May 19, 2018

Escape with imagination... This is the blog of 2 crazy people who fall in love ... for everything. Travel, photograph, eat, talk, experiment and explore. They like challenges and sometimes have to FLEE to keep themselves in love. Here they share with the world what they come and feel. AMA

Fugir: I would like. But want i like the most is be a photograpgy book ;)

When an AHA moment happens and you realize that the Lord continues to change your life. AMA!


Siobhan C Cunningham: No.. I get uncomfortable, chilled to the bone, but not scared. It is after all my world I'm creating, I'm in ultimate control. (the word 'scared' always makes me smile, I once sent it in a text to a boyfriend, saying 'I'm scared,' but auto-correct ma…

I am a home improvement blogger - I've reviewed home appliances, electronics, bedroom and bathroom items, and much more. Ask me anything!

May 18, 2018

Traveling since the age of 3...Travel & Lifestyle Blogger who works full-time and still manages to travel. So ask me anything!

Hanny: You will absolutely save money during low travel season. If that’s not something doable, then checking websites like groupon works. I sometimes like to save money by booking a whole package -plane ticket and lodging. Also, if you go to the same brand…
May 18, 2018

Donna M., Author & Spiritual Mentor. Please feel free to Ask Me Anything. Stay Blessed & Be Inspired!

Donna M.: I believe there is a plan and purpose for all of us since before our birth  i also believe we are given free will . That being said for me in order to live the plan and purpose I must tune in to our creator and tune out my will to know the journey I’…
May 18, 2018

How do you get your books in a bookstore? Is it really worth getting them in there? So ask me anything about it.

Mike Sims: Yes, it would give them more exposure.  I would like them in there anytime.  

I'm Adelaide, author of YA sci-fi trilogy "Whitewashed." Ask Me Anything about publishing, writing, and the new cover for my second book!

Adelaide Thorne: Ah, you want me to reveal my secrets! ;) My Whitewashed trilogy is purely fictional - unless you know people with telepathy and telekinesis? If so, let me know so I can interview them. (Do they ever physically move to get the remote, or do they alway…

Let's talk about your feature and short screenplays, and how to get past your first audience - contest readers. Thinking about a journalism career or the future of digital journalism? Ask me anything!

Patty Sandoval Sralla: Yes I did but I wasn't really aware of the danger until I got there. In the late 80s I traveled to El Salvador to accompany refugees who were returning to their war-torn villages. Armed soldiers attempted to detain me and another media person but the…

Are You "Stuck" Personally or Professionally? Ask Me Anything

Darlene Corbett: Hi: I started saying to some of my clients, "You need to stop depriving the world of you." I then interjected it into my Keynote Speech. When I told my soon-to-be publisher the outline of my Keyonote for a Video Event with that statement, he said, "T…

I’m Jason Whittle, a multi-genre author, published in various forms of fiction and non-fiction, and a prospective Creative Writing PhD student. Ask me anything about my books, the craft of writing, self-promotion, or the benefits of formal Creative Writing education.

Jason Whittle: I've dabbled in most of them, really. One surprising omission to some might be hard sci-fi/space opera, because it's a genre I'll read in, and avidly watch on TV and in films. But I fear that any mistakes in the science would be pounced upon, and my …

My name is Ryan and I recently launched NOSHKONG: part food blog, part existential crisis. AMA!

Ryan Gurian: Thank you all for your questions! Check out NOSHKONG!!!
May 16, 2018

Jean Davis – Science Fiction and Fantasy Indie Author AMA

Jean Davis: I would have to go with Vayen, from my space opera series The Narvan. We've been together for a very long time. I'm usually not a very nice person when I'm writing him. I tend to swear a lot more and have far less patience. But then, I don't have muc…

From NYC 's Limelight to Homeless & Hopeless Living in a San Diego Bush. Ask me ANYTHING! I practice honesty.

Warner Bailey: I believe I have a genetic predisposition. I have an allergy. My mind functions in a way that creates lies and upon those lies I take action. I see it like "body dysmorphia". My perception of things can often be warped. The drugs and the alcohol make…

22 year old author who has been traditionally published twice. Ask me anything about how to find a traditional book publisher.

Nihar Suthar: Skululul, This is a really important question. Keep in mind that a publisher is not only printing your book. It is really critical that the publisher is responsive whenever you communicate with them, but that they also offer to help you market and di…

Blogging AMA : FashionOnMood - Flawless, No less

Priscilla Fuamizele: Hello!I'm a fan of designer pieces like Alexander WangOtherwise, I've always been in love with the Kenzo brand
May 15, 2018

K M Steele, award-winning Australian author of airtight mysteries - ask me anything!

K M Steele: I would have to say Harold Bloom. He is one of the greatest living literary critics and philosophical thinkers. His literary criticism is influential, and he is a prolific writer with over forty books published. He's in his late eighties, and still s…

Bar Management Author, Award-winning mixologist, AMA contributor

Ramona Pettygrave Shah: I had to think about this one. I had trouble recalling any especially strange orders. But, there was this one woman who came in and wanted our "most expensive wine," and didn't care if it was even red or white. She then loudly proclaimed that it wasn…

I am a sports and travel writer who recently launched my own website. I worked for Bleacher Report for 3 years and proposed on an elephant in Thailand. AMA!

Justin Hussong: Nope, but I loved my time there and got to work with some amazing people. I am putting all my energy into Heat Checks now.

I'm Karishma Donde -- An Indian Fashion Blogger born in the states, design thinker leading digital transformations & coming out with a fashion line in Fall 2018 (mix of Indian & Western Wear) AMA!

Karishma Donde: Indian Fashion to me has always had a global presence through it's movies and I think that there is a lot of European influence in everyday wear. 
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