8:17PM EDT0

Not really, just like there are no rules in makeup. Everyone should wear what they feel most confident in.

Nov 5, 11:44AM EST1

What type of networking do you do in order to enhance your traffic to the blog?

Nov 4, 9:23AM EDT0

I do guest posts - with other bloggers from all over the world and I primarly use Instagram as a social platform to connect with people. 

Nov 4, 12:48PM EDT0

Describe how you first got into blogging?

Nov 3, 1:26PM EDT0

I started blogging primarily because I wanted to share my opinion of products. I was big into beauty even before, makeup is my passion so it felt natural to do that. I didn't imagine blogging would be as hard as it is, but I do love it nonetheless

Nov 4, 2:37AM EDT0

Which platform do you use for blogging? (Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, etc)

Nov 3, 12:02PM EDT0

I use Blogger because when I started my blog I didn't have a clue what I'm doing and Blogger seemed easier than any other platform.

Nov 4, 2:30AM EDT0

What do you think of people who blog about their pets?

Nov 3, 11:23AM EDT0

I'm fine by it,  I think anyone that owns a pet wouldn't mind that. I love my cat and sometimes include him in photos that I put on the blog :P

Nov 4, 2:30AM EDT0

What topics seem to get the most engagement?

Nov 3, 10:10AM EDT0

Usually the reviews, I also post my Ebay bargain finds and these seem to be popular as well. 

Nov 4, 2:29AM EDT0

What do you think are the essentials any blog should have in order to be successful?

Nov 3, 4:53AM EDT0

I think first of all you have to be honest with your readers so you can build the community. A nice look of the blog doesn't hurt plus something that makes you stand out of the crowd.

Nov 3, 4:00PM EDT1

Do you think Journalism, Media & Blogging all go hand in hand?

Nov 3, 4:14AM EDT0

I would say so, as a blogger you have to have some writing skills as well as some similar skills that journalists do. I also consider blogs as some sort of alternative media.

Nov 3, 3:59PM EDT0

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about blogging (or about online business in general?)

Nov 2, 3:46PM EDT0

Just to be honest. And I think this is the most important thing to build your community.

Nov 3, 3:58PM EDT0

Do you make money with blogging, if so how & is it enough to be your main income?

Nov 2, 1:25PM EDT0

I come from Slovenia which, if you know the country, it's very, very small. Many people here don't know me and I usually work with companies all over the world and not many from Slovenia. I do make some money with it, but I do invest it in my blog in any way I can. Unfortunately for me it's not enough to be my main income and I do have a regular job working in a grocery store :)

Nov 3, 3:57PM EDT0

What are the top topics you’ve found really resonate with the readers?

Nov 2, 11:37AM EDT0

Usually the reviews of hyped products, this topic always seem to work.

Nov 3, 3:55PM EDT0
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