Aleta // Hey there, I’m a mom/creative entrepreneur with Adult ADD and my mind is CONSTANTLY filled with great ideas and creative energy! I have a successful nonprofit, book ideas, a new blog and website, Facebook pages and more! ASK ME ANYTHING!

Aleta Pritchard
Jun 9, 2018

HELPING GIVE BACK, SAMMAMISH is my nonprofit organization that has been giving Holiday Gifts and filled shoeboxes to local homeless adults/families/children in my area for over 5 years.

GO SOMEPLACE NEW is my new site encompassing everything I do! Join my monthly newsletter NOW!, I’m still trying to work out kinks on my site as WordPress has a big learning curve 😉

INSTAGRAM is new for me and I’m slowly figuring it out. 👌

 CHILD CARE CONFESSIONS is my book I’m creating with the help of caregivers from around the world and their short stories!  Do you have a story? Submit it today!

THE MULTITASKING ENTREPRENEUR now has a group on Facebook to find resource/tips for blogging, start-up and business support, project strategies and more!  Join today!

A little more about me: I love roaming the mountains and trails of the Pacific Northwest with my 12 year old and partner of 14+ years Rob, and our 2 dogs.  I broke my ankle Feb 22 night hiking, I am part Japanese and took Kabuki lessons (traditional Japanese dancing) for over 14 years and I’m named after a comic book character!     Go ahead...   ASK ME ANYTHING!


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How should one deal with a person who has ADHD? Are there right and wrong things to say?
Jun 16, 2:59PM EDT0
Do you ever get too emotionally attached to the homeless people you help that you get overly affected personally too?
Jun 16, 10:32AM EDT0
Any plans on establishing an organization that would help give jobs to the homeless?
Jun 16, 10:17AM EDT0
Are there instances when you knew you had to help someone more than just give them gifts and shoeboxes?
Jun 16, 7:16AM EDT0
What are the biggest issues that get in the way with ADHD in your life, based on your experience with support groups?
Jun 14, 2:36PM EDT0
How did ADHD affect your family's financial situation and what did you do to help during the difficult conditions?
Jun 14, 5:38AM EDT0

My ADD did not change anything as far as financially for us. My medication is very affordable.

Jun 14, 9:47AM EDT0
How do women with ADHD differ from men with ADHD?
Jun 13, 10:35PM EDT0

I am not sure.  It is different for everyone.

Jun 14, 12:16AM EDT0
How does it feel to overcome your medical issues and still be able to work successfully work on so many different niches? Do you think all this hard work is worth?
Jun 13, 8:07AM EDT0

Its feels amazing! I think it is worth it especially my charitable organization HELPING GIVE BACK!

Jun 13, 9:44AM EDT0
Have you considered hiring freelancers online for mobile app development as they offer cheaper rates?
Jun 11, 3:14AM EDT0

Yes. I even hired a company to do phase 1 and then they told me phase 2 is $7,000 and I stopped 🤦‍♀️

Jun 13, 9:45AM EDT0
How many pages does a newsletter typically have? What information will it contain?
Jun 10, 9:37PM EDT0

It will vary month to month. Not too bog. Just enough that it highlights the cirrent going ons! 

Jun 13, 9:46AM EDT0
Will you be printing out the newsletter or make it available online?
Jun 10, 9:14PM EDT0

Just avaipable online 

Jun 13, 9:45AM EDT0
What are some pieces of advice you can share with other moms who also have ADD?
Jun 10, 1:26PM EDT0

Honestly, seek treatment options. I thought I was “managing” it not realiZing how much it was affecting my son and husband.

Jun 10, 1:53PM EDT0
Which comic book character were you named after?
Jun 10, 12:13PM EDT0

Queen Aleta from Prince Valiant, Queen of the Misty Isles in the comic strip Prince Valiant. Funny story. A few months ago a woman also named Aleta reached out to me about my name. When I told her what my dad had named me after she immedaitely messaged that she was too and that in fact her grandpa is the creator of none other PRINCE VALIANT!!! So we exchanged information and became facebooks friends ☺️ Small world sometimes!

Jun 10, 12:28PM EDT0
What’s the usual cost of building a mobile app from scratch?
Jun 9, 6:57PM EDT0

I was told the design and programming for my apps would be fairly simple and not complex.  That being said I was still quoted bout $7,000.

Jun 9, 7:32PM EDT0
Do you write the content on your newsletter?
Jun 9, 9:08AM EDT0

Yes I will be!

Jun 9, 3:09PM EDT0
With all that you do, what’s your typical schedule like?
Jun 9, 8:24AM EDT0

My son leaves the house at 650am for school and from 7-845am I do any of my work then 9-12 I go to work 12-1 I walk dogs to earn $ for all my ideas then back to work 1-4 and then dinner clenaing, homework and then when my son goes to bed at 8 I usually start some evenning stuff a few days a week while the husband works on his live coral reef fish tank :)

Jun 9, 3:09PM EDT0
Do you still dance Kabuki today?
Jun 8, 10:53PM EDT0

No I don't.  I am glad I did for so long though.  I really know about my heritage and where I came from now :) I feel really lucky to have done this!

Jun 9, 3:07PM EDT0
What do the shoeboxes usually contain?
Jun 8, 1:51AM EDT0

These are the lists I had created for the Holidays!

A lot of the items are outdated and unavailable but you get the idea as the type of items :)

Jun 9, 3:06PM EDT0
Is it too late to submit short stories for your Child Care Confessions book?
Jun 8, 12:57AM EDT0
No I am still looking for submissions! I have a few hundred now and want a lot more!
Jun 9, 3:06PM EDT0

Is it hard to fill up a newsletter if you release it on a monthly basis?

Jun 6, 5:47PM EDT0

Not at all!

Jun 9, 3:05PM EDT0