AMA about my autistic life, and passion for fashion & shoes

Jan 18, 2018

I'm an autistic girl from Belgium. Life with autism is hard, but also sometimes it is just so beautiful. I would love to become a great lifestyleblogger, so I can work from home and have my own life and not a life from 9am till 5pm. 

I love to write about my autism spectrum disorder (it's more aspergers) and my love for shoes and fashion. 

I hope to give advice for better clothing brands and shoes for people on the spectrum so the labels are not that big issue. 

Further information AMA ;-) 

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Do you feel there are times and ways in which you feel limited by your condition? If so, how?

Jan 18, 12:33PM EST0

How would you describe your own personal style?

Jan 18, 12:08PM EST0

If you could tell the whole world anything, what would that be?

Jan 18, 11:37AM EST0

What was your age when you were diagnosed with autism? How did the diagnosis come about?

Jan 18, 11:30AM EST0

What do you normally splurge on?

Jan 18, 11:25AM EST0

Can you tell us stories of the challenges you've encountered in life and what inspired you to keep going?

Jan 18, 11:14AM EST0

How about at this moment, what are your current fashion obsessions? Are you also fond of make-ups? Any tips you can share?

Jan 18, 11:07AM EST0

Fashion wise, what do you think will be the next season's big hit?

Jan 18, 11:05AM EST0

Do you currently have a 9-5 job? What do you do and what do you love about your work?

Jan 18, 10:42AM EST0

How many pair of shoes do you currently have? How about dresses?

Jan 18, 9:55AM EST0

How supportive is your family all throughout your life and now with your chosen career path as a blogger?

Jan 18, 9:35AM EST0

Can you also tell us more about your educational background? Have you attended special schools or it wasn't necessary in your case?

Jan 18, 9:03AM EST0

Do you have sensory sensitivities as well? Do you have overwhelming feeling about what's going in your environment? If so, can you explain how it feels?

Jan 18, 8:41AM EST0

What is your typical day like on a Monday-Friday? How about your weekends?

Jan 17, 9:42PM EST0

What is your next fashion must have?

Jan 17, 5:04PM EST0

For people on the spectrum, what fashion advice can you share to them?

Jan 17, 12:13PM EST0

What would you like to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

Jan 17, 10:55AM EST0

Where do you tend to buy your clothes and why? How often do you buy clothes and shoes?

Jan 17, 7:43AM EST0

Can you give us at least 10 "must-have" items or outfit in a woman's wardrobe.

Jan 17, 6:49AM EST0

Apart from your interests in blogging and fashion, do you have other creative interests or hobbies?

Jan 17, 5:14AM EST0
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